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Weighting 01 response lx


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Hey yall, I'm new here, but I own a 2001 Response LX. Can anyone tell me the best way to weight my boat for wakeboarding? ill buy whatever fat sacs and s*** are needed, i just need to know what to buy. Also, what is the best line lengths and speeds yall have used? I have a tower, wedge, perfect pass and the monsoon engine, if that helps for any of the questions.

O and if you board on Kentucky lake, hollar at me.

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I can't give you exact details as I'm more of a slalom skier but did once wakeboard behind a RLX with 250 litre bag each side of engine & a 250 litre in bow plus wedge down. Wake was huge, or at least to me seemed so.

Got out of hole ok but the PP had a few problems when coming back across own wakes. Did extreme throttle on / off and boat started to porpoise quite bad.

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Take out the rear seat and get one of those fat seats. Then throw a 400 on each side of the motor box and drop the Wedge. Those little slalom boats can throw some monster wakes that are narrow and easy to clear. You don't need nearly the weight to sink those smaller hulls and get big lift.

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I put 650 lbs. where the back seat goes, then another 350 in the bow, and then load it up with friends (all 6 for maximum capacity), gear, coolers, etc..

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I have an 03 RLX. I run a skylon fatboy (580lbs) on both sides of the engine, a pair of fat buddies (580 total) in the bow...if we have more than 3 people then ill put the back seat in and put another fatboy (580) inbetween the seat and the engine, if its just two or three of us ill take out theback seat and put in the prox seat bottom where the seat was..its like 650lbs. oh and the wedge is ALWAYS down. I ride at 77 ft back going 23-24mph. my brother rides at 70 ft going 22.3mph. the wake is the best I've ever seen on an rlx. you do pay the price in the fact that your constantly stepping on fatsacs all day, but the wake is well worth it. ill be getting a new boat this summer but for now that's what I'm ridin. I've had a guy in a x2 and another guy in a SAN both come up to me at the beach and ask about our wake. they can believe its a DD's wake.

you do need to be careful when adding this much weight. if your not an experienced drive I'd go with the same scheme but maybe 440s on the side, 440 in the back and 240 in the front until you get comfortable. the bow will dip easily if your not paying attention!

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