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does any one surf behind an 03 response lxi


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Tried last summer with ski partners 03 RLXi with wedge, no ballast. Well there were 2 hefty neighbors sitting on the right rear corner of the boat so I guess there was some form of ballast.

Not sure how fast we were going but couldn't let go of the rope. And we messed around with boat speed to try to maximize wake height.

But it was also the first time we ever gave it a shot so our technique I'm sure was not up to par.

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You'll def need ballast. I run 1250 lbs in my sunsetter DD to surf w/o a handle, barely.

Off topic, surfed/boarded a Natique 223 this weekend, horrible wake and they were bashing Bu's for not having a good wake...

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Here's a picture of my daughter behind our 03 Response LXI. No ballast, wedge down, with about 7 people in the boat. We have tried all different speeds and found 9.0 mph to be perfect for our boat


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And one more of me...

Cool ! how big is your board? can you stay on the wave for a long time? I assume all passengers in the back corner. Is it dangerous, do you get water coming in over the back when you stop?

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The kids are riding a 5'6" Landlock, my board is a 6' Shoreline lakeboard. We sit people on the side that your surfing on, but you'll want to keep some weight up front too. Try shuffling people around when your moving you can she the wake change. We have never had any water come over the back even though it looks like it will. Buy yourself a surf rope also, much safer.

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I can go ropeless behind our SLXi with as little as a full tank of gas and a few people in the back corner. Much better with 400 lbs in the back and 5-6 people in the boat. Speed around 9.5-10.0 with a gentle turn to the surf side. I weigh in at 190 lbs and have a LF ventrue. Granted its not a Vdrive wake, and you will be within a couple of feet of the swim plaform. Still a blast when the lake is busy and the nice water is gone.

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