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2002 Malibu PRICE CHECK ?


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My friend is looking to buy a used Malibu. He can not afford alot . He has found a 2002 Sportster LX , open bow , 330 hrs, Wedge , LS 1 engine , Swoop tower with racks /speakers, sub , very clean with trailer . ASKING price is $21,000/ Whats it really worth ?? $20,000 is ALL he can afford. Younger couple and 1 st boat . Thanks for all the help !! I told him to offer $18,000 and buy it ???????????

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Kind of a weird combination..... a Sporty with a tower. They are a footer's boat.... then a skier's.... boarding comes last. They are light (2250 pounds), and skinny (86 inches), so somebody tried to turn it into a cross-over boat by adding a wedge and tower. The LS1 is strong at high rev's.... so great for footers.

Anyhow, the boat without the tower and without the LS1..... $20K price seems a little steep.

If you're buying for low speed wakeboarding.... gotta ask if the LS1 is right for you.

But.... if it's super clean.... and he likes the added tower/sound/wedge.... and he can get for $17~$18.... guess it's ok.

More 1999 ~ 2002 Response LX's (2450 pounds and 90 inches wide) without the LS1 out there for similar money.

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He just wants a boat , they wakeboard alot . ALL he has is $20,000 to spend . and he wants a Malibu ??????????? he rides behind a in/out now . The wake on the Malibu has to be better than a in /out ??

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I thought it was a great boat to wakeboard behind as I'm no superstar. The wedge plus 500 lb sac in the rear was about all we did with it, my wife could through back rolls and spins. It was an easy boat to handle, something light and narrow. I just ordered a vlx so it will be quite a step up. In my opinion if they can pick one up for 16-18k it will be a good first boat for them. They'll want to upgrade after about to years but hopefully the money will be flowing by then.

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