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Tower Impact

Headhunter 2317

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Now that we have ridden behind the tower for 5 days, a few things have become very clear.

Negotiating landings is very important.

Landing flat on my back backwards is a great way to bite my tongue.

Your neck CAN stretch out farther than you think.

It is possible to bounce first before you corkscrew into the water.

Advil is your friend.

The laughs have gone back up big time on our trips. ROFL.gif

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Does anyone remember "Super Dave Osborne" ?

I am only missing the red, white, and blue outfit......

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I just recently purchased a Pro-Tec Wakeboard helmet. Original thought was for wakeskating as the board could clunk you on the melon pretty easily. Used it for wakeboarding (1st time) on Sunday at Bullard's and again this afternoon on our lake. I gotta tell ya, it really helps to lessen the impact on the slapdowns. Especially the ones where you catch an edge doing a lsiding 360... Biggrin.gif ...and slap the back of your head on the water. With the helmet...No big deal. Without...get the advil. I'm wearing it for wakeboarding and skating now as are my boys. I highly recommend it. Thumbup.gif

If you get one, make sure it's a 2005 model. In 04 they only had two sizes sm/md & lg/xl and the fit was poor and the foam padding was just OK. For 05 Pro-Tec went to four sizes (s,m,l,xl) and they are using a really nice "gel-foam". Very comfy. Oh, and the earflaps protect you from blowing out your ear-drums on those "side of the head slap-downs". Crazy.gif

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Nor-cal, got a good place online to order one? Sounds like a good thing...

Edit: Nevermind, I see Wakeside has them.

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Can't wait to see you in action at Carters

We'll be up there Saturday morning early. You should come up and join us.

My best riding will remind you of a "Jackass" rerun. My theory is that if you are not falling, you are not trying hard enough.

Nothing will make you pay attention to that front edge like a good digger.

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