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HO Animal Bindings


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Going with HO Animal Bindings.  I am a 9 1/2 - 10 shoe.  What size binding do I need?  Med or Large?

I wear 8.5 and use a medium Animal on my CDX. It fits very snug. I have a large Venom on an HO Mach 1. I move around in that one a little.

I just went out and tried them both on...I think you will definately want the large. The med will be VERY tight for you.

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I have the Animals on my CDX, size Medium, and my shoe size is 9 - 9 1/2. I really had to tighten the wraps to get a snug fit. I'd think you'd have plenty of room in a Medium.

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i thnik you need to factor in width and arch size to. i am of the fred flinstone variety foot, 8 1/2 but very wide (good for barefooting). I use a medium Animal and it is very snug.

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Geez Murf, doesn't look like we're helping your cause here. I'm with gooddog - your best bet is to go to your local pro shop and try some on...

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Whatever size you pick, get one size larger for your rear foot. I have a size 9.5 foot and I have the med. front boot and a large rear boot ('01 phantom with animal boots). My rear foot starts to ach after about 5 min in the binding even with the larger size.

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Are you in Superfeet rear lace-up animals or the older style without laces?

My foot is a 9.5x9.5 and I could squish into a medium, but I prefer the large (front and back) and adjust for tightness with the laces.

The old style has to be a large. No amount of goo can put me into a medium.

Superfeet with rear laces. Size 9.5 but I forgot to mention..... B width. Oops.gif

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I've got size 9.5 B Width FLAT feet and found MEDIUM to fit me just find. I need a little lube to get in, but feel very secure.

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Ok, so far it is 4 large, 4 medium. Hmmm...still sounds like a demo is needed.

Yes definitely. Size 9 is right at the break point so it comes down to personal fit and preference.

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