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Ski Length


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All this talk about CDXs had me thinking I need a new stick. I'm on a really old recreational Connelly now and looking for something a little more high performance that can take me into the course. I have tried running it a few times and only gotten through 15' at 28 & 30mph, but hope to improve this summer. I free ski at 34 & 36mph.

Anyway, my old ski is a 67 and feels pretty good....I don't bury the tip too often. My question is, given my ability (or lack thereof) and that I'm 5'10" and 157lbs, what size CDX should I buy? I've looked over a few charts, which indicate that a 67 or 68 would be best, but I seem to remember reading an article a while back about some really good skiers (big guys, too) using very short sticks (granted, these guys are going so fast, they could probably get through the course on a 30" kiddie ski.) Is the trend these days to go a little shorter???


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Thump...I am with you...I have been skiing on an 67" Connelly Shortline since the beginning of time and am now considering a HO CDX. I am 6' 200 lbs. I have been told I should go with a 70" CDX. My concern is the same as yours...70" seems long after skiing a 67" ski.

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the mechanics are that the 68 has a little more surface area to float you and are more stable- good. The downside, with old school skis and non adjustable fins, was that you couldn't get them to turn. For recreational skiers I would say to get a longer ski so that you can ride more and longer without the soreness. If you are having fun and your body is not paying a high price, you are more likely to continue doing it and thus improving.

In another thread someone asked if HO really had that much market- Does this answer your question? Yes they do!

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In another thread someone asked if HO really had that much market-  Does this answer your question?  Yes they do!


I'm just trying to obey the law of averages. Since I cannot easily demo skis, and so many are happy with the CDX, the choice is a logical one for me.

Thanks for the replies, all.

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I'm 6' / 155# and I'm on a 66. You'd be fine on a 67. Keep skiing, stay in shape, and don't put on the extra weight that would require you to move up in ski length. Biggrin.gif

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Just for the sake of argument.........

I'm too old to pick up the "west coast" style, not sure I could if I wanted to. About 10 yrs ago I got to buy a custom ski from Jeff Jobe. We tried 3 different skis until I found one that was IT. He had me on a 66" ski that was really really stiff. I'm 6'2" 195 and ski on a ski smaller than my wifes. Boy do I catch crap at the dock while waiting for my pull.

My problem always was that I could get to the bouy, but couldn't slow down enough to negotiate the turn. The short ski slows down for me. Maybe if I had one of the $1000 carbon fiber skis I may change my mind, but for now, I'll keep skiing on my little girl ski.

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My question is, given my ability (or lack thereof) and that I'm 5'10" and 157lbs, what size CDX should I buy?

I'm 5'10" also, and I vaguely remember weighing 157lbs (back in the day). At that time I was skiing a 66" Connelly Rocket. As I've 'matured' (I'm flirting with getting back below 175 Crazy.gif ), I moved to a 68" CDX, and I love it. My skiing has improved dramatically.

That said, at 157lbs I'm not sure I would go much more than 67". You won't have any problem generating speed on a longer stick, but you'll spend some time trying to figure out how to slow the darn thing down.

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Could someone explain what the "west coast style" is?  Crazy.gif

West coast style is all about getting extra edge by dropping your hips laterally towards the inside of your turn or away from the boat in your wake crossing. In the turn, you counter rotate your upper body and let your inside hip fall into the turn. It's all about center of mass, and it actually works. I've only messed with it a little bit this season, but the ski really does come around faster and the acceleration phase feels more smooth. Feels weird, but I think I could make it work. I just don't want to mess with completely changing up my style mid-season.

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Thanks for all the input...There is not anyone in the area to demo with...So I am still back to the magic question. 68 or 70' CDX for 6' 200 lbs, now skiing on 67 Connelly. Also trying to figure out boot size. 9 1/2 - 10 shoe. Guess I'll just take a guess and hope it works out.

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Ordered a new CDX from Wileys...What a great experience! Biggrin.gif Going with the 70". Both Wiley and HO stated that was the size so we will give it a run. Something tells me that the 68" was the right choice (coming from a 67" Connelly) but I'll leave it to the experts. Thanks for all the help.

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I went with the large bindings (perfect fit)....Just finished a 10 day stay at the lake and a bunch of runs on the new CDX. The CDX is everything that everyone stated and then some. This is by far the easiest ski to ski on I have ever tried. The ski is fast, stable, holds in the turns and for me required NO changes in style. On my first pass I found myself pushing the limits. Thanks again to Wileys! Yahoo.gif

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I just dealt with old man Wiley on my new System 8. He gave me the blem price on his last 68" even though it wasn't a blem. Even if I end up not liking it, I can turn around and sell it for about what I bought it for! Clap.gif I'm a new customer, but I'll definitely be a repeat buyer!

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Nice...I'll probably be dealing with Wiley's soon as I just picked up a CDX off of ebay and want Animals really badly.

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