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PB Slalom


What is your PB, in practice or tourney  

134 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your PB, in practice or tourney

    • never run 15 off @ 36mph
    • never run 15 off @ 34mph
    • 6 @ 15 36mph
    • 6 @ 22 36mph
    • 6 @ 28 36mph
    • 6 @ 32 36mph
    • 6 @ 35 36mph
    • 6 @ 38 36mph
    • 6 @ 39.5 36mph
    • 6 @ 41 36mph
    • 6 @ 15 34mph
    • 6 @ 22 34mph
    • 6 @ 28 34mph
    • 6 @ 32 34mph
    • 6 @ 35 34mph
    • 6 @ 38 34mph
    • 6 @ 39.5 34mph
    • 6 @ 41 34mph

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I know this is a generic poll as there are many bouy counts in between the choices. However, I wanted to see how many people we have here who are capable of 15 off or better at 34/36mph. I bet out of the 500 + members, we have less than 5% who can run a full pass at 34mph or greater. Course skiing is a whole new level of slalom over free skiing. I am curious to see how good the bu crew skiers are Shocking.gif

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I have run 6@28 off @ 32mph, my PB. I can't seem to get any thing done when the boat speeds up beyond 32. I think I just started too late in life. I'm 40 and began bouy course skiing four years ago.

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PB 6@28off, 34mph. started skiing the course in 2002 after 25 years of free skiing. and I am COMPLETELY addicted.

really made a lot of progress early last year, but got hurt in june and missed last summer. Won't be back out until august, but goal by end of october is 32off...


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You're down again?! What happenned this time?


PB 6@28off, 34mph.  started skiing the course in 2002 after 25 years of free skiing.  and I am COMPLETELY addicted.

really made a lot of progress early last year, but got hurt in june and missed last summer.  Won't be back out until august,  but goal by end of october is 32off...


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couple of good points here- what a difference speed makes. Just moved up to 32 mph from last year's 28-30mph range and it is a whole new ball game. More fun, more exciting (the ski makes that nice RIIIIIPPP noise in the turns) but a challenge no doubt. I get a full pass at 15 off 32mph maybe 1/5 times. The course is an amazing challenge, and once you get into it freeskiing is no fun anymore. It's like skiing the flats once you get into mogul ("the bumps") skiing in snow skiing...

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Definitely a hard thread to be honest about. A macho thing, Demoralizing.

This feels like an AA meeting. "Hi, my name is Doug, and I've never successfully skiid the course yet. I'm really trying, honest, and I'll get there some day, but I haven't quite got there yet."

I suspect a lot of us have equipment (boats and skiis) that are much more capable of good performance than we ourselves are. That's me.

I think I may fall in to the category of a lot of folks. Although I've open-water skiid for years (almost 40 years of skiing), I only started "trying" the course last year in mid July. I figured this will be a piece of cake. What an exhilerating disappointment. 40 years of bad habits are hard to break! Forget style and timing. Like trying to ski all over again.

I started out trying at 15' off @ 34 mph... then 32...then 30. I also decided to not worry about making sure I made the entrance gates each time. Got no-where. So, decided to try and "shadow" the balls. OK, that worked... good 1st step. After a few more runs, I get 2 balls. Whoopee! Now, I've decided to throw away my stupid pride and have some fun. Every run I get butterflies. I'm feeling like a kid again. I'm also skiing with a couple other old timers (we're all hovering around 50 years of age... some older, some younger.) After 2 more weeks, we're all neck and neck. We've each done 4 balls at 28 mph! I know, sounds like "Big Whoop".... but for us, it's like we've won The Nationals!

So.... during the off season, I decide I'm mid 50's.... not a lot of skiing years left.... what the heck, blow a wad and buy a new ski. Get the HO Truth last fall.... only to try it about 6 times... and find out I made a terrible choice. Wrong ski for a "course newbie". So, listen to my buddies on MBO and buy what has been considered the best ski of all time... capable of the course, but forgiving at the same time. I buy the CDX.

So, here I am, a year later, learning my new ski.... and trying the course again. Hoping that with more practice and a better ski, I'll be able to overcome the natural aging deterioration that comes with getting old. (As hard as you try, you still lose muscle strength and endurance.)

Tried the course twice so far this year. Don't laugh... haven't achieved my last years' PB.... but I can tell, the CDX will take me places my old O'Brien Lapointe never did.

Is it embarassing to admit to my Crew buddies... sure it is....when I see what some of you folks are achieving.

However, I've also got to a point where I've almost been able to discard stupid pride... and just go have fun.

For me, it's still a rush every time. So, when I get my 4 balls again, I'll feel good...then 5... then 6..... then bump up the speed.... Where will I end up? Doesn't really matter... it's such a blast trying to get better each time. And when it happens.... for me.... each extra ball.... each 1 mph bump.... makes me feel like Mapple.

I wish I had bought the DD 30 years ago. I wish I had tried the course 30 years ago. I didn't. But, it doesn't matter now. It's not too late. I'm no Dr. Jim. But I think I feel about the same.

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Thinking about what to write, it feels like a Springsteen song "Glory Days". Most of you guys are just starting, I'm afraid I'm on my way out! Since kids, I haven't skied on a course much, just not enough hours in a day.

I'll quit whinning now........

PB at a tourny - 4@22 off 36 MPH

PB at practice - 4 @ 32 off 36 MPH

BUT - Last time on a course I could barely clear 4 at 22 off/34 MPH. If you don't use it.....

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Frustrating is the word for me here.

My wife, step-son and I skied in a tournament last weekend and it was very easy to tell the difference between the people that ski the course everyday and the rest of us, regardless of age.

It's pretty demoralizing to see a 13 yr old girl runnning a 22-off pass pretty easily when I'm reaching to run a 15-off pass at 32mph.


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Doug that is great to hear!!!! So glad you are driving the charge....I know your pain....this will be my fourth summer on the course and yes it is very humbling....I have achieved what "I" (and my wife) believe is crediable progression. 6@28 at 34mph. enough spills out the front door and late for ball one and two to really appreciate this achievement....my wife is chief driver and "coach" moral support or not!!!!

I ski with a gentlemen who is mid 50's and he has been at this a long time...very nice to watch his smooth turns and pulls....never to late and ALWAYS a challange!!



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funny, i was just editing to create this same poll last night. got sidetracked and ended up poking at the op, instead. after 2 years running the course i have noticed that the great majority, on the sites we visit, are not running short line passes.

this skiing is a sickness. don't have to be great at it to catch the sickness. sick.

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My story is similar to Addictedto6's. I've been free skiing for almost 35 years but granted only single skiing for about 30. I started skiing the course in 2002. I ski at a private lake so EVERYBODY is better than me...even the girls. Cry.gif

I still like to free ski and see how far up the rope I can continue to do things right. Yesterday I ran thru 35 off at 34, spotter said it all looked good, handle in, good pull thru the wakes... I kept saying, "Yeah, but DUDE! HOW BIG WAS MY SPRAY!" "Did you see those chicks checking me out?!"

Now if I could just run a clean one at 32 off in the course. :lol:

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1.5 @ 38 off 36mph, back in the late 80s when I was 16. LOL. Not a chance I could run near that now. I have not been in a course in years. In fact, I am probably 40 lbs heavier and still trying to free ski on my vintage 65" ski.


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I think it's great to hear you guys having fun and trying to improve at 28 mph running into 15 off! Unfortunately, you'll find plentty of shortline or tournament skiers that will snub someone just starting. I guarentee you they started there too, it's just when and how long ago. I applaud you Doug for your efforts! Anything I can do to help, let me know.

I just set up a "fun tournament" at our lake for people who don't normally ski tourny's or that are not wanting to get snubbed by the tourney crowd a couple weekends ago. The result: Everyone had a great time. We gave everyone a muligan and all had a super time. We set it up so people could ski with same level skiers.

It's about fun! I myself have to be reminded about that sometimes and I ski better when I am skiing for the fun. I do think it's fun, though, to have butterflies in my tummy sitting on the starting dock watching the three guys before stroke their 35's and know that I'm going to have to step up- That's feeling alive!

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What timing! I just got on the course for the first time this year this past weekend. First pass I only got 2 at 22 off at 32 MPH. ICK. By the end of my first set, I cleared 22 off at 32. Then 34. Next time I'm hoping to get 28 off at 34... but that's hoping a lot with how little course time I'm getting this year. :(

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I say good for you as well Doug, and for all those similar.

Doug - knowing that you are from Ontario, and me formerly from there, I am curious where your course is? I know of most around I thought. Mine used to be, and still is, on Buckhorn Lake.


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Well, he did switch over to an RLXi this year...

I thought Dr. Jim was a 100% CC guy

I didn't hear anything formally about a switch. However, with the malibu open at his lake this weekend, I would be very suprised if still skis behind a CC at home...

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I say good for you as well Doug, and for all those similar.

Doug - knowing that you are from Ontario, and me formerly from there, I am curious where your course is?  I know of most around I thought.  Mine used to be, and still is, on Buckhorn Lake.


Hey Wilma, I assume you've gone to where summer lasts a bit longer than 10 weeks. Hope so.

Re the "course". I'm close to Parry Sound. Brother-in-law (fellow old-timer) is on a small 1 .5 km long lake (26 cottages total), started skiing 5 years ago, and bought himself a course. So, I got to ski it about a dozen times last year. What a rush. So far 3 times this year near Orillia (Bass Lake).... on a different course. At my summer place... just open water skiing.

Where are you now? Glad to see it still includes skiing!

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According to the local Malibu dealer, he got an RLXi this year and they had his old CC.

Might as well practice behind what you'll compete behind. . .

Yah, well, if he actually skied other tournaments, he wouldn't know what he would be competing behind. If he didn't draw the boat he wanted, maybe he'd scratch...

I would hope he's "sponsored" by Malibu now, I'm sure he paid them enough to get the tournament at his lake.

Can't wait for the Open. I hope he either gets the record, or takes an OTF through the gates on his opening pass. This way all this Dr. Jim talk can be put to rest.

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