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Box Anchor


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With most V-Drives 3500 lbs and more loaded, what size box anchor does everyone have?

Also, how small do they fold down to (the website doesn't say much about size)?

Small $129.95 Offshore / Sport 18' to 30', cabin cruiser to 24'

Large $159.95 Offshore / Sport to 40', cabin cruiser to 32'

Ex-Large $229.95 House boats, cruisers longer than 32'


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I purchased the smaller of the one's that you have listed last year and it worked fine on my boat, a 23 LSV. I used it in the Delta where there can be a lot of current and with the appropriate amount of rope it holds fine.

I did not keep the anchor for three reasons, the first is that cleaning mud off of it is a real pain compared to a river/danforth anchor, the second is that while the folding mechanism looks easy it is just one more step that is not worth the time (really not engineered very well for speed set up). The third reason is that it really doesn't fold up that small, and that is what I was after.

I now use a typical river anchor and yes while it is heavier than the box, I find it easier to clean and much less of a risk of scrathing the gelcoat while dipping it in and out of the water along side the gunwale of the boat to clean.


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I have the medium size on the 247 and it works great. The only weakness is on a rocky bottom. It does not hold so well there.

I have the bag that it comes in and I would not trade it for anything.


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I've got the large one (I'm sure hotrod meant the large one as well). I have a 23 LSV though, and hotrod's ride is even bigger than mine. If you're using it for a response the small one may be fine.

It folds flat. It is long, but folds flat.

I have to disagree with Dave above - that's what is great about this web site, you get all sides. But becuase I'm disagreeing with him, it probably wont' help you in your decision. :) The mechanism isn't easy, but it's not difficult either. Cleaning isn't difficult, you just shake it as you're pulling it out of the water and all the crap falls off. I found this to be exactly the same as with my danforth - no different.

I have used it at lake Trinity - sandy bottom, and left the Bu in the water for a week. I've also used it in a lake with large granite rocky bottom, as ONE of the anchors I was using - also in the water for a week. The box anchor held great.

I like it because:

- it folds flat.

- it holds like a motha

- it stores fairly easily

- mostly though, because it holds like a motha :)

Do a search for Box Anchor, you'll see that most on the site think it's da bomb.

Another recommendation - if you're in a precarious spot and going to leave it in for a number of days: In the large granite rock area, I used a 5Gal bucket, filled with cement, a large bolt in the center with large washers around a nut to keep the bolt from coming out. Nothing like sheer weight to keep your Bu in place :)

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I've got the small. Folded up and in it's case with the line wound up next to it really doesn't take up that much room. Cleaning has been easy to date, like above just kinda shake it on the way up.

Also agree with chatham, the thing holds like a motha.

My brother has a 24' Supra and uses a Danforth. When we pull into places side by side, I am always locked in place before they are.

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We use the small one for 21ft vride and it works great. Storage bag is awesome.

Folding mechanism can be tough to engage, but haven't had much of a challenge.

Cleaning, especially in mud, can be slightly difficult but nothing more than dipping

it in/out of the water and washing off.

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Man I guess I am in the minority on this one....

I switched back to an oversized river anchor and deal with more rope ut for holding up in the high current.

As was mentioned earlier that is what is great about this site, you get unbiased feedback and opinions.


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Another agreement with Chatham. Have a small on our VLX and it hooks up first time, everytime. I can store the anchor and two 100ft lines in the bag and it still fits under the port side seats.

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I have the small in stainless. It was a little pricey, but fits under the front passenger side seat in it's bag with 200' of line. It's a bit of a squeeze getting it in there, but I have no noise at all when under way.

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