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GFO Packing Install

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Ok, finally got my GFO packing right today. A few of things learned from this that will hopefully help others in the future.

1 - To remove the old packing... instead of digging it out with a pick, I found it was VERY easy to get it out by sticking a pick into the packing as though I was stabbing it and then holding it in place while I turned the packing nut. Because the packing becomes pretty much threaded into the packing nut, it threaded right out as I turned the packing nut while holding the packing in place with the pick.

2 - While I pulled three rings out, I found today that I only needed two rings to get a good dripless seal and keep it from getting too hot. With three rings I could barely get the packing nut back on.

3 - Most importantly, after putting the new packing in start with it loose and leaking a bit and let it run for a couple of hours like that. If it's still leaking after that then crank it down about 1/8 turn at a time. If you start too tight you'll just bake the packing and not let it settle in.

Hope that helps some others.


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Thanks for the tips, Mike. Will definitely refer back to this when it is time to replace mine.

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