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Alternator replacement?

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2002 Sunscape (325 Monsoon). 2 battery setup w/ perko switch (recent batteries!). The batteries are not fully charging but no problems running/starting so far. Isolating one battery (when not running) for the stereo (3 amps) runs down the battery in 20 minutes vs 2 hours previously. I'm going to Trinity Lake next week (for a week) so having the alternator rebuilt isn't going to happen. The problem is finding a new alternator. My dealer says they are no longer available. The alternator is Leece-Neville (manufactured by Prestolite). 51 amps (Sounds small but did do the job for us) Model 8MR2084K (has the 8RG2062 regulator bolted on). Anyone know where I can find the replacement (oem)? I wouln't be adverse to upgrading the output, but short of running a larger gauge wire to the starter, I don't have the time to do any other work prior to leaving. I've tried SkiDim but really couldn't get an answer as to whether their model is a direct replacement (I really don't want to "try it to see if it fits"). I would be open to another brand (Sierra? etc.) if I could be sure that it is a direct replacement for the original. Sorry if this is a little long-winded, but I figured throwing out all the info I had would give you out there the best opportunity to giving me the most meaningful advice. Thnaks for your help - Mike

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I'm not too sure as to when you are leaving, but the place that I take my alternators and starters to have them done in one day Clap.gif They do them right in house. You may want to give it a try. Look for starters/alternators in the yellow pages and you may find someone that can do it within a day. Good luck and have fun on your trip!!!!!

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Check the amps and voltage at the alternator and see what its putting out.

51 doesn't seem like enough to charge two batteries while running a bunch of accessories.

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When I blew my Leece-Neville alternator (55AMP), I was able to replace it with a High Output alternator (70AMP) for about $170, but I can't find a link to the provider I used.. It bolted right in & didn't give me any problems what so ever over the 2 years I used it before selling the boat.

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