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What if malibu's didn't exist?


Who is seacond best?  

537 members have voted

  1. 1. If you had to buy a boat tomorrow, but it could not be a malibu, what would you buy?

    • mastercraft
    • correct craft
    • centurion
    • supra
    • supreme
    • tige
    • mb
    • calabria
    • moomba
    • epic
    • i/o all the way
    • Sanger
    • Gekko
    • Infinity
    • Wakecraft
    • Svfara

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Now that I work marine patrol I get to look at a lot of boats, and I gotta say that centurions have been really catching my eye lately. I hope this isn't a repeat poll.

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I actually own a CC currently, and if I was buying a new boat it would be between the Response LX/LXI and the MC 197/X7. so if no Malibu I would look at the SN196 closed bow and the 206... at the end of the day I prefer the mastercraft 197's overall package. great lines and a real slick boat for the skier/footer and occasional wake board set.

to be honest price would dictate a lot and so would dealer support. I have good Mastercraft and Malibu dealers in the area (Central Ontario). Correct Craft not so much... so at the end of the day I would probably go for a Mastercraft if no Malibu.

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I said CC or MC just like every one else, but, truth be told, I'm not a fan of the newer CC hulls or interiors. They look like tug boats. MC is kind of the same, but I like the lines better. Let's just hope Malibu doesn't go away...:)

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Probably like you I get to spend a lot of time in different boats. If it was for slalom I'd try to find a clean 98-99 SN.

My neighbor just bought a Supreme WB boat. It's a nice boat and better yet I get to ride but don't have to own it.

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Hey, you forgot Tiger Trax too! We have one of those a few doors down. The guy is a clueless Wally...which kind of explains his purchase decision.

The only two I haven't been on in your list is the Centurion and the Epic. But I haven't been up close to a Svara, Infinity or Sanger either.

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CC, mostly due to the local dealer (and I like their boats Whistling.gif )

I ride behind an X-Star every so often and I must say I wish I could trade my wake for his, just not the boat.

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CC 196, no question. Quiestest boat on the market and great slalom wake, even if the @$$ end looks like a bathtub. I also dig the retro graphics they brought back in '06. If they could only figure a way to price the thing cheaper for a 19.5 ft. boat.

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CC, mostly due to the local dealer (and I like their boats Whistling.gif )

I ride behind an X-Star every so often and I must say I wish I could trade my wake for his, just not the boat.

Then you should buy a 23 LSV. I ride behind my friend's X-Star quite often and we both comment on how the wakes are very similar. Similar rampiness.

I'd go MC 1st, MB 2nd, Supreme, Centurion or Calabria probably 3rd. CC would be a distant 10th...

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Had a Centurion befor I bought my Bu. Elite v drive 99. It was an excellent boat . had it for seven years no problems very good quality. the only thing I fixed is the foam in a couple seats broke down. Bought my Rlxi for slalom. Looked hard at MB 190 but price was hi. CC 196 price also and wanted a larger boat. The CC 205 wake was not what I was looking for. The Bu was the best wake best bang for the buck.... Thumbup.gif

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I've been riding and surfing behind a friends Natique 220 and I have to say it is a very well built boat. All I can say is it almost feels electric. Power-handling-controls are all butter. Not one rattle over hugh rollers. I'm impressed so it would be a slam dunk purchase if I didnt have my Bu

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I wonder how much the votes for CC and MC are related directly or indirectly due to advertisement.

I've spent a good bit of time in both CC and MC and think they are both well constructed boats. My personality and style better fits the more subdued look of the CC than the bling of the MC.

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Simply put, I would be in a CC 236 or now coming out with the new 230 with new graphics, zero off, I really like this boat. It will be my next boat for sure. Dealer wise in Houston, you can't go wrong either, the Bu dealer here needs some help in my opinion.

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mb or tige

new nautiques are the worst/ugliest thing to ever hit watersports and there are only a few mastercrafts i feel i could ever justify purchasing.

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