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Ballast Puppy Mounting Location

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I've got one Ballast Puppy installed on my 97 Sunsetter Direct Drive. I've got it mounted on a bracket I made that's clamped to the ski pylon under the floor board. The thru-hull scoop is just behind the alternator by the engine.

However, I need another pump cause it's just not fast enough to fill all my bags in a timely way....

The new pump will be used to fill and drain the two side sacs (600lbs each). I'm just wondering where the best place will be for another scoop thru hull fitting + brass valve and the pump.

Any suggestions?

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Since the Ballast Puppy only has a 1/2 inch inlet, maybe I can use only one 1 inch thru hull fitting for both pumps.  Do you think I could maximize my flow in that configuration, or should I add an additional thru hull?

A single 1 inch thru hull fitting will be more than enough for 2 pumps with 1/2 inch inlets. A 1 inch fitting can flow 4 times the amount of volume as a 1/2 inch fitting.

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Thanks MRothwell. That will save me some $$, Time, and Headaches. However, it probably limits the number of places I can put the 2nd pump. I probably can't put it in the rear locker... too far from the scoop?

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You should contact NorcalWallyBu, apparently he can add ballast very quickly. :)

I believe the reason he hasn't posted here lately is because he is adding 4 Ballast Puppies in his boat so that he can remove ballast quickly also. Of course those 4 pumps will be no match his "adding ballast" ability. Tongue.gif

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I'm still using my stock 750 pumps.

Now granted I have 1 fill pump for each bladder (3).

My rear lockers have LaunchPad 440s and a 300 in the ski locker.

I also fill 2 High Fly side sacs I'm borrowing from Caleb (200lbs I guess)

We manage to get all that filled and wedge deployed in about 5 minutes or so - never timed it cuz we are spending time getting boards down and jackets on and rope hung.

So I was wondering - how much faster is needed?

Fill time has never seemed to be an issue.

And aren't these aerator pumps less expensive than the Ballast Puppy?

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I think your 750's are much quicker than my ballast puppy, and you've got three of them. It can take 20 minutes for me to fill all my fat sacs with one ballast puppy.

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I have a '95 sunsetter with 3 bags. One up front and one on each side of the direct drive engine.

I just did a T off the water intake and then another T, one to the front one to the back. The front goes directly to the simer pump that fills/drains the front. The rear is T'd again and goes to 2 simer pumps to fill and drain the rear bags. Each bag has a pump they all run off the same intake as the engine. I just don't fill all 3 when I'm running full out, just when we're idling or putting around.

I drain on the fly all the time though.

You could probably run all of the pumps right off of your scoop, I can't see any reason why you couldn't.

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I guess I'm missing the point on the attraction of this pump.

If one were to use seperate in and out pumps it would:

1. Fill and drain much faster

2. Cost less

3. If the puppy goes out you're done but if one of the multiples goes you can swap around - no lake loss time

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