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Electrical Question

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"I have a friend . . ." who just bought a used Jetski. Yeah, I know, the real dark side, but hey, I (I mean my friend) have to have something to do after my morning sets when the Wallys start crapping up the glass.

Here's the issue: It has a Variable Trim System for the jet nozzle powered by a cute little 12V motor which drives a gear/cable arrangment to raise and lower the nozzle. Doesn't work. 7.5 amp fuse was blown when I bought it. Replace the fuse, blows again.

Removed the motor and checked resistance across the motor leads, goes to infinity, looks like a complete circuit. Touched the leads to a battery direct, motor turns clockwise. Reverse the leads, nothing happens.

Question 1: Shouldn't the motor turn in both directions and if it only turns in one, is that the cause of blowing fuses?

Question 2: Switching which leads are connected to the battery should turn the motor in the other direction, right?

Question 3: If the motor is OK (not sure), how do I test and track down problems with the wiring or switch?

Thanks folks once again (in advance) for your invaluable advice and knowledge.

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Tell your "friend" sweet! I've got an old Superjet that I need to get to the lake to play on some more! Yeah, dark side, but they are still a lot of fun.

Anyway... What is the ski: year, make, and model? You can often find schematics online for them and it would really help us understand the system.

Did the motor operate in one direction when it was installed? If no, was it because it was at the end of it's travel - meaning the nozzel was all the way up or down? Try this: Electically hook the motor back up to the ski but do not connect the shaft to the cable. See if the trim switch works the motor in either direction. Try and monitor the voltage on the motor while your doing this, see if you have 12 volts in one direction but not the other... granted you might have to go through another fuse... if it blows the fuse in both directions then you might have a wiring or control problem. That should get you started.

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It is a 1997 Seadoo GSX 800. The fuse was blown when I bought it and I thought (hoped) the fuse just needed to be replaced. I have not seen the nozzle move. It is in the full UP position. When I removed the motor I could manually adjust the nozzle up and down by turning the screw, so it is not a binding problem with the linkage.

Where do I go to find schematics?

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