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Ronnie, You staying dry in Granbury????


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LOL...Brad just called and asked if we were OK too. I had to ask him what was the problem. We've had a lot of rain today but the lake is still at the same constant level. I'll have to check out the news and see where the problem is.

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I can't believe the rain.

My mom called today and the weather in MN this afternoon was sunny, humid and balmy 95 degrees!!! Here around 80 and rainy all day. :(

With Evan Almighty #1 in the theaters...should we all start building an arc in North TX???

Stay dry Ronnie!!!

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Could be above us. Dontknow.gif

We let out all we get in so we stay fairly close to full.

Todays level.

I know they sometimes have problems below the dam when we get a big flow from upstream. The Brazos at Pecan Plantation has problems sometimes. A girl drowned down there recently and a Game Warden did too, looking for her.

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Below Gbury is insane!!!!

06/27 12:00 27.84ft 56.2kcfs

This is the 8th highest in 100 years and we are expecting more rain!!!

Maybe up top of the TSR is not high enough for my trailer Frustrated.gif

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Granbury is releasing 45,000 cfs

Whitney is at 5,000 cfs

Whitney is up 8.5'

Our level is down this morning a couple of inches. I heard last night PK has 3 gates open and they were considering opening a 4th. Looks like granbury is getting ready for more water from PK.

Auto, you got that Ark built down there yet? Surprised.gif

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Lewisville came up about 8 feet in three days and now is close to flood stage. My buddy said he was thinking about just opening up his window and fishing from his living room. This rain is unreal.

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I wish you guys could divert that water our way..... Our WOW lake is pretty dang low Cry.gif

What if we could build a system that could move water from a wet part of the country to a dry one?

If thats sounds too farfetched - remember they built a highway interstate system that does that for cars

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Sorry Brad B--this just in from WFAA:

"The Town of Little Elm has canceled its July 4th Jubilee which was scheduled for next Wednesday at the Amphitheater in Little Elm Park. Officials said Lewisville Lake—now almost 8 feet above normal—has engulfed the dance floor and storage room at the Amphitheater, and the stage itself is threatened if the lake rises any further. In addition, the park's swim beach and boat ramp are under water. The town said it was considering options for moving the fireworks display that was to have been part of the Jubilee."

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Whitney is now at +9.5', it was ~ +5' at the WOW. Good thing the WOW was last weekend.

Just heard from butler's ol' lady and all ramps (including marina) are closed at LRR. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH Cry.gif

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blah - we'll undo the winch strap and transom straps and just punch it in reverse tilll we slide off 15 feet or so. We'll be fine.

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