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Under dash beeping issue

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I recently purchased an 03 Wakesetter VLS. It supposedly had just been serviced, and I did not get to try it in the water prior to purchase. Once in the water and started, it beeps in a 3 beep pattern that I don't seem to be able to diagnose. All fluid levels are correct, and pushing down (or up) on the mode switch does not reveal any code or problem. Any ideas? Motor is a Monsoon 335 hp.

I live about 160 miles from a Malibu dealer, and would like to avoid a trip to see him. The boat is in my boathouse and I don't currently have a trailer for the boat.

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Welcome.gif it could be the water pump impeller Dontknow.gif . I would pull it even if it's not the problem to see if it needs to be replaced. That's a very simple and easy fix about $30 and a ten minute job if that. Edited by vlx wakesetter
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I have had my 04VLX beeping twice. First time it was a faint beep that came and went. Turned out to be a bad ground backfedding the beeper. Second time it would come in and out but loud. Nothing poped up on the LCD. Found out it was a bad oil pressure sensor on the engine. Asked why it didnt list it on the LCD when it beeped? Was told that it waqs a sensor from the engine (indmar) and just sent a trouble signal. The ones that display work off the MCM which apparently has its own sensors. Could be Bull S*^T but made sense.

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I'd say it's a faulty oil pressure switch. If you want to be sure, remove the single wire from the switch near the oil filter and ground it out. Use alligator clips or a length of wire and hook it to and nearby unpainted ground. A motor mount should work. If the beeping stops, it's the switch (not the sending unit) and you can fix that yourself in about ten minutes.

Good luck with it, and let us know what you find.

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Thanks for each of your thoughts on this issue. I will go home and try them all. Sure is nice to have guys that want to help! Thanks again, and if one of them fixes the problem, I will post the results!

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I had a similar problem with my 04 Wakesetter 380HH. It would beep only under power. It turned out to be a connection on the knock sensor had come off. hope this helps.

PS i tried to trouble shoot with Indmar over the phone, with no results. Ended up taking it to the dealer to find the problem.

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Is ther a code to the number of beeps? I got a four beep pulse today. Had just headed out, made a quick run down the lake, slowed and shut down. Skier in the water, started back up, went to pull them up with third throttle and it started beeping. Gave them the shut down signal and killed power. All gauges were showing normal, except the fuel gauge which failed the other day, most likely the sender, but we've run it multiple time like it is with no issue.

The only thing I could find was the tranny fluid was a little low, not below min, but at the lowest bar. Could this have caused an over heat of the tranny? Any other thoughts? I did not have any fluid at the boat so we just chugged on back to the dock. Oh, ther was a lot of vibration when getting on plane before the beeping which may indicate tranny slipping??

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