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Surfing? Wakeskating?


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I saw someone maybe wakeskating or Scurfing 10' off the back of the boat. It appeared to be evenly weighte on both side doing about 10mph. The guy was bare footed with NO binding working both sides of the wake doing 360s as he crssed from side to side.

Rope lokked to have sections every 5 feet with a smallish looking handle.

What kind of board would he have beeen using?

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If he was holding onto the rope - then he could have been using either a wakeskate (not likely) or a surfboard. Often someone new to surfing who can't 'get' the feel for the sweet spot will start to meander to the other side of the wake. From your description though, you said the guy was doing 360's so obviously not a newbie. My guess he was on a surfboard just messing around.

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What kind of boat? -- I've been toying around with the idea of weighting evenly and trying what you describe.....

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A surf board was my thought at first but we do quite a bit of sufing and I don't think they were using a surf board. It reminded me of the throw down Scurf boards that you see people using at the beach, but I was not that close.

The boat was the pickle fork X-Star. He was doing about 10mph. Wake was big but notsurfing big.

The rope really looked purpose made for this. There was not any hanging off the tower and it looked to have 5 foot take off section. The handle looked like it was no more that 10 inches wide.

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We've surfed two people behind our boat, one on each side. The wake is not big weighted like that but it's possible.

I can testify to that!

Maybe it was the 28ft P-fork with twins. We surf both sides behind a twin screw cruiser. When one rider falls off, the one left gets to play on both sides - usually TJ.

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Come on guys ya'll are reaching. I was 45 feet from the boat and know what it was.

I just couldn't see the board ver well, but it didn't look longer than about 4 feet, and did not have any Surf board fins.

There has to be somebody out there that is doing it now or has seen this.

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