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  2. MalibuRyan

    Boat shifted on trailer

    I do the SAME lol! Sometimes it takes about 5 tries and my fiance in the boat to try and hold it center. I'm so OCD about it being center. Yes the straps were on and tight when it slide. Straps were loose when I parked it and saw how much it slide forward. Thanks for the info, will have to fix this when I pull boat off trailer next. Was just worried ab out the potential pressure on the boat by it resting "harder" on that now. I do the same. Once it's parked and not moving for the winter, I loosen the rear straps and the one in the front so it's not on that full tension
  3. Today
  4. Just got my 2022 m240 with the manual swim step.
  5. Maliblue93401

    2004 Malibu 23 LSV Wakesetter (380 Hammerhead)

    sweet boat. Any chance you have the old perfect pass? I have a short in the cable that comes off the bezel, mine still works minus the cable and trying to sort. Thank you,
  6. Rednucleus

    Boat shifted on trailer

    When it comes to trailering, one of my OCD items is to release tension off the winch strap once I am home and boat's put to bed.
  7. Chattwake

    23 to 25 LSV....Should we?

    I’m about to post my 2021 25 for sale on Onlyinboards. Y’all know I spec my boats very well, so if anyone is interested, pm me.
  8. oldjeep

    Boat shifted on trailer

    That's a weak design. Movable post and the bolts don't go through the frame. But it'll be fine sitting there.
  9. granddaddy55

    Bu loosing Tower Wars?

    Nobody has ever been on a 2012 XStar. There is no such thing.......... Also none of the towers from 2012 on had any creaking or swaying issues..... That said, the previous ZFT3 (2011 was the last year of it) was probably the worst tower ever made for side to side sway. So maybe you are talking about 2011?? it was about 2012 two years before i bought my 14 in about a 1 yr old boat, guess your right, swayed bad and creaking while it moved tightening up to rope pull
  10. hethj7

    Boat shifted on trailer

    Other than that front support needing looked at it, I wouldn’t sweat the position of the boat over the winter. Did you have transom straps on when it slid?
  11. Lol. I do the same. I’ve even watch it in the side mirror as it comes out of the water to make sure it settles centered. If not I back it in again and have my crew hold it in place so it’s perfect on the trailer. 😂
  12. I see Bakes has them for $3900. Backordered. Makes sense. My 10 year old cell phones are worth thousands right now. 🤔
  13. csleaver

    Oil change tip

    Hammerhead 383 engines are difficult to remove all of the engine oil because of where the drain hose is connected to the pan. On vdrive models, raise the bow and the port side of the boat, by driving the left side trailer tires onto a couple 2x6 blocks of wood, to remove more of the engine oil.
  14. MalibuRyan

    Boat shifted on trailer

    Kept looking at it, went out and looked again. Front trailer support gave out and moved. Don’t mind the dirty trailer, I haven’t cleaned it yet.
  15. oldjeep

    Boat shifted on trailer

    Front of the boat looks like it is where it should be. Bow eye right under roller.
  16. Hey Crew, I took the boat out for one last run today before pulling her for winter. I always try and get the boat as perfectly centered as possible. In my head, it evens out the weight, better for the hull etc. I had it damn near perfect, within half an inch lol. Then on the way home, some asshat pulled out in front of me and had to break hard. Boat slide up and made it slightly off center. I never usually have it this far up or store it for the winter without it being perfectly centered. Maybe I am just crazy and over protective about it. Curious if you guys are as much of a
  17. I have a license plate for Maryland from 1986. We moved from Maryland to Oregon the next year and I kept the plate. It has black numbering/lettering on a white background. I'm not sure if anyone is working on a state license project like IXFE did, but I will send it for the cost of shipping if you have use for it. We are working on downsizing and clearing 'stuff'. I've been working through the house and this was down in the storage room. I haven't yet made it to the garages. There's going to be a lot of boating stuff that will need to go eventually.
  18. Yesterday
  19. It was already in process when I reserved it. I was told it was told at the time that it would need a part before shipping, guessing it's a chip. As luck would have it the tow vehicle this truck would be 'replacing' went down and is waiting on a new transmission that won't be here until the 11/5. Thankfully we've got a few back ups they just aren't DRW's like the dedicated tow rigs.
  20. Nope, dash was different. 2014 has always had a stigma of a one and done design, although the boat performs awesome.
  21. yotaisgame

    23 to 25 LSV....Should we?

    I’m sure it’ll surf awesome.
  22. yotaisgame

    23 to 25 LSV....Should we?

    I thought 14 and 13 had the same dash? I know they had the same viper screens. Exactly my point from earlier. 13 was not a boat designed for gates. We specifically bought a 13 knowing resale would be much better than a 12 and that if we had gotten a 12 would have been upgrading pretty quick.
  23. The Hulk

    23 to 25 LSV....Should we?

    Jack says the 27lsv will be the game changer your looking for 😂
  24. Sparky450

    Electric over hydraulic

    This is why I asked. We have a short steep ramp. I tow with a Ram 3500 4wd LB CC, loaded with about 700-800#'s of tools. My 2019 25LSV pulled me down the ramp a couple times. As long as I launch in 4wd I am fine. I also ran a good amount of lead that I did not unload. Our ramp is also very slick, at low tide we have moss. But, i'snt the Excursion on a 3/4 ton chassis and it has 4wd. I think you would be fine in 4wd.
  25. Assuming we are still talking 23LSV, 2014 was the first “big” hull redesign (not 2015) and widely believed to be the first 23LSV hull developed with Surfgate known (2013 had gates but on a hull not developed specifically with gates). 2014 - 2017 same hull 2018-2020 same hull 2021 - current same hull Malibu never seems to be forthcoming with hull changes, but I believe I got those year ranges right as generally accepted on TMC as different/redesigned. Of course, dash/helm, engine options, tranny radio, etc. are updated throughout all those years and not necessarily
  26. TwoMargaritasPlease

    23 to 25 LSV....Should we?

    I agree with your reasoning, that's why I have a new(er) boat. In 9 years all manufacturers have stepped up with some great improvements. But I've yet to see any truly impressive wave performance improvements.
  27. Stevo

    Exile Audio 30.2

    Used Exile 30.2 amplifier in good working condition. $300 shipped
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