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  2. Hello, i have a 2007 247 8.1L that i purchased last year. It has 260 hours on it and hasn’t had any issues until now. Recently, it’s had significant power loss at times while on the water. It’s unable to generate more than 2500 rpm and has had trouble reaching speeds of 15mph. However, a few minutes later, it’s back to full power with no issues. Even when the power is gone, the engine is running smooth. It’s almost like there is a rpm limit. I’ve checked the dash display and there are no codes showing. Now for the strange part; it seems to be related to the power wedge. It seems (can’t completely confirm yet) that if I toggle the wedge down and then up, the power is back. My speed control is off and the rpm limit on the speed control is off. Wedge is physically in the stowed position. I just changed the tank fuel filter. I’m really struggling how to troubleshoot this since it’s intermittent. Any suggestions??
  3. Hi, thanks in advance for any assistance! Just had new ballast pumps put in my 2007 VLX. First trip this summer on lake yesterday. When switched to the ballast screen on the LCD screen and filling all four tanks, the LCD screen shows the front and two rear tanks filling. But the screen doesn't show filling of the center tank. I looked under the floor and could feel the pump working and could see water sloshing in the tank to what should be the full point. But for the center ballast the LCD screen doesn't show anything. I played a little with the wires coming into the ballast pump as it was running to see if a wire going into it was loose or something, but still no indication on the LCD of the level of the center tank--just blank while the other three tanks indicate full. Definitely water in the center tank because I hit the button to drain and it peed out the side. I couldn't find how to attach a picture of the 2007 VLX LCD screen here, but if someone could tell me how, I will. Any ideas of what could be the problem and what I could do myself versus taking it back to the service center? Thanks! rrkrrk99
  4. I believe these are the right actuators but wanted to check. I have a 2006 23 LSV. https://www.anchorexpress.com/lenco-102xd-extreme-duty-actuator-15060-001?_vsrefdom=googleads&gclid=CjwKCAjw0ZfoBRB4EiwASUMdYRvF6dcQatGtxls1HddHMwWO0ErbFV9NIceIXAaAqhX-0qHTZeX5VhoCznsQAvD_BwE They are the 102xd. I am replacing the originals, I know they are a bit different but not too worried if my gauge is off. Thank You
  5. Lakemurrayskier

    Bluetooth or Aux Plugin on factory RF radio

    On the Exile DMC, did you leave the Rockford MR5BB in the space to the left of the dash or did you replace it with the Exile DMC? I'm assuming you have to leave it to keep FM Radio functionality correct? Also does the "Media" button on the center display above the steering wheel still control all audio functions with the DMC in place? I have a failing MR5BB and just trying to figure out the best option to replace it. Thanks Ryan
  6. IXFE

    Gator Step questions

  7. Chappy

    Ordering 2020 dates

    Sorry but I have to disagree here. The new motor, wireless charging, new swim deck, colored Malibu logo and stitching accent all were released and available 2 months after I ordered. I would have loved to have all of those options. Don't get me wrong, I still love my boat but if I had it to do over again I would wait and I would not recommend ordering an early build boat. I feel like I have a 2018.5 boat.
  8. I love my boat but knowing what I know now I would have waited until Sept or Oct after everything has finally leaked out. I will never order an early build again.
  9. Today
  10. So is that a thing? I was wondering if something like that could happen.
  11. Hey guys. I just finished glassing in the floor on my 90 Malibu euro f3. I am considering gator rather than the carpet. Does anyone on here work for them or know about the best way to get the best pricing. Here’s some pics of my boat vs what I want
  12. Your mechanic probably over-greased the rudder and blew one of the o-rings in the process.
  13. September or later, I build my boat mid of summer and Malibu website was still 2018 not updated so many options was not even shown. I would say order depends where you live , north - winter because you not going to use until spring 2020, south October when all option is available so you can use November/December 2019
  14. Well I always wanted a Cobalt growing up and finally had one for the past 7 years. It was a 99 226 and was a great boat. I just sold it spring 2019. I picked up a 2002 Malibu Sunscape 23 LSV last fall at a great price of 23.4K. I kept both for a bit until I could decide which I really liked. The Malibu has tower and a fantastic sound system. Both boats are around 400 hours. It has taken some getting used to over the last month of finally using the Malibu but here is what I have learned. Cobalt Pros: Reverse (need I say more), snap carpet, trim of an I/O to plane out, top speed(who really cares), gas use was less than Malibu for day on lake, walk through transom was the bomb Malibu Pros: wake better for boarding, size seems bigger yet same length, less overall weight that Cobalt but feels sturdier, storage is awesome, tower, surfing, no more ladder, turns great, love hearing that engine purr, and I just feel better! Right now I am topping out at around 40 but I do not need more. Not sure I love this prop Acme 817. Any advice on what prop to put on? Spoke to Gary at Perfect Pass and I will be getting my updated StarGazer gauge and wakeboard mechanical tomorrow. Will be installing next weekend. Seems stitching in some of seats has seen better days. I knew this buying boat but still it is holding together. Excited for this next chapter and happy to be a Malibu owner. I see the new ones and love the looks but for my budget and the surf wave I am currently getting with the Swell attachment I am very happy. I am very picky and this Malibu was extremely clean so I could not pass it up. FYI when I bought the boat it had Wakesetter stickers(owner told me he put those on). I have removed those and put the correct Sunscape decals on from Domednumbers in black and chrome. I will get some better pics of the after. Out...
  15. Nitrousbird

    2006 Vride

    You still need more weight. I just got back from vacation today at Norris Lake; my buddy also brought his 247 LSV with about 5000lbs of ballast and Go Surf Assist. We did an early morning surf session, just me and him, yesterday morning. Though his wake is bigger/longer, he had no issues surfing behind mine and could work on his same surfing techniques on mine. His words "there is nothing about this wave that would hold you back." Put more weight in her.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Can you share that pn for the $60 sensors?
  18. jrvs23

    Echelon dash and steering wheel

    https://madison.craigslist.org/bpo/d/tempe-1996-malibu-echelon-response/6888928171.html Not sure if they have what you need but worth checking.
  19. johnnie

    87 Malibu Skier

    I just got a 87 Malibu skier I need new mounts for my swim platform anyone know were I can get some
  20. Thank you, just Gary. I’m sorry I missed your response as I was traveling. I will try it in the next day or two. My question is that there are actually two smaller wires. I have not found a set up like that on any of the Chevy Corvette sites or other Malibu sites. I know when I took them off, they were on the same post. But anything I find has them on different posts. I’m not sure if I could fry anything if I put them on on incorrectly. I’m not sure why it doesn’t mate up perfectly. It actually seems to mate up perfectly until I put the bolts in and then the bolts move it around. I’ve put it on and off three times. I may do one more try.
  21. Eagleboy99

    Echelon dash and steering wheel

    Try greatlakesskipper.com They have some older dashboards. Or just get it wrapped.
  22. Hi, we have a new to us 97 Echelon and the "wooden" helm face plate is all cracked and the wooden steering wheel is splitting. Just wondering where I could buy a new faceplate for my guage layout and what type of steering wheel connection this boat has?
  23. smileysteve

    2006 Vride

    Filled up my 3rd bag, 500# launch. Under the bow filler cushion and there was a lot more push. Today it was just 2 of us, I suspect with a couple of more humans we'd be good.
  24. I've used the oxidation removers and they work - but are a lot of work.
  25. HI Crew, Been a while since I posted. My 99 Sunsetter LXI is starting to show its age...here are some pics, for the most part still looking good but transom showing oxidation badly. Will a cut polish as described in https://www.themalibucrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/70144-removing-hard-water-spots/ thread bring back the luster and sheen? Will I need the power tools to do a good job? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  26. kb1523

    Titan Series 2 Tower

    Titan Series 2 TOWER - This tower was dealer-installed on a Malibu Echelon LX with an SV23 hull and will fit other Malibu models as well as other brands of ski boats. Tower comes with all mounting hardware and protective pads. This tower is very solid and is also easy & quick to collapse and deploy.
  27. I was thinking but like I said, I disconnected it from rudder and steering was one finger free and rudder still two hands stiff.
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