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  2. justgary

    The Strip Club

    You appear to have a great sense of humor about this, and you may even have a huge set of brass ones for buying it unseen. I would love to see you get it back in shape, and with quality parts if you can afford them. I would seriously hold off on buying things like cleats and the tower until you get the engine running and a throttle arm installed. I don't see a lot of Malibus near me, but I will keep an eye out for parts that I think you can use. @Eagleboy99 posted a manual trove a while back. Perhaps you can find a few gems that will apply to your engine. https://www.m2omarine.com/know-more-about--resource-downloads
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  4. WellingtonB

    The Strip Club

    Want to Buy thread is a great idea of course. Thanks for the reminder. Agreed on the generic items. Perko is still good quality. I was trying to figure out which generic pull up cleats would fit. Couldn't really tell where the cleats went on the boat. More importantly, I didn't notice holes large enough to accommodate the 'piston' assembly for the cleats. *I am also just looking at photos and video of the boat as I am away for Turkey Day week. If I remember correctly, it had everything except for the turn fins and the wedge. Fins look to be about $130 each (Qty. 3). Knowing nothing about wake or ski boats - what is an ok used wedge to install? Manual is fine. Purchased the boat at auction. They don't know any history really. Bought it sight unseen. I just contacted my mechanic to first look over the motor and also check for a cracked block of course. You're 100% right. She needs to get dialed in mechanically, then get her dressed for the party! I am a practical person at times. I have done essentially the same project with a different type of boat and enjoyed many years of use out of it. I do have the absolute very best help in my marine mechanic. With that said, I will not spend more than it's worth of course. We'll dig into it further, if it appears it will cost more to fix this one than simply buying a complete equivalent, then I'll sell it off. Justgary is already mailing me $1,000 or the windshield. What are the other parts worth if I had to dump it? I'll check on the tank. Not sure at the moment. Chrome actually does offend me. Can't stand shiny but Plasti Dip pisses me off even more. I reluctantly sprayed the hood of my SxS the other day and I remembered I don't like this stuff... Wish I knew the back story. Auction purchase with zero information. We can only assume it was stripped as a theft recovery or maybe stripped after a mechanical failure (if that was the case). Yes, hood is there. I'm into it for $13K so far with trailer. First thing I did was buy a cover, park it under my carport, and then I promptly left town. I don't believe so but we'll take a closer look next week. It really is in great shape. I am just visualizing the guy delicately removing parts as he's sobbing about his poor Malibu. Speaking of board racks - what is a budget friendly alternative that would fit this tower? We'll skip the Bimini. None of my boats have ever had one and I've never cared for them personally. My wife wants a tan and the kid can wear a hat! I do have the gauge cluster. Missing the one on the right only. Yes, missing the wedge. Looking for a decent used wedge. * FYI - All cushions came with the boat and interior is in near perfect condition. I have removed them for cleaning and storage. See photo: That's not a bad theory. But why not just rattle can the whole boat with Plasti Dip including all of the hardware for that stealth look. When you get tired of black, peel it off, then re-spray with red Plasti Dip. If anyone here can provide a similar video, it would be highly appreciated. Looking at Boattrader last night for photos of the same model was a waste of time. Horrible photo quality. Not sure. We'll dig into next week. Any good online source for a service manual on this motor? 383 Hammerhead. Hopefully you're getting some closure here with my answers above. Maybe I should have conjured up an interesting story. Something involving escaped zoo monkeys, leftover beer in cooler, joyride ends up on the rocks, monkeys flee the scene, and boat is purchased at auction by an unassuming family man with a thin wallet and a dream. Don't mean to sound insensitive but I firmly believe monkeys are terrible drivers... Great question. I would like to see diagrams for the engine as well as a service manual. The first two things my mechanic will ask for of course.
  5. ctvandy23

    2021 23 LSV Review

    Not sure about the 2” increase, but if boat feels wider on interior, I bet they took one from the Cobalt playbook! If you have ever been on a Cobalt the first thing you notice is how wide the boat feels. I believe they reduce the interior gunnel width to create that roomier feel.
  6. MLA

    2005 23 LSV Stereo Plan and Build

    My first choice is to have the woofer and port going the same direction. In the 2nd design, you could put the woofer on the same side as the port, (may need to tweak the dimensions a little) and have both boundary load off the hull. But, id want to funnel the output to the cabin, rather then wall it off with a façade that seals off against the hull.
  7. Yesterday
  8. justgary

    The Strip Club

    It looks like the same dust that is on top of the plenum cover.
  9. goodmatt78

    Malibu interior work recommendation.

    Ever find the place in Ohio?
  10. justgary

    The Strip Club

    I saw the heat sink and the empty plate above it. What goes in the blank space if the middle part is the ECM? You can tell that my boat is older... my ECM is much larger.
  11. Michigan boarder

    2002 XTI winter refurbish

    Remember that your exhaust is a wet system with water traveling thru it, so it never gets very hot. I don't know that boat or the floor set up but just an FYI that you can easily touch the exhaust hose with your hands. I incorporated PVC elbows on my custom exhaust in 2015, and have had no issues at all.
  12. Chaabo

    The Strip Club

    Definitely one of the more interesting threads recently. Now it’s time for the OP to answer all of our questions and shed some light on the story behind all this. I’m waiting ...
  13. Michigan boarder

    carburetor ?? malibu tantrum

    Yes, the 1409 will fit.
  14. Probably best to just get your stock carb re-built. No real need to upgrade, the stock carb is plenty. And correct me if I am wrong, but how to you have a year 2000 Tantrum?
  15. COOP

    The Strip Club

    Alternator is missing as well. Some hoses missing. The ECM was there though. Is that fire extinguisher residue in the bilge?
  16. Zippymbr

    The Strip Club

    Not much recycle value in the stripped part unless selling on eBay
  17. justgary

    The Strip Club

    An interesting concept, but they didn't take the bow rail off, and they stripped parts from the engine.
  18. Zippymbr

    The Strip Club

    It seriously looks like it was going to get a new gel coat and lost interest. One of us can take a similar video and send it to you
  19. the boat was fitted with lpg gas its standard mercruiser inlet manifold and the edelbrock has the 2 hole option so i would say it should bolt straight on.
  20. I would think that a 600 CFM should do fine on a 5.7L engine as long as it will bolt onto your manifold or wedge. Is something wrong with your existing carb? Perhaps @Woodski might add his two cents.
  21. HawkGuy55

    Ballast bags

    Ok, thanks dude. Any idea on where i can find on what i need to do to make that happen?
  22. hi does any one know if i use a edelbrock 1409 600 cfm marine carburetor if it will be ok on my 1997 malibu tantrum, or a 650 edelbrock avs2 ?its a mercruiser 350 magnum ,regards michael uk !
  23. Hello, have you since found a solution or an answer to this issue. I have a 22 VLX that is having the same issues as the one you posted about. I’m looking for any answer that might help. Thank you
  24. So with the ballast tanks and fuel tank removed we pulled up some NASTY carpet. There was lots of nice sludge under the fuel tank on both sides from water accumulation that can't drain or dry. 2 immediate things to deal with at this stage. The sagging floor and the center hatch. Not totally sure what I am going to do about the floor but I think it will just be a matter of building it up with glass. It has to be smoothed anyway so we will see. Carpet is coming up pretty easy and clean so far. Next will be what to do about the center hatch. Its pretty trashed and with the carpet removed the gap must be filled. Any suggestions on replacement? Was thinking of HDPE but being close to the exhaust is one issue, and it is a high traffic area that will have a ballast sack on it so strength is important. We never use the table so that whole setup will be eliminated.
  25. Have you found a solution or answer to this issue ? I have a boat that is doing the exact same thing
  26. roeboat

    The Strip Club

    I noticed it's missing the gauges and controls. The gauges and computer for them are a lot of money. Unless you can find a good deal on them, I would look into making you own gauge cluster with analog gauges instead of trying to bring it back to original. In my experience the stock gauges are unreliable. Did your boat have a wedge because if that's missing it could be another expensive part to replace.
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