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  2. oneramirez

    Dogs & Boats

    Doodles are great boat dogs! Love the water and don't shed. Nails have not been an issue. Fozzie needs to learn how to pee on the swim deck though. Last time out we pushed our luck a bit and he ended up having to pee so bad he went as far into the nose of the bow as he could and relieved himself. We quickly sacrificed a beach towel and proceeded to intentionally swamp the bow a bit. But that's the worst so far. On that note, anyone have any tips for teaching your dog to relive himself on the swim deck??
  3. BigCountrys93EuroF3

    Water discharge temps 93 Merc 5.7

    Good call gentleman on the trans cooler check. Just one larger chunk of impeller in there but obviously could have been more. I back flushed it as well. I have picks of the toasted impeller as well. I put in a whole new impeller housing. And here's also a few pics of the old girl https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/q7L09j
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  5. theloungelife

    2022 Changes???

    I'd like to see this as well! I'm often on a tight time crunch as my wake crew normally rides at dawn on weekdays before we head into work. Every minute saved counts.
  6. MLBurns

    Ram/GMC 3500 SRW

    So I am at 7k miles on a 2021 Ram 3500 SRW and just dumped 7th 2.5 gal jug of DEF in it. All hwy miles only towed twice with it. Anyone else see the same with theirs?
  7. YeloBlammo

    Pre-surf gate FAE

    Gotcha. Yes. I've heard the same. The location of the wedge door and the FAE make it so you couldn't reach the wedge. Not on all boats, but some.
  8. BlindSquirrel

    Pre-surf gate FAE

    Eeesh, that's crazy. FAE is awesome, we have one, but having the wedge constantly up or down doesn't sound like it would be worth it. So the FAE would be in the way of the pins to lower the wedge through the platform hole? On my dad's boat I always lowered it while in the water anyway, instead of the hole in the platform. It was easier on his manual wedge.
  9. Thank you for sharing. I pick my boat up this afternoon. I do not have my manual yet.
  10. AxisT23

    Loading Malibu MLx 21...weak winch

    thanks for the insight, do you have any pictures of the newly mounted winch. I've just ordered the F2 and want to see how high you mounted on the trailer mount. the Fulton XLT 1500 is a joke, and way underrated for the size of these big boats. Rated for 3000 pounds and boat is way over 5000 pounds dry.
  11. If it is in the same spot as my 2012 VTX. Stand at the back right of the boat and look at the bottom of the hull. You will see a little pod sticking down. The pod is the cover and if you feel weeds and junk in it that you can't pull from the bottom then open up your hatches and find where it is attached to the hull on the inside. I think you can just twist it to remove and see the actual wheel - don't do that with the boat in the water.
  12. Can you tell me where the paddle wheel is located?
  13. onwi

    Pre-surf gate FAE

    They've specifically told me that some customers have lost the ability to control the wedge from the platform and suggested that I may have to put down the wedge before I get in the water. The common solution was to raise the platform, but that really isn't an option with the way the 2012 axis platform is molded into the back of the boat.
  14. Plenty of oil in the motor
  15. CBray4

    2022 Changes???

    We've already had a redesign since we ordered ours in 2018. Ours throws a plenty good wave. Has been amazing from a reliability stand point. Only thing I wish we had was the brown interior(2019) and the stiffer foam on the interior cushions(2019). Our seats are way too soft and have settled in so you can feel the support beams when you sit down. We will wait a couple years to see the bugs worked out as well. And maybe they will throw in the super fast M ballast pumps in all the boats by then as well.
  16. Dsalyers

    2022 Changes???

    I’ll be waiting for the A24(I’m assuming A240) redesign in a couple years to order again. Hopefully all the bugs will be worked out with the touch screens by then. Love my Garmin products, so hopefully there won’t be many issues. Hoping they continue to keep button back ups as an ordering option.
  17. CBray4

    Axis windshield

    Saw your post on FB. Well done. While I have no use for it, I love seeing people solve issues that they have. Your skills are much better than mine my friend! I personally love the cut out of the windshield. Reach down and grab some water to cool me off. Talk to the rider while looping around. Grab the dock.
  18. YeloBlammo

    Pre-surf gate FAE

    They wouldn't make it so the wedge is inoperable. There website shows the FAE clearing wedge in many photos.
  19. YeloBlammo

    Wedge door dims

    BozBoat was very nice to send me a ton of detailed measurements only to find out I have a fiberglass swim deck. Anyone have details on a fiberglass deck wedge door? Thank you
  20. CBray4

    2022 Changes???

    I think the dash looks fine. Electronics scare me tho. The whole reason we went with Axis was for the more analog set up. Have had zero issues since we ordered ours new in 2018 and we have over 400 hours already. We were thinking about upgrading but we are skeptical now. We will wait it out a year or two more and see how these electronics do. On another note... The lines on the new T250 and 25LSV are not my favorite.
  21. Thanks I will look at that analog screen More closely - was really hoping for a number or percentage - the preset screen has percentage- I guess I thought in operation it would do the same. The subtle differences in the icons are hard to see on a bright day while bouncing around - I guess the software developers never saw the end result of their choices on the water LOL thx for the feedback!
  22. SortaSurfs

    2022 Changes???

    What I’m reading from others is that it is standard across all Axis models. There is supposed to be an added option called the Sport Dash that may add back some buttons(as well as a wireless charger and something else I can’t remember). Don’t know exactly what the buttons control. I don’t have 100% confirmation on this but it seems to be what people are saying after they have placed their orders.
  23. formulaben

    Water discharge temps 93 Merc 5.7

    I use imgbb.com. It's also easy and free.
  24. Okay, after spending some more time on this yesterday, I've decided that @Sride may be correct. I think it may just be friction at the cutlass bearing resonating as the prop shaft is slowing to a stop. I've never heard this on any other boat. On our boat it seems to be worse after the boat has run for a while - i.e. when leaving the dock yesterday and idling out of the cove, the sound was minimal, but after wakeboarding and surfing for a while, then when idling back in to the dock, any time I would come out of gear at idle the sound was loud and very noticeable. Loud enough that my fam
  25. @GrahamM - not a junk yard but an auction house - try Great Lakes Skipper.
  26. formulaben

    2021 Axis A24 - Side window

  27. BlindSquirrel

    Pre-surf gate FAE

    I'm sure they would work with you on returning it if it doesn't clear. At least when I dealt with them, the were great to work with.
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