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  2. So there was a little bit of rust on some of the support pieces but not on the actual engine. Coming from a salt boat, this freshwater one had a surprising amount of minor rust spots.
  3. Boulderboats

    2005 Malibu I-Ride

    2005 Malibu I-Ride Low hour boat in excellent condition. Indmar LCR 320. For more photos, specs, and details click this link: 2005 Malibu I-Ride
  4. Thanks so much! I will look for the 450 motor. Hate to spend this kind of money and be under powered for an additional 5% in cost.
  5. Eric1908

    2013 22MXZ subwoofer not working

    So after working from the head unit back to the subwoofer, I found the wires to the speaker were disconnected. Possibly done by the previous owner. It works much better now.
  6. Things i was told by my dealer when i was looking (along with everything you stated)... - If its newer (still under warranty) the warranty can only be transferred a few times. Find out what owner number he is. - Check engine bay for rust. - Check for vibrations from idle up to top speed.
  7. Boulderboats

    2020 Malibu Wakesetter 21 MLX

    Just Arrived! Check it out by clicking this link: 2020 Malibu Wakesetter 21 MLX
  8. Boulderboats

    2020 Malibu Wakesetter 21 VLX

    Just Arrived! For more info click this link: 2020 Malibu Wakesetter 21 VLX
  9. Boulderboats

    2020 Malibu Wakesetter 21 VLX

    Surf Gate w/Malibu Surfband. Monsoon 6.2L. For more info click this link: 2020 Malibu Wakesetter 21 VLX
  10. Boulderboats

    2020 Malibu Wakesetter 24 MXZ

    Maximized Space, Luxury and Performance. Monsoon 6.2L HO. Malibu GX Tower. For complete details click this link: 2020 Malibu Wakesetter 24 MXZ
  11. Right, it might not be exclusively the hitch, but it does play a large part in the equation. And actually, I would say it plays the largest part, as some of the more recent HD trucks actually have the same published weight limitations. I had a 2003 Suburban 2500. It had basically the same hitch that GM has always used on their SUVs, but it wasn't integrated into the frame. I swapped it out with a heavy duty Curt hitch that had the same weight rating with weight distribution and weight carrying. The Curt easily weighed twice as much as the OEM hitch.
  12. LucasC

    Factory RGB wetsounds HELP

    Going to run a little cheap experiment and put an inline gain controller before it hits that module see what it does
  13. MLA

    Factory RGB wetsounds HELP

    Sounds like the other end of that audio cable might be connected to a full-range speaker output. IMO, these are way to sensitive. I prefer the woofer output for its more narrow range = less light activity.
  14. LucasC

    Factory RGB wetsounds HELP

    All the lights work in other modes just the sound to light super sensitive. if I unplug the 3.5mm jack on the ST-DC-OEM it totally knocks out the sound to light but all other modes still work.
  15. MLA

    Factory RGB wetsounds HELP

    Do the lights work in any of the other non-music modes? I would suspect the CAN Bus before the audio interface. Besides the CAN, theres the LED controller and the screen. Not much to the system.
  16. It is not necessarily just the hitch. The carry rating is also designed to prevent you from pulling too much weight off the front axle, which impacts braking and handling. The WDH puts some of the weight back on the front axle. The newer trucks all seem to be coming with higher carry ratings, however, which I suspect is due to better frames and towing engineering, but I don't know that for a fact.
  17. I asked Malibu directly 2 years ago. Here is my inquiry and their response: My inquiry: "We have a 2017 22VLX on a Malibu trailer that is equipped with surge breaks and a swing away tongue. Does Malibu approve of the use of a weight distribution hitch with this trailer? If so, are there any particular models that you approve of?" Malibu's response: "Unfortunately we do not recommend using a set up such as that," ... "it will void the trailer warranty"... While I was a little disappointed that the using a WDH would void the warranty; they were really helpful and responded very quickly. Props to Malibu for excellent customer service!
  18. My 2019 M235 has factory RGBs. from new the Sound to light feature has never worked unless you have the volume extremely low, Once you crank up the stereo the RGB's go a solid colour . there is a gain setting for it in the RGB Menue 0-6. it has to be on 0 to get it to work in the low volume anything above 0 and rgb's go solid . if it had a Negative gain I feel it would work but this is not the case . the RGB controllers Audio supply is connected through a wetsounds box ST-DC-OEM. via a 3.5mm jack and 2x phonos . I cant find much info on this unit but feel this is where the problem lies, Its been into the dealers several time but this has never been resolved they have spoke to malibu with no luck . any help appreciated or a contact for wetsounds Technical . I know its not the end of the world but just like things to work and and its bugging me. Thanks
  19. I guess I should clarify - I don’t know that everything in that linked thread is fact by any means, but it was one of the better discussions on the topic I had seen online.
  20. Not really. But it does say a lot of how some (not all) manufactures under equip their vehicles with a "weak" hitch. You can't tell me that a 150/1500 isn't able to comfortably tow up to a 23LSV - the 7000 pounds it weighs is a little more than half of the typical 1500's SAE certified tow rating. And as an aside, I did read some of the thread that @hethj7 referenced. Maybe they corrected their claims later, but the first few pages were littered with statements about "towing illegally". The manufactures ratings are simply that, they do not have any legal bearing. At least in Colorado (and everywhere else I have looked), you are not at risk of getting a ticket because you are towing your 7000 pound boat with a vehicle that is manufacture rated to tow less.
  21. Sort of, but WDH can be needed for heavier loads even with a HD tow vehicle. If you want to get lost in the details, this thread was where I started my search. WDH with surge brakes, with folding tongue can be done, but no one seems to. I even called Malibu back in 2016 asking a bit about this and I may as well been speaking another language. When we jumped to the 25LSV, our Expedition still towed it just okay, my F150 was noticeably better than the Expy, but neither were so confidence inspiring when my entire family was loaded that I felt comfortable. And power wasn’t the issue - it was whether I felt I could safely stop the load in a panic situation, traveling downhill on a grade, around a sweeping curve. Fortunately I never had to find out but I thought about it enough that a Super Duty is in my future now. https://www.planetnautique.com/vb5/forum/nautique-topics/general-nautique-discussion/453797-serious-thoughts-about-safe-towing-g-series-nautiques
  22. I’ve purchased Glidecoat and will apply myself to our new 23 LSV. Will keep you posted on results. Our spray date is 25 March.
  23. This is true. Round peg into a square hole I suppose
  24. 2020LSV23

    2020 LSV 23 Stereo static sound

    Happy to know we have a rare 2020 Malibu stereo disease Boat is going to dealer Thursday and will update as we hear more.
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