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  • 2010 Malibu Wakesetter VLX - IMMACULATE


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    We are selling our super clean 2010 Malibu VLX. This boat has ~270 hours on it with absolutely no defects to the gelcoat, upholstery, mechanics or anywhere else on the interior/exterior. We alternate service (depending on time of year) between Wilson Watersports in OKC and Ski Shack in Shell Knob, MO and they are always shocked at how immaculate the boat is every time we bring it in for routine maintenance. Boat has been wiped down after every use and waxed several times each season. A 12" Kicker sub, a second amplifier to power the sub and tower speakers, and bluetooth receiver for wireless music have all been added. We have swivel board racks that are not shown in the photos as we normally take them down when storing for long weekends or the winter. The trailer is a BoatMate with factory 18" wheels, and got new tires with less than 600 miles on them (towed once from Topeka, KS to Table Rock Lake and then once from Table Rock to OKC). The trailer has been stored inside a storage unit year around, while the boat lived on a covered lift during the summer and is moved to inside storage at the end of the season. I'm happy to throw in a Roswell Wakeshaper if people are interested in that. It has made a HUGE difference in the surfing wake for us and I would recommend it for anyone looking to enhance the surf wake since Malibu didn't have Surfgate in 2010. In combination with the four factory hard ballast tanks, it produces a very respectable surf wake.

    Had we not stumbled into a great deal on a new LSV, we would be keeping this boat, as it has  been the perfect family watersports boat. It is currently located at Wilson Watersports in Oklahoma City, as they are helping us store  and list it while we make the transition to the new one.

    We are somewhat flexible on the price, so please do not hesitate to call me (785-249-7317) or the Wilson Watersports shop for any more information!

    Thanks for looking,

    Colby A.

    PRICE: $ 51999

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