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    • Michigan boarder


      So, what are they saying caused the failure?  I know it's the head gaskets that failed, but what caused that to happen, that's not something that just "wears out".  So if that is actually the failure point, some upstream work needs to be done to make sure it does not do it again.  Is there a closed cooling system on the boat?  Is the impeller and water pump OK, and transmission cooler line clear, does the temperature alarm and guage work?  If all of those items check out, then there was likely not an overheating event.  Just some (more) stuff to consider.

    • On 5/25/2020 at 12:27 AM, Pnwrider said:

      This going live soon?

      Whatever these guys sell, I’d like some of it!


    • UWSkier


      Do you have a flushpro or strainer?  I think @Bozboat had an issue where a crack in his flushpro was causing a similar low RPM issue.

    • On 6/1/2020 at 5:17 PM, oldjeep said:

      Not around here.

      Not here either. Although Evinrude is being discontinued so perhaps there has been a drop in demand for outboards? 

    • Woodski

      Posted (edited)

      @powbmps - sounds like a potential weak or leaky impeller that basically loses its pumping capability at low speeds.  By leaky I mean internally not pumping efficiently.  As noted this also happens with an air leak, weeds in the system or some bypass as all posts refer to.  I have witnessed a strainer not seated properly does this also.  You might pull the screen for a quick test.

      Looks like you have covered all the suggestions so I’ll ponder it some more.  Have you looked at the sending unit itself, is it in a T fitting and if yes coupled to what?  I assume the pyrometer temps and gauge temps are matching and consistent with each other.  

      System plumbing should have a bypass that feeds exhaust manifolds until tstat opens.  The offshore guys drill a couple of holes in the stat as a bleed.

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