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    • New cap, plugs, wires, coil, and ICM. 

      Fired right up!    

      All of that after a trip to the dealer to see if there were any fault codes.  That was a huge mistake.    Rock got my windshield.   

      Ugh!   That’s going to be a tough find.   
      of course there’s one on eBay.   For the opposite side!

    • For me it depends on the ramp.  At the regular lake we go to I unstrap, my wife backs it down and I start up and drive off once I'm floating.  If it's a steep or unfamiliar ramp I'll leave it attached.  

    • carnold12


      On 6/3/2020 at 4:05 PM, RyanB said:

      I certainly understand wanting to stay away from a manufacture if you were somehow burned.  And I am not a Ford fanboy (I am solidly in the MOPAR camp actually), but I really can't overstate how much better the Ex is as a tow vehicle than my 11 Yukon XL Denali.  

      That Yukon was one of my least favorite vehicles I have ever owned.  And it really was a BAD tow vehicle.  Towing flat ground, both engine and transmission temps got over 220*.  Towing in the mountains it would go over 250*.  Two GM dealers told me that those temps are to be expected when towing 7000 pounds (published tow rating of 7800 pounds), but I never felt comfortable with it.  And it actually made the vehicle less comfortable for the passengers as you could feel the heat coming up through the floor.  In addition, I got significant trailer sway anytime I was above 70 MPH.  My 2014 Grand Cherokee actually feels like a more stable tow vehicle.

      My 2011 is one generation old, so maybe a lot of that has been addressed.  But based on that experience, I will have a hard time ever pulling the trigger on another GM SUV.

      2011 was a LONG time ago. A new GM 6.2 liter (or even the cheaper 5.3L) paired with the 10 speed transmission isn't in the same ballpark to what you drove and would be plenty for tugging a A22. I won't act like it's better than an Ecoboost because I haven't towed with one (and I'd likely be removed from the website for going against all the fanboys), but using 2011 as your reference point for the GM SUV's is flawed at best. I pull a 23 LSV with the same powertrain in a '20 1500 Sierra Denali and have absolutely zero complaints. The OP should test drive, test drive, test drive

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    • 808jaymakoa


      The steps on the Centurion trailers are extremely nice. 


    • Planker


      Thanks for the feedback. Additional testing with a multimeter showed the O2 sensors seemed OK but a strange low voltage coming from the O2 sensor plug, female/boat side. The top left connection showed no voltage on the side of the boat not throwing a code but a -1 to -3 volts on the side identified by the code. I am thinking this must be at least part of the issue. The challenge is to properly identify the voltage irregularity and its cause without any scan tools.

      I will keep plugging along, any new ideas please throw them at me.


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