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    • liverlips


      Howdy mates.  Used 2019 T22, bought in late July with just under 200 hours.  I've put 45 hours on it to date.  3 weeks ago, had the boat out for a few hours in the morning, docked and shut down for lunch, came back to it, wouldnt start (engine cranks fine...turn off, turn on, note that I dont hear the sound of the fuel pump "getting ready").  Troubleshooting found fuel pump relay to be culprit.  Replaced and I'm up and running.  Next outing a week later was uneventful.  Next outing after that was yesterday: Dropped boat in the water, wouldnt start, same symptoms as last trouble.  I immediately replaced fuel pump relay and it started right away.  Didnt have any more spare relays, so I spent the next 5 hours on the water without ever turning the engine off (hope my impeller isn't shot cause there was plenty of idling happening).

      So I'm a little worried I've got a bigger problem on my hands.  Does this sound like a known issue to anyone?  Thanks in advance for any advice!



    • skurfer


      On 9/28/2020 at 9:57 PM, skurfer said:

      Rode the Matrix. Fun board. Need more time on it. What tricks are you throwing on it? 


    • kylesullens


      7 minutes ago, granddaddy55 said:

      then how come my harley i never ride starts right up no issues with more than two year old gas  

      yes, all fuels break down over time.  Depending on how it is stored, clear gas will last for years.  I had JD tractor sit for 5 years and fired right up with old gas in it.

      Ethanol will break down. I am happy for the folks that have never been impacted by gelled fuel in their lines. maybe the ethanol mixture in the Pacific northwest is different than other areas.  but I have been burned (pun?...) by ethanol going bad in several smaller engines and will avoid it whenever possible.

    • kylesullens


      we had a series of thefts at our marina over the last few years.  my boat at the time had cheap 6" speakers from walmart, and they got stolen.  not sure  it was worth their effort, but whatevs.

      more recently the thieves have a habit of slicing the boat covers to gain access.  we all know that the covers cost more than the speakers so that is frustrating. 

      I have developed a habit of not leaving anything in/on the boat that I would miss if it were stolen.  I have very basic stereo equipment (no tower speakers) and all of my boards and skis come from craigslist. so if the creeps aren't damaging boats for fun,  I am usually not a target.

      sorry they got to you.  just remember that if they want it, they will get it.  if the screws are too hard to get out, they will tear it out.  I'd rather them just take what they want than do more damage.

    • granddaddy55


      Just now, Eagleboy99 said:

      Fake news.  It is good for 6 months and that is about it.  ALL fuels degrade with time.

      then how come my harley i never ride starts right up no issues with more than two year old gas  

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