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    • Looking for advice on how to remove the actual steering wheel on my boat.   It seems as though the bolts holding the steering wheel to the steering column are loose.   I think that I just need to pop the large outer decorative cover by prying but I want to make sure before I break something.    

    • Eagleboy99


      28 minutes ago, mofaster said:

      Seems to me like some sort of TSA logic.  9 ounce bottle of liquid = terrorist, but 3 bottles of 3 oz each, you're a red blooded american!

      Too funny.  POTM!  LOL

    • wakesonthesnake


      8 hours ago, bjw444 said:

      There is no way I would pay more for the 450 vs the 410 as you only get roughly 11hp and torque for like 5k 😂😂😂

      Numbers alone could be deceiving as they are usually peak.  If it makes peak torque closer to ideal rpm and at a flatter curve it will make a big difference.  Not sure that is the case here as I do not have experience with the 410 vs the 450 but have seen it a lot in other engines.  I feel if it was my decision 5k go with 2020, 7k go 2019.  I would jump on the deal bjw444 got if I was in the market right now, always happy for others when they get a good deal.

    • SudsMalibu


      Any recommendations on installing led surf spot lights? I have a 2016 VLX22 and want to install two individual led spot lights around the speakers. Has anyone done this?

    • mofaster


      On 8/12/2019 at 1:17 PM, csleaver said:

      I replaced a broken T fitting on a similar ETX exhaust manifold with the new separate elbow fittings a coupe of months ago.  After removing the broken T fitting and the brass plug near it, I had to clean the threads with a pipe tap, coat the threads on the new fittings with PST, install the new large elbow until it was snug, then loosened the large elbow about a quarter turn until it was not inline with the lower manifold tube giving me room to install the smaller elbow until it was snug.  Then I turned the bigger and smaller elbows so the water hose fitting ends were facing each other, but offset enough that i could still side the hoses and clamps on to them.  The hoses had enough slack that they could still be installed on the new fittings, but that may not always be the case.  If the smaller hose is too short, it will likely need to be spliced or replaced with a longer one.

      Brother, I just finally finished this after several posts on here yammering about what a horrible setup now with the two 90's, instead of the original T fitting.  At least on the manifolds we have.  I had to work just to get the hose clamp around it (the bigger fitting) it was so tight.  Reminded me of my first prom date .. :)

      I would love to have a chat with the brain trust who decided to get ride of the T fitting.  Seems to me like some sort of TSA logic.  9 ounce bottle of liquid = terrorist, but 3 bottles of 3 oz each, you're a red blooded american!

      Best part of it was this has been a bit of a project (manifolds where back ordered, price went up during wait because of tariffs, etc.).  While I was in there, decided to put new starter, cap and rotor, plugs, wires, so that was all a good thing.  Just started up for the first time (with fingers crossed).  Started right up and no leaks.  However, now I see a small drip coming from my impeller housing.....haha.

      Still haven't made it to the lake this year, 105 today. 

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