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    • gregtay


      On 7/1/2020 at 6:18 PM, Leftlane said:

      I do - 2014 Cayenne GTS tows my 23 LSV like a champ.  Air suspension can be raised or lowered if needed - I don’t tow a ton anymore but this gets the job done and is a blast to drive the 95% of time I’m not towing.  It has also been super reliable - I’m at 97k miles with no big issues outside of regular maintenance.





      Love it.  That air susp on the Touareg/Q7/Cayenne is the magic sauce that turns them into great haulers.

    • Steve B.


      I know some have had success doing it themselves. If you type in hydrophonic dampening in the "search" box above you'll find all kinds of folks with the same issue. If you have a dealer close by they are probably familiar with it also.

      Search link: https://www.themalibucrew.com/index.php?/search/&q=hydrophonic dampening

      Steve B.

    • csleaver


      Sorry, due to the age I assumed it was a carbureted engine.

      That looks like the original low pressure mechanical fuel pump in the picture. 

      Some of the early fuel injected Mercruiser engines had a mechanical low pressure fuel pump that was mounted to the belt driven sea pump and supplied fuel to the VST where the high pressure pump is.  The sea pump housing where the fuel pump is mounted had a small cam shaft to actuate the pump arm and was filled with gear lube from a fill / drain screw.  I have often found this reservoir filled with fuel when a fuel pump fails.

      Does that sound like what you have on the engine?

      If you remove the mechanical fuel pump, you will need to replace it with a block off plate.  Something like this will likely work.



    • WWMalibu2


      Okay so I was able to isolate the spark issue.  Testing yesterday I had no spark but started tracing all the way to the distributor and found that I had electricity all the way to the rotor, then nothing.  I had removed and inspected the cap and rotor probably more than a dozen times in the last year with the intermittent issue but never saw anything wrong.  They were only 3 years old with not a ton of hours and little to no corrosion.  Something must be wrong with the rotor itself to cause an intermittent issue because with a new cap and rotor, I was able to spend the afternoon on the water with no issues!  I'll have to inspect the old rotor a little more but there must be something partially detached or broken to cause an intermittent loss of spark.  

      Moral of the story, don't assume a part isn't the issue just because it is relatively new and had worked in the past but be methodical and isolate each piece individually.  :Doh:Hopefully this helps someone else on TMC!

      Oh, and I picked up a new oil pressure switch with the cap and rotor, no more beeping... 

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    • Ronnie


      47 minutes ago, MikeAffleck said:

      So I am having major issues with my touch screens as well.  We lost the power just like you did and we had to have the power button replaced.  After 6 more hours of worry free use the command center went out.  We can actually control the command center from the top touch screen but cannot use the top touch screen as needed.  I am told I need to replace the main "brain" whatever that means.  


      Your system is a complete different setup than on the 2020's. Your other post about this should get some responses.

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