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    • bbattiste247


      17 hours ago, wdr said:

      Don’t hate the player, hate the game. They paid their money, abide by the rules, aren’t bad mouthing anyone and don’t appear to be infringing on anyone’s else’s ability to post in the classified section so what’s the problem? I will agree that they are getting a great value for their money, but anyone else on here I am sure would do the same if given the opportunity. They could bump up to a CrewChief status I suppose. My renewal check to upgrade my status is in the mail. 😁

      I haven't written a check in years, nor have I sent much through the mail in years either. :innocent:

    • We'll, I actually sold the boat before I replaced it, but my plan was to go with the taco marine and trim to "longer" leg off so it lays flat

      ..if  you catch my drift


    • Bluerider250


      We are in the market for e new boat and after driving a few different brands we have decided on the Malibu. We are looking at the 23 LSV and the MXZ 22. I forgot to look when we were out in the MXZ but I do not see a place for the ski tow in the transom area. I will only ski every once in a while and I know the LSV is a better ski boat but I am curios if the MXZ has it and I am just missing it. 


      Also - anyone have an MXZ with the 5DI engine? The one we drove had the 6DI and it was amazing but I think the 5DI should be enough for sea level use. 

    • The Hulk


      1 hour ago, Chrismoe said:

      Hey Hulk,

      Have you considered testing the new Malibu M240?


      It's nice.. I feel it's def bigger than the new 25lsv.. but I'm more of a TB guy.. the G P- series is nice bling but the bow isnt as TB as I'd like either.. maybe I should demo.. 

      Probably going to hold off another year or till end of season and get some time to test a few of these new beasts and see if their waves and bling are worth the price Delta.. 

      The ri257 may be a contender but it's still a centurion.. meh.. and draft is probably too deep for me and our use at around 4ft

      X26 didn't like layout, lots of wasted space

      I do feel Malibu will eventually do something bigger since they are now behind in size, but who knows when.. hopefully someone breaks the 102" beam barrier. Keep dreaming for now and do some demos this summer is the plan

    • 2020LSV23


      We just got our boat as well and having stereo problems. Different than yours however. Dealer is going to look at it next week.

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