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    • shawndoggy


      I have "slalomed" (in quotes because I barely know what I'm doing) behind our T22 and I've messed with short and long rope lengths to try to manage the spray to wake ratio... to short and you get blinded by the rooster, too long and the wake is a giant table top. The wake is real firm and kinda big.  But again I'm not really that good (actually not good at all).

      I guess the takeaway is that it can be done but you'll certainly know that the boat isn't the optimal tool for the job.

      we do have a ski pylon (how else are ya supposed to pull yer tubes?).

    • Infinitysurf


      Having a background in similar situations, my .02 is that if you do mail him a check (whether its for this amount or for a different amount)...in the memo line make sure you write Agreed settlement & PAYMENT IN FULL for damage caused on ??/??/????. If he cashes or deposits the check it basically creates a contract that he has agreed to by cashing/depositing the check. Since you wrote it on the memo line and he say it before cashing the check, it becomes an implied contract that is pretty easily enforceable/defendable.

      If you meet in person to settle, (besides still writing in the check memo line) also have him sign something you handwrite along the lines of: This payment is the agreed settlement amount by both parties and is payment in full for all damages related to this accident that happened on "??" between "my vehicle" and "his Sanger boat" (inserting the details).

      If you pay him any amount but do not have some kind of documentation similar to above....he could potentially file a civil suit against you in the future for additional amounts for any number of reasons. IE: What if for some reason he starts getting spider cracks in his transom? Regardless of the real reason, he could say that the "crash" into the swim platform caused the metal swim platform brackets to impact the gelcoat and that impact caused the spider cracks and it took 2-3 years to manifest. In today's society, this list could go on and on. Regardless of whether its legit or not the time/energy and the hassle of dealing with it would quickly wear on you and if at that point you hired an attorney (even if Civil some people do this)....its very likely that the attorney is going to tell you to just "settle" and be done with it cause the costs to defend could quickly add up.

      FYI....even if swim platform was being replaced and there was proof that it needed to be done due to the damages. What he would be entitled to under the law is the cost of a DEPRECIATED swim platform which is basically the amount you would pay if that swim platform was bought used. Not all judges follow that rule of thumb since they have discretion depending on the situation, but that is how the law reads.

      Good luck with this. Personally I agree with most of the others on here saying to not pay anything till you see and speak too a repair shop about what is involved. Could it cost $1180 if its flake gelcoat and the pad has to be replaced to complete the repair....possibly, especially when you add in the dealer markup (which is likely half of the quoted amount). Otherwise for a small chip in regular gel-coat that can be matched, hell no!! Once you have an agreed price between the 2 of you, then it doesnt matter if you pay the repair shop or pay him directly like he requested since whether he fixes it or not is irrelevant as he is entitled to be "made whole". Based on what I have heard this is a con artist at work trying to get as much out of you as possible.

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    • Mickeypowa


      Hi guys !

      Do you think its possible that I have to change the IAC? I already changed it 2 years ago!


      Thanks !!!


    • RyanB


      Find the photos you took.  Make the effort and do it.

      Take the photos to whoever your dealer recommends for glass repair.  Show them the photos, and they should be able to give a rough estimate.  Cut a check and send it for that amount with the estimate from the repair facility.  Add a little $ if it makes you feel better, or tell him that if he gets it fixed at that shop and it is more expensive, you will work with him on it.

      The guy deserves some money wether he gets the boat fixed or not.  But even that $1180 estimate seems high.

    • asnowman


      2 hours ago, robbieg247 said:

      You have the pump plus the 5 tanks and on the 240 it’s different than the 25 lsv it’s just a ledge above the lean back part of the seat . 

      Gotcha, i missed that it was in he 240. 

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