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    • @braindamage. Thanks for all this. Heater runs off hi/low switch on drivers right above the fuse panel below throttle. Thinking I could use that for my pump power also?

      Thinking I’d really like to have pump mounted within reach of the bilge/motor box area for easy access. I can’t even see what is going on behind my “kick plate” under dash at drivers feet without mirror or using smartphone camera. Where is yours mounted? Is it easy to access?

      Really not a night owl here, just work really odd shifts.  Rather be in bed and up skiing at daybreak!

    • MalibuMatty


      Anyone know where I can get a Z5 sport rack for a G4 tower?

    • MalibuMatty


      my dream would be a 25 MXZ but it’s a dream!


      i would imagine the 22/24 MXZ get a update. 

      my 16 23 LSV will get traded in for a new 24 for sure. 6 months on warranty left. Time for a new boat. 


    • gregtay


      53 minutes ago, Pnwrider said:


      Could be a brilliant play if numbers are down. Good way to justify price hike on their most popular model and make it seem like it’s what everyone wanted. Plus, get to sell a filler cushion to appease the non walk through crowd. 

      I'm sure it will be a $2000 filler cushion. 🤪

    • formulaben


      Not sure what year they went to fuel pumps inside the fuel tank, but if you've got the one on the engine block then you've probably got vapor lock.  This drove me completely nuts and I tried a few things before finally fixing it.  There are a few that have had luck with other options, but IMHO the only permanent fix is adding the secondary pump.  The pump is only 6psi, but it keeps head pressure on the primary pumps so that the warm fuel won't vaporize as easily  and allowing it to prime. 

      There is a kit you can buy, but if you're even just slightly handy you can pull it off DIY style.  The pump is around $70 or so and with some hardware (hose barbs and hose clamps) I was all in for $90 when I did mine a few years ago.  You'll have to swap the barbs since the pump comes with 1/4" and my fuel hose was 1/2".

      I just tapped into the power plug that went to the fuel pump and wired it in parallel.  I cut the hose between the fuel pump and the fuel tank and added the secondary pump in between.  Lots of places you could mount it, but I added it to my oil filter relocation and fuel filter addition.  Once it is in, it's all automatic and you'll start every time.  I wish I had done it sooner.



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