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    • There is one charger that I know is capable of this:

      The issue is that it's a PWM charger, not MPPT. Since it's PWM you can have very high voltage levels go to the battery (that's OK, they can take it) but if you have any electronics in line with the batteries then you'll "let the magic smoke out". This exact charger was connected to the starting batteries on the houseboat and the MEFI controllers didn't live to see the next day. If you only have a DC motor with a switch, then you'll be OK. You could use a PWM charger where there are electronics if there is some type of voltage regulator protecting the electronics.

    • Pnwrider


      On 7/2/2020 at 6:19 PM, ahopkinsVTX said:

      2020 vtx has a drain there now too and in the back right corner of the drivers foot area.

      Couldn’t believe how much water got trapped in front of the drivers seat when I was cleaning my floor over the weekend. Definitely a good spot for a drain! 

    • justgary


      I think the power required is largely a function of how fast you want the lift to raise the boat. 

    • MikeAffleck


      So I had to replace the MTC and the dealer wanted 2300.00 just for the part and couldn't get me in for weeks.  Contacted Malibu.com and bought the part for 1900.00 and installed it myself in about 10 minutes.  It was super easy. Hot tip, screw the plate back together before you connect the wiring as the space is pretty tight up under there.  The really frustrating thing is the warranty is 30 days.  That seems super lame for a part that costs 1900.00.  The boat only had 120 hours on it when it went out so hopefully this isn't a recurring problem as I have seen others have had.

    • justgary


      2 hours ago, jas1068 said:

      ... I can hear the engine rpm fluctuate as the EFI delivers more fuel then more air to get the engine running right...

      You can't really tell anything on an efi engine by listening to it run.  For example, a random spark advance caused by a bad ICM will behave just like a sticky idle air control motor. 

      You could have one or more of a wide variety of problems.  You have to do the tune up before you can diagnose any further. 

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