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    • REHinH20


      I second the vote for the Broadcast.  It's a durable board that will work for many riders.  Holds the pocket well and won't be so fast everyone gets dumped.  Good learner...and bonus it will fit in regular wake racks.

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    • On 5/25/2020 at 8:07 AM, Murphy8166 said:

      Trying my best to get it to go live - and it's not from a lack of my asking Tim over at PBC.  He has asked that we let him stock up on inventory first and we have been in that stage for about 4 weeks. 

      What do you use from them? I have all the boat bling, including quickie sauce, but would like something better to get some scratches out of the candy paint.

    • I recommend the largest Hyperlite Broadcast. Its actually a great board as you advance in your skills as well. Its also super durable. My father and law parked his car on mine a few years ago over night. It's been fine ever since. Wild. I also purchased the Hyperlite Landlock and love that board as well. I am also an ocean surfer and both of those remind me of the ocean. Most of the better boards are made of less durable materials that will scratch and bubble in the sun. Just FYI. I'll eventually upgrade but probably end back up on these two. 

    • I was in the same boat at the beginning of this season and Bought a Ronix Thrasher with a Marsh Mellow soft top.  Its the perfect beginner to intermediate board.  I have had 7 new riders learn to wake surf on this board and its been great.  I now need to buy an advanced board so we can all learn some better tricks!

    • Michigan boarder

      Posted (edited)

      18 hours ago, MFK27 said:


      “bore scope the engine thru the spark plug holes without removing anything to see if there are cracks in block” 

      I believe someone in this forum already  suggested this, so my next question is... do we bring the boat home from the marina (it’s an hour and a half) and perform the test ourselves, ask them to do it, or ask the local mechanic here to do it? I don’t know know what the best next step is :/ appreciate advice.

      *Should also note the marina who winterized it said they found 26 error codes including many injector faults and electronic throttle control position.

      I would do the bore scope thing for sure.  I'm sure they have an endoscope and know the procedure, it's not uncommon.  So yes I'd ask for them to do it.  It also shows that you are willing to consider options.

      You definitely do not want to take the boat back home, because then the "you did this, not that" and finger pointing starts.  Right now you haven't touched it and they are in control of it, which is what I'd want if I were in their shoes trying to diagnose something.  

      It seems like the error codes should point to something too.  No help here from me, my boat is and older carburetor version.

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