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    • Sparky450


      You do realize those are 9600 lumens. That is about 20 times plus some too much light for what you want to do. For instance a 60 watt wall pack fixture that we put on a building at 15 feet in the air is only 7200 lumens. Please be kind to fellow boaters😏😏

    • Slurpee


      On 1/25/2020 at 8:48 AM, IXFE said:

      I’m pretty sure the standard prop for the M6 is the acme 3077 (17x15.5). That was the case on my 2019 25 LSV and I had zero issues with that prop. In fact I ordered it again on my 2020. 


      Except you can’t tell if gph is an “issue”. Fuel consumption isn’t reflected in anything you can see on the gauge cluster. You have to be hooked into the CAN bus reading the J1939 off the engine. The prop looks for all the world like it’s working fine without that. The M6 has oodles Of power so it can mask the fuel flow spike at speeds on plane from lack of efficiency.

      The question to me is. Why did that 3077 suck in a controlled test? Sample of one? Quality control? Design issue?  Who’s to know till some more of us pick up Scangauges and do disciplined tests and report results. 

    • gary_tenison


      Continuing to improve the sound. I updated all info on the google album showing all my settings and plots.

    • carguy79ta


      Once you get a little surfing under your belt, you will love it. We surf 100% of the time.  Well...we have to cruise to where we surf...  Occasionally we take a break from surfing and just go for a short boat ride. But we mostly surf. Enjoy your new boat!

    • RyanB


      11 hours ago, MLBurns said:

      They need to do the same test at 90+ temps to compare cooling and egt temps to see how much they affect performance and how much the tune will limit power under heavy towing. 

      Good luck with that.  Temps rarely get that warm at that elevation.

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