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    • justgary


      Safer than sorry is always good.  I generally don't even drain my raw water side since the boat stays in a (uninsulated) garage.  The temperature generally will dip into the high 20's for a few nights around the first of February, so I throw a couple of 15 Watt seed warmer blankets over the heat exchanger and close the hood.  If it's going to be cold for a few days, I also leave the lights on in the garage and a 60 Watt light under the engine.

      I do have the advantage of using a tractor to move my boat around, so I raise the bow very high to dump as much water from the exhaust as I can before I put it away.  I lift the tongue of the trailer until the prop cage touches the ground, so the tongue ends up about six feet high or so.  Life is easier with good tools....

    • 18 hours ago, Cipro said:

      I have spent lots time on a MC with black cooltouch. It makes a big difference and im Considering black this year if I order a new boat. 

      Its not just marketing hype, yes it gets hot but was cooler than my 2018 with Malibu saddle. 

      I believe you are stepping up to the 240. IIWM, I would want to get some seat time in something black before I sprung for a lot of black interior. The new M240 vinyl is probably an up graded vinyl from my '19 LSV. Point being, what little black I have in my interior looks like a Jackson Pollack painting until it dries off. I can only imagine the cringe factor when water spotted in a predominantly black interior.

    • justgary


      The hose can be surprisingly good at hiding among transmission cooler lines, etc.  You will probably find it dressed alongside those hoses and just peeking out above the alternator, close to the transmission cooler.

    • Sparky450


      22 hours ago, LucasC said:

      LOL . when its been sat in the sun ask your wife to sit on it in her bikini.   You will have your answer ,  Trust me when I say its not cool touch . now it may be not as hot as regular vinyl but it still burns your skin

      Can you please share pics of the damage😂😂

    • justgary


      5 hours ago, goodmatt78 said:

      Pics a big help thanks...

      Is it as easy as pulling sensor #2 and sticking it in hot water to see if the gauge registers?

      Now back to the truck....

      I'd say the odds of that sensor failing are much lower than the odds of a cruddy connection occurring elsewhere in the circuit.  The first place I would look is the cannon plug at the side of the engine near the ECM.  Pull the plug (it is the round connector with a pipe clamp around it), make sure the contacts are clean, *gently* spread the male pins with a small blade, put a dab of grease on each pin, and reconnect it.  If that doesn't do it, come back for more.

      Oh, heck.  I'll tell you more now.  Lay on your back under the helm and clean every connection on the terminal blocks behind the dash.  Then give each block a little squirt of your favorite spray oil to protect it from oxidation.  If that doesn't do it, come back for more.

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