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    • On 6/18/2019 at 6:01 PM, wildcats86 said:

      The distance denoted by the "A" is what I am looking for. 



      Ahh, sorry don’t know that.  

    • granddaddy55


      23 hours ago, Asmodeus2112 said:

      Hi y'all. I have a 2008 Ridgeline that has towed my two SSLX's and one SSLXi admirably. It towed all three from TX to WI and back.(Not at the same time of course...) Picked up an '05 VLX, and it's over weight I am sure. Malibu weight + trailer + gas would come right to 5k, but reading a lot of threads that say real weights are a lot more. I intend to hit a scale sometime, but I think it's obvious that this boat is too much for my Ridge. The Ridge is paid for, and I have a new 16 year old driver, plus a small garage. Trying to keep it low $$. I don't want to pay more that 20k, but that might not be realistic. I see Frontiers for 20-21k at Hertz.(Titan's for 24k...) Not really a fan of Frontiers, but anyone tow with one? New Ford Ranger seems appealing. I'm not a jeep fan, but suppose I should look at GC. Tacoma, but they are $$ and I don't like the sitting on the floor position. But I am ok with Toyota. Probably have to consider full size trucks, but they won't fit in the garage. Need 4x4.  

      Luv my Ford 2.7 but the new Ranger only gets the mustang 2.3 L 4 cylinder eco, that won’t get it done except for neighborhood or couple mile tows and it’s gvwr probably won’t rate any better thsn your Ridgeline 

    • UWSkier


      Bet that thing is fun to drive.  I almost bought a Response with that engine last year.

    • Stevo


      1 hour ago, Raimie said:

      Same setup I use. Wedge stowed or at 3 or 4. ...

      First pic is wedge 3, second is stowed, last is 4




      That water color....

    • granddaddy55

      Posted (edited)

      22 hours ago, pnshr13 said:

      In process of doing audio on axis a22.. Building custom box under dash for L7 12" q series, mounting 4 kicker kmtc8ls on tower, and replacing the 6.5 alpines with 4 kicker 45km84l.. I got a wet sounds rf music controller for a decent price, and figured use this to run the led on speakers.. Question is where is best place to mount it? I was thinking of putting it on the amp rack I'm making and piggy backing the subwoofer rcas and run the 3.5 straight to the controller.. My head unit has a dedicated lp sub out, so by doing this would it then work only with the bass? Would mounting in the ob compartment be OK? Any ideas would be great. It says to avoid high spl so figured should keep it away from the sub.. 

      Do not use 3.5, use ambient adjusted down on sensitivity knob , 3.5 creates speaker light noise , my controller mic picks up music in closed coffin just fine

      do not collocate the controller to amp board .  Reason , rca proximity creates noise emitted by controller to lights snd it makes or adds to speaker light noise

      read instruction number one of your WS instructions , think it’s in red, says do not put controller near magnetic fields -as per Robert at WS that means RCA’s

      2.5-3+ ft distance from any RCA

      you could put it in the opposite upper corner of the coffin from amp rack and achieve this distance 

      Controller should have remote power and ground like components and amps 

      Edited by granddaddy55
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