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    • formulaben


      My guess is you have two issues, first being the gauges that you alluded to, and the other sounds fuel related; some symptoms sound like it could be vapor lock, other point elsewhere.  Are you familiar with vapor lock?  How hot was it when this happened?

      What exactly do you mean by "Tach is peaking out when it hesitates and bounces around"?

      2500RPM is the limp mode limit IIRC.

      How did oil pressure look?

      No beep codes?

      How well is this boat maintained? If it hasn't had attention I'd change plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and even the coil (they get intermittent when hot before failure) to eliminate any simple/preventive maintenance issues. And lastly change the fuel filter for sure before you start looking at the fuel pump.

    • 3 hours ago, Raleigh said:

      There isn't a 24 LSV. Do you mean 247 LSV or 24 MXZ?

      The 23 LSV was better updated more recently and should hold its value better. The prop and engine in the model you choose will affect GPH. Don't overlook those, but the prop is an easy switch. 

      yes, sorry the 247. I like all these boats. Is there a year where they made major improvements that I should try and stay after? 

    • I use a MityVac oil extractor to remove the oil from my T22.  I bought a NPT to hose barb fitting that fits on the NPT fitting end of the oil drain hose.  I attach one end of a piece of nylon house to the barb fitting, and the other end I attach to the extractor.

      Get the engine oil hot by running the engine (with a fake a lake attached of course), and then the oil extracts easily.

    • Can anyone tell us if the carpet size/shape/ pattern from  a 2015 22 vlx is the same as the 2016 22 vlx? I can’t find any measurements in any searches I did. But I did find that GS has 2015-2018 all listed as the same part # for their flooring kit


    • So previously I was having some issues with my gauges that I may have caused myself.     But today was a bad one.   

      First thing noticed was a reluctance to start when it has previously fired right up no matter what.   A bit across the lake some quick hesitation then fine.  Tack bounced as well.    Get ready for some surfing and again hard to start but then idles smooth but with a bouncy tach.     Pulling my son the PP screen goes solid but works, the tach is bouncing around, and it’s missing/hesitating/cutting out.    Not good.   Pack it up and head in.   Getting even harder to start.   Heading in and it won’t go past 2500 rpm and I’m getting it cutting out now and then.   Tach is peaking out when it hesitates and bounces around.   Get close to the harbor and it dies completely and won’t start at all.   Wave runner saved the day.    Karma for pulling someone off of the rocks a few weeks ago. 

      where do I start?    Fuel filter and pump I’m thinking but why is the tack freaking out like it is?


      also had the volt meter go to about 16 volts for a short time but it did go to normal.   Those are cutting out as well.   

       Thanks for any info.   Bummed. 

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