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    • gregtay


      On 1/22/2020 at 5:44 PM, isellacuras said:

      Done deal. I looked into the diesel but they don’t sell them in California. The 2020’s aren’t in yet. I got a 19 premium plus with A few bells and whistles and the supercharged 3,0. Turbo doesn’t come out til 2020. I think it will work for us. If not, I can always get a truck. They had to dealer trade for it so I will pick it up tomorrow or Friday. 

      But "the turbo" they were referring to the new US market SQ7 twin turbo V8 @ 500 HP & 586 ft/lbs. Not as epic as the ROW SQ7 TDI engine, but at least it is something. Yummy and the way German cars were meant to be.

    • gregtay


      On 1/22/2020 at 5:03 PM, jjackkrash said:

      My buddy traded a Tundra for a Q7 TDI (2015 I think) and says it tows what he tows (5k-ish lbs. boat) as well as the Tundra.   I'd make sure it has the factory hitch (you don't want to try and add one later to a German SUV) and make sure that the hitch is rated for the tongue weight you want it to carry.

      The Discos are sexy but I question their general reliability based on the admittedly small sample of friends who have owned them.

      I am not sure about the 3.0l with the new turbos, but the 3.0l supercharged engine was seriously detuned for reliability.  The turbo 3.0L should have plenty of power for occasional towing in any event.  And the latest generation Q7 gets generally fantastic reviews.  

      Good luck.  

      Actually adding a the OEM hitch to the Q7 isn't all that bad, pull the bumper cover, pull off the non-tow bumper bar and replace it with the tow hitch version.  You need the new number cutout cover which really depends on which trim you have. I have done it twice. And for US vehicles they all come equipped with the extra coolers, etc.  The factory hitch is about 10x more expensive then something you would find at the hitch shop.. but worth it to get the rating.


      Oh.. and Audi finally announced we will get a real Q7 in the US again... SQ7, 500HP turbo V8. Finally.  Wish they would bring the RS version (which they are doing with the Q8.)

    • Bottom line on this for me is if I am dropping that kind of coin, I wouldn’t want to buy into a project boat no matter how small the project. And that project would drive me nuts until I got it fixed. 🤪

    • wdr

      Posted (edited)

      It appears that the boat has sat outside, under cover for awhile. Hard to tell on what vinyl needs to be replaced until you actually get in it. I doubt you can’t get the OEM vinyl or colors any more, close but not an exact match. It might not bug you now, but a number on here it would. You can figure at least @ $350 a rear hatch if not more to reskin and I am guessing here. That MY, mine included had seam issues at the bead and panel junctures so I would be willing to bet the lower rear corner and center cushions (high traffic areas) may need to be redone as well. In for a penny, in for a pound when it comes to vinyl in my book. Then you are out a couple $2K most likely for just the back end vinyl. Have to find a guy, (Viper Customs in Knoxville is where I would go) wait in line...  Like @QmanBu said, 50 hrs a year is dead on for most. Hate to say it, it might be a members boat, but you  may be able to get the seller to come off of the price for the hours on the other boat. As with any used vehicle there are a lot of unknowns. 

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    • asnowman


      10 minutes ago, Pbliton29 said:

      Thank you.  So the 560 hours on the one @Slurpee posted isn't a concern?  Still seems like it would outlast the 250 hours on the other?  

      I see it has a power wedge too- I know those aren't cheap. 

      Appreciate all the help.

      560 hours means its been used, but the condition overall talks to how well its been maintained.

      one of my ski buddies is in a 95 tantrum, the hour meter quit on him about 10 years ago, at like 3000 hours.  it still runs like a top.  its his dedicated ski tug, so he maintains the engine well.

      i think @Eagleboy99 has mentioned it a couple times, 560 hours is not a huge number for a 2010.

      the 2010 obviously has a bimini, extra bow cleat and underwater LED's, can't say the 2011 has those. and diamond hull.

      Our 2005 LXi was serviced through NoWake before we bought it, and it was cleaner than they described when i drove down and picked it up (14 hrs each way).

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