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    • Most of the things you mentioned that the Bu is missing can all be added/upgrading but you can't upgrade the wave of the MC.
      But if you're one that lowers and raises the tower daily the power tower would be a game changer, at least for me.

    • agarabaghi


      if you close the T handle on the pump, does it not auto fill? These are aerator pumps so unlike the impeller ones if the push is great and the distance short enough for the head or pressure it could start filling. Easy check is close the T handle if it doesnt fill then you have my issue. They will more than likely try and re route the hose higher up in the compartment infont of the steering wheel. This did not work for us so i installed those solenoid valves powering them off the pump.

    • cla10beck


      Have you taken off both the input and output harnesses to the MDC?  On the input, it is important to check to see if it has 12v going in (I think the troublehooting guide shows which pin(s).  this will confirm if a fuse is blown and you have proper power.  after you are getting 12v going in, then confirm you are getting voltage on the output pins on the MDC.

    • blk93jeepzj


      Could you grab a known good vehicle battery and try it just to see if there is any change?

    • MadDogMike

      Posted (edited)

      18 hours ago, blk93jeepzj said:

      But is the battery really 100%?  How old is the battery?  May want to pull it, have it tested and go from there.

      I think it's a couple of seasons old - will check. I can have it tested when I leave the lake and head back into town. 

      17 hours ago, formulaben said:

      Please answer the following:

      • Which battery got the charger, the engine battery or "house" battery?
      • Was this the same battery with the error code on the charger?
      • Confirm that there an ACR in your electrical system?
      • What is the DIRECT voltage of the 2nd battery (the one that powers the dash) with engine off & battery switch off?  (you''ll need a voltmeter for this)

      For now I would swap the batteries and see if it duplicates.

      There is only one battery in this boat. It is showing 12.4 V.

      17 hours ago, Scottlpm said:

      Check constant 12 volt power, ignition power and ground to mmdc both power wires have inline fuse. Do this before you condem mmdc this is a common failure 

      I don't have my multimeter with me, will have to bring that down from the city next time I come to the lake. I've seen other posts that confirm what you say, that there are two inline fuses for the MMDC. I have not been able to find either! Will look again.

      16 hours ago, cla10beck said:

      Have you gone through this guide to troubleshoot the MMDC?  I was able to use this to confirm mine went bad on my previous boat.



      I went through it, but the scenarios don't describe what I'm seeing. Here are the scenarios they provide:

      1. All instruments are dead. - Mine are not dead, the power up and reset, but it just shows "No Data."
      2. No lights in one instrument. - All of my instrument lights work.
      3. 2" instruments work erratically after engine start. - My boat does not have any 2" instruments.
      4. No lights in any instrument. - All of my instrument lights work.
      5. Single instrument resets but does not work. - This describes separate oil pressure, temp, fuel and tach instruments. My dash doesn't have that.

      That whole document is for Medallion Series II. I think I might have a later system. My MMDC is a 7018-00002-01.

      16 hours ago, justgary said:

      Did you test the fuse with a meter, or just visually inspect it?  Looks good is not the same as is good....

      Just visual, I don't have my multimeter with me. However, I now realize the inline fuse I found was for the PerfectPass Master Module, not the MMDC. I still can't find the inline fuses for the MMDC. Perhaps they are hidden within a wire loom. I will start opening those up and see if I can find the inline fuses. Thanks for all the ideas!

      Edited by MadDogMike
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