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    • Raleigh

      Posted (edited)

      I am wrestling with this as well. I've been on both and feel the A24 has a better wave but I did't test drive in the same day with same crew. It's hard for me to remember which was best, but I feel the A24 was better. I had an epic time on it overall, surfing, wake boarding, and foiling. That thing is a beast. The wakeboard wave is like a wall. I feel the surf was better too, but again, hard to remember (surfing will be primary for me). Based off displacement and size, I would think the A24 would be better just based on physics.

      Hard to tell but I figured I'd give my $0.02. I also feel that the A24 will be a better resale than the T23, which is opposite what happens on the Malibu line (23LSV seems like the champion there, and probably better resale there than on any Axis but who knows... so much is speculative). That's just my thought and I have absolutely nothing to back it up other than where my head and heart have been through this process and what I've learned on Bu Crew.

      Would you mind letting us know which was best after you test drive each of them? Dealer should be able to arrange, no sweat.

      JUST MAKE SURE THAT THEY HAVE PNP BAGS installed on both... especially the A24. It is garbage without it. This definitely skewed my initial position negatively when the dealer took me out without them. :Frustrated:

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    • Eagleboy99


      I've had plastic parts on the hot tub crack unexpectedly.  On a boat, I prefer brass or SS.

    • BlindSquirrel


      All good man, yes if it doesn’t turn... I’d say you are right. Something with the vdrive is not working right. I don’t know the difficulty of changing one, maybe someone else can shed some light on that. Doesn’t look that hard.. but it could be. Either way it will be expensive, parts and labor, from the dealer.

    • Chatty21VLX


      Holy thread resurrection, Batman! I actually am just now getting around to plumbing this heater... The fitting on the circulation pump is giving me fits. It's too close to a metal bracket to get a box end wrench on it. I can't get the open end on it without removing the muffler. I can't get it with an adjustable wrench or tongue and groove pliers. It's a PITA, basically. What are my options now? Can I put a tee in there to supply the heater core? Should I put a short piece of hose on the fitting and add some type of plug? I kinda need to figure out something soon, or I'll have to put everything back together and not have a heater til I decide to try again. 

    • formulaben

      Posted (edited)

      I'm willing to bet that the oil pressure is just fine, it's the switch (the one on the right as pictured above) that is bad.  It's a very simple fix, they fail somewhat often so I'd just swap it out and keep an eye on the indicated oil pressure on your dash, as they are 2 separate sensors.  Bakes has them  here.

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