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    • 25 minutes ago, dalt1 said:

      I'm thinking the cartridges will interchange but don't know for sure? Hose outlet were different sizes . If the cartridges are same I'll keep them otherwise I can sell them.

      The inlet and outlet ID is going to be the biggest difference between the two I imagine. You could probably use either cartridge in either housing, but just have to suffer with the slower fill time with the 3/4" ID hose.

    • Leftlane

      Posted (edited)

      FWIW I had code SPN 3050 cat inactive bank 1: FMI 11.  Had both catalytic converters replaced under warranty last week, along with new sensors. .  2018 23 LSV with 54 hours.  Tech noted that starboard was completely gone, port halfway gone.  

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    • powbmps

      Posted (edited)

      Still no luck.  Went out this morning and the temp was jumping to 200 when dropping back to idle.  As an experiment I removed the thermostat.  Other than running a little cool, no issues at all.

      So....am I correct in assuming there is an issue with the thermostat?  It was overheating with the old 160 and new 140, so I don't see how that would be the case.

      Another thing I am trying to comprehend....the thermostat location between the two halves of the housing vs. under the bottom half.  The top outlets directly supply the exhaust manifolds only.   Doesn't that mean the water is not going to the manifolds until the temperature reaches 160, and the thermostat opens?

      Link to the thermostat diagram: https://imgur.com/LgNYwly


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    • Eagleboy99


      Stirring it up a bit, I'd suggest that no one should be surfing 20 feet from shore.  Even 50 is  too close.  What if your buddy had run over a kid in a floatie; 20 feet is way less than a boat length.  

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    • Thanks for the tip, I had thought it might be like this.  I did not want to go prying on things before I had a better understanding.  


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