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    • vaporbluebu


      5 hours ago, Texan32 said:

      Also, for those that do surf after sunset, what about the surfer's safety?  How do you see him/her once they go down?

      We buy a pack of glow sticks and hook them all over the life jacket, make a necklace and bracelet, as well as tape them all over the board. Makes it a piece of cake to find the rider and board without shining a bright light that draws attention from the shore as well as making hard for the driver and surfer to see.

    • Eagleboy99


      California is the only state where night skiing is allowed, subject to local ordinance. 

    • On 8/11/2020 at 5:32 AM, tvano said:

      an afterthought. i'm going to start questioning myself here here and i do extend an apology for potentially misleading.

      i think my original post is rational for what i'd consider normal use but consider your usage of that bilge pump. 

      does the boat normally live, unattended, in the water and will that bilge pump see the opportunity to save the rig from drowning ? 

      since you have already purchased a 5A breaker; consider metering the electrical current (with a fully charged battery as power source) of your pump when it is stalled.  that is the largest current you will need to support the pump.

      Thank you! This is a new to me boat so Im not sure, in the past (knock on wood) we dont use the bilge much on any of my old boats and the last malibu we had we never needed to use the bilge either. That said, I trailer the boat so it wont be sitting in the water but I do want a functional bilge pump haha

    • davidgree1


      definitely check the trans cooler .  weeds get stuck there often.  put your finger in feel for a flat wad of debris. 

    • Eagleboy99


      The Pierburg pumps are still available.  But the plugs, etc. (and the bracket?) might be the issue.

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    • GaryB

      GaryB  »  Woodski

      Looking for a little more top end on our 97 Sunsetter LX.  Don't get me wrong, we have a good running 320 monsoon MPI.  540  hours. This is our family sized barefoot boat, we foot it every weekend,  slaloim ski at 30 and, anchor it in the coves in the afternoon. \
      That being said:   Acme 525, full tank of fuel and 4 souls aboard gets 45.9 mph (stargazer) at wot, engine is turning 5050 rpm. 
      One longline barefooter is good for 44.7, two longline footers 43.5,  rpms are all still right above 5000. My footing partner would like a little more top end for one foots. His height to mass ratio and shoe size are a little different than mine... he is also a very capable footer who executes aggressive wake crossings. 
      I was reading about the option to add some timing, according to some other posts on this forum,  the base timing is 10 btdc  and the computer will add up to 20 more degrees of advance.  All in at 30 degrees.  more timing should increase torque.  
      Do you know anyone who has done this? any other feedback? 
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    • obski


      Finally got out for a ski on Saturday.  Good grief, it's already August.
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    • SandpointDave

      SandpointDave  »  Patrick

      Did you figure out your issue with your boat? Mine is doing the same thing and it is driving me crazy. Any help would be great. Thanks 
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    • SandpointDave

      SandpointDave  »  LiquidCourage

      Did you resolve your issue? My boat is doing the same thing. Already changed the filter and it seemed to help for a bit but to no avail. The boat still cuts out when it is hot and over 2900. Thanks for your reply. 
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    • toddington247


      First, thanks for all the help.
      She started acting up again and I figured out it was loosing power to the fuel pump. 
      Changed out the fuel pump relay and problem solved.
      Thanks again.
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