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    • bbattiste247


      34 minutes ago, IXFE said:

      I did post my 2020 build. Then everybody asked me questions about it. I answered. That’s how this works...

      What are you a mod now??

      No. but I am a member who paid for some gas. I should get my turn. 

    • gregtay


      Any idea how many of these things MC made?  I can't imagine they made more than a handful.  Awesome new boat, congrats.  

    • gregtay


      On 1/15/2020 at 4:53 PM, Jnorris said:

      My 07 VTX is separating.  Was it difficult to fix?

      Thanks for your help

      Old thread... but I will comment that the windshield with round circles was known to have separation issues.  I finally just replaced mine(on my 2008) with a 2009+ (square hole) windshield and never looked back.  Seems the original design was a bit flawed on how it was designed and held together.  I am guessing a good glass shop might be able to "fix" your current windshield with some good adhesive but I think it is something you will need to repeat from time to time. If I remember right the circle windshield frame is just attached with double sided tape... no bolts through the hull (except maybe a small screw at the back?)  The newer style fully bolts through the fiberglass.  Maybe you can find a way to add some fasteners to the older style.  My guess is that as the double sided tape ages it becomes less effective and then with all the movement a boat experiences on the water things start to move and the glass starts to pull away from the frame.  Good luck.

    • I had my 2019 23LSV on a 6500lb hydro hoist lift last summer for a month while a marina was letting us use a slip.  It got it out of the water but I always worried if iit was going to stay up all week between times I checked on it.  It never want down but always made me worry.  For a 25, I would be looking for at least an 8klb lift to make me feel better about things.

    • Pbliton29


      2 hours ago, malibudog said:

      Ballast and automation have changed substantially over the years.  If you could give us an idea of what year boat you are anticipating purchasing, and what your approximate budget is, you may get more helpful responses.  

      Looking at a 2011 Wakesetter, and 2011 Sunscape 23 LSV.  Also looking at Moomba Mobius XLV.

      We are selling our 2000 21' Bayliner Capri 225.  This was good for skiing, moderate to wake boarding.

      We are hoping for something to be able to surf and wakeboard much better, but also still ski and slalom at times.  Ideally,  the easier to operate the better (electronic ballasts, wakeplate etc) 

      Would like to stay under 50k and hours under 350. 


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