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    • Nitrousbird


      16 hours ago, jaciche said:

      I can't believe I saw an 03 VLX for sale in Texas last weekend for 45k. Here's one for 42k with a nice stereo:


      We go round and round about upgrading to a newer boat. My gut tells me to keep our current boat. Keep it simple stupid

      I have no interest in selling my boat now...but if some sucker wants to give me that kind of money (I saw the other one as well...my boat has a lot more upgrades than either), I'll take their money and miss out on the remainder of the boating season.

    • Nitrousbird


      On 7/7/2020 at 5:38 PM, Smokedvw said:

      I had been reading that the Acme 2315 sounded like a good choice for the 01 VLX and Monsoon 325 for surfing but not sure about the other uses.  I also found various details on different props so knowing real world experience of people with this hull and setup would be great to hear :)

      2315 is pretty aggressive for this hull.  If you are looking for an aggressive prop, do a 2313 instead.  Get at least a slight bit more speed with the additional cup.  


      On 7/7/2020 at 8:04 PM, williemon said:


      i have the same boat as you and don’t use any ballast except for the wedge and people. Often about 4 adults and 3 to 4 teenagers. I chose the oj 905 which is a 14.75 x 15.25.    The slalom rpm at 30 and 32 is around 3300 and 3400 give or take. Less than 3500 for sure. For surfing it seems fine but I manually try to hold 10.5 and 11 mph . Wakeboarding I try to hold 18. A lower pitch would make hand holding the speed a bit easier mostly while wakeboarding. Surfing I can hold it fine seems like. Surf rpm is around 2700 ish rpm. I could probably be happy with just a tad less pitch so that 30 mph slalom was at say 3400 to 3500. I think the old 14.5 x 14.25 props would run 3700 or 3800 rpm at 30 mph. Too much.rpm and fuel for my taste. I don’t run max rpm so top end speed is of no use to me since I don’t barefoot. 36 mph is about as fast as I go even cruising or outrunning a storm but I did not want to run over 3600 rpm since that’s a big drain on fuel. This may help in your search for a good prop. 

      That's not enough prop for him if he is going to run any real ballast.  As for holding speed - that's what Perfect Pass is for!

    • Malibu247wakesetn


      Anyone have any suggestions on a seat riser for 2015 247 LSV? 

    • kylesullens


      my 2006 23Lsv Sunscape sold for $54k new. im guessing yours sold for $58k ish.

    • MalibuNation


      Can you list some of the big ticket options, trailer ... dual or single axle, brakes, tower, engine, etc?

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