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    • The Hulk

      Posted (edited)

      G4 Blues

      I agree there is always some it just seemed like more and my only guess is from the multi joint or piece design allows more room to bend in those areas. Regardless it's awesome and a huge improvement for sure. So much so I'm considering the upgrade. . 

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    • shawndoggy


      Zone Line Driver Install Help
      4 hours ago, DAI said:

      Felt like an idiot once I figured out it was as simple as a switch.

      But I bet you also kinda felt like a genius for a sec too, solving the problem. 

    • henrik


      Hours, year, and engine in your 'Bu

      600 hrs on 2003 vlx. Bought it with just under 500. No problems so far.  Had good records when we purchased. 

    • What's new for 2017
      8 hours ago, Ronnie said:

      Keep waiting on that Bubble to pop and you will not get a new boat, ever...

      This bubble has been building since I have been in a new Malibu, that was '01. I'm sure there are others here that have been buying longer than that. The prices have climbed steadily every year. You may get years where recreational spending is down and boat sales are down but you're not going to see the new prices go down Or stay the same in consecutive years.

      I know the VTX jumped like $10-15k from 2015-2016.  We were about to order a 2016 VTX when we found out we could get a leftover/demo 2015 for about the same price.  I think a new 2016 VTX was around $85k :Tease3:

    • Drone Wakeboarding Footage - Epic Day
      6 hours ago, Anderson24 said:

      I have the phantom 3 professional. It shoots 4K which is just amazing if you have the ability to view it. Yes, there is always a fear of it going in the water. I have confidence I won't FLY it into the water, but I also know that these things can have a mind of their own. If it happens...it happens. But if I don't ever fly it over the water I will never end up with footage like above. 

      If if I were buying a drone today it would be the phantom 4 for sure. 

      I just got the Phantom 3 Pro.  It's amazing.  I wouldn't spend the extra money to get a 4.  They didn't update the camera.  Has a few more min fly time, yes it can fly up to 44mph and follow you without having the remote.  Once you get used to flying, you won't want to use the follow mode as it restricts your angles.  The 3 can fly 35 mph and is plenty fast enough to keep up at wakeboard speeds.  IMO, get the 3 or wait until the 5 as the camera wasn't upgraded, and that's huge.  Not worth it as you can get a used 3 Pro for $700 with accessories and extra batteries or $900 new on Amazon with an extra battery, or pay $1400 for a 4 with one battery...

      BTW, @Anderson24 amazing video! I got scared for you on a few shots.  The riders looked really close :no:  Enjoyed watching it

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