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    • Michigan boarder


      Sort of off topic, but when we were pulling docks and lifts a few weeks ago we came upon a Nautique that had steps that were built in as part of the fiberglass in the gunnels, so you didn't step from gunnel to floor, but instead when from dock to built-in-step to floor.  I thought that was really cool.

    • Michigan boarder


      I think the dash is oddly set up, but then again I thought about my usage.  When I'm pulling someone, I rarely use the dash, other than quick glances.  Here's how a pull behind me goes:

      1. boat angled to the right, looking over right shoulder at rider as he gets his gear ready.  Steps 2 thru 4 are also looking over right shoulder.

      2. watch the handle, as he gets in position

      3. verbal cues to pick up slack (nod, "slack", etc.).  Quick glances to the front (looking for traffic) and back over shoulder.

      4. verbal cue to go ("go boat")

      5. Accelerate, now looking in rear view to see rider get up, facing forward

      6. Get to speed that rider prefers, glancing at tach to note desired pull RPM.  That will either be a speed I already know, or some "faster" or "slower" cues from spotter

      7. Continue pull to maximize straight line and minimize waves, glancing at tach

      8. When rider drops or falls, eyes on lake and making sure rider is not in danger as I power down and circle back.

      9. Get to rider, circle round at idle, position boat so I will be looking over my shoulder again.

      10. check guages (oil & temp)

      11. Start back at step 1.

      If I had speed control (perfect pass) I'd look down even less frequently.  So I think I'd enjoy the visibility over the placement.

      The more I look at this boat the more I think it's a beauty.

    • River Monsters


      Funky bulge between the bimini attachments.  Hard to get a good sense for this boat from the pics.  Hopefully the bulges and angles look muscular or modern.  They certainly didn't go with "timeless" or "elegant".

      I don't take my phone on the boat when we ski, it kinda short circuits the time on the water.  Ok when we have a group on the 'Bu or are just out surfing. 

    • bamaboy


      11 hours ago, Chrisjjbrown said:

      Nice hobby craft oil extractor you got there

    • oldjeep


      5 hours ago, mikeo said:

      Whatever you do, for your own sake, don't put the extractor in the dipstick!

      Two common ways around this are:
      1. use a spark plug boot around the end of the dipstick tube and the extractor tube, it will seal well enough to get most of the oil out
      2. use a quick-release air valve from a compressor hose with some rubber hose and screw the air valve to the oil pan drain line

      There are a few threads on each of these "alternative" methodologies, but please don't be one of those guys who asks "I got my oil extractor tube stuck in the dipstick tube, can I just yank out what I can an run the engine as is?" Answer: No; No you can't.

      for number one you.mean spark plug boot around oil drain line not dipstick tube - right? Dipstick tube doesn't go anywhere remotely near the bottom of the oil pan, in a chev v8 the bottom of the tube isn't even in oil.

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