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    • Pnwrider


      The Malibu dealer here sells both and they sell way more cobalts than Malibu. 

    • Steve B.


      Be interesting to see their plans. Maybe Malibu just wants to get in more dealers, and let Cobalt do what they do best. Regardless, they see it as a good business move.

      Steve B.

    • Bill_AirJunky


      8 hours ago, Chopz said:

      Well, tried to post a screenshot of their reply but I don't know how to post pictures lol. Anyways, they said that they will do a custom order to replicate them and they will do it in any color combination. Obviously the actual Malibu logos they are doing are plastic and aluminum, but the ones they will make to duplicate will just be the vynil with a resin overlay.  

      Oh that should great after a year or so of tiring up to docks & sliding by trailer guide poles. :Doh:

    • I have a 2017 a22 axis and the tower is an odd shape and wanted to see if anyone found a flag mount that fits the tower.

    • billjames

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, ahopkinsTXi said:

      Hmmm so I wonder if our local MasterCraft dealer who also sells colbalt will no longer be selling colbalt. 

      Or ditch Mastercraft for Malibu....

      Edited by billjames
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    • Acesn28


      Sad day! My 2014 22 MXZ got crushed by a lift that malfunctioned (water intrusion) and raised it into the lift and ceiling joists of the boathouse. The tower halfway collapsed and was sunk into the fiberglass 6" and I have 4 foot cracks on both sides of the boat. The insurance company submitted a repair estimate of 25K including a new tower. Anyone else convinced this cannot be fixed correctly like me? I am assuming the Lifetime Structural Warranty will be voided.  At the very least, who has liability if the repair fails and the tower collapses on someone? I did get advice from a boat builder to contact Malibu and let them know what happened.  Any similar stories out there?  
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    • Cole2001


      How do I convince the family to get a DD ski boat?🤔
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    • kdspindl

      kdspindl  »  davewfo

      Rather than posting to everyone, just thought I'd send you a private note with my email.  I still consider myself a novice/intermediate, but I got about 35 nights under my belt now as our family has gone houseboating up there now for the past several years.  I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot, that is part of the fun.  Just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I can give you some tips if you want, I got a couple places in mind not too far from wahweap that you may like.  It is my favorite place on the planet, you will have a blast no matter what
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    • MJH

      MJH  »  CBDuner

      I was just rereading your posts from surgery on the skier. Now that my boys are old enough, their project this summer is to wet sand my 87
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    • foreste1

      foreste1  »  racer808

      Hi do you have a pic of the bow cushion?
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