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    • Shastasurf


      I ordered a fresh air exhaust, I'm hoping to breath clean air when I'm surfing now.ūüĎćūüŹĽ
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    • gordon20mxz

      gordon20mxz  »  wakinvol

      I can't remember exactly and I could not find the thread, but your boat looks like one that was in a thread a while ago where the tower was chrome and the owner powder coated it black, same thing with the windshield frame.  Was that you?
      I like your boat.
      Are you in Cleveland, TN?
      Have you slalom skied behind it?  How is the wake at about 26 mph?
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    • SkiUtah

      SkiUtah  »  Dan Cummins

      I am¬†still interested in the cover if you still have¬†it. I understand how crazy a remodel can be.¬†You can reach me via phone at 801-960-0774 or email at [email protected]
      · 1 reply
    • Ndawg12


      Headed to Tampa, anyone headed out on the water and got room on Tuesday 9/13?  I should be done with work around 2ish.
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    • onamission


      Moved to M6 at the last tournament
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    • DarkSide


      Losing Faith....need more BU Kool Aid STAT!
      1 hour ago, soonerbilly said:

      Every time I seriously consider getting into a newer boat I seem to come across these type of threads. Makes me love my OLD girl even more. Its seriously scary to think I'd be without a boat that is 4 times the amount of my current one for weeks in a single summer. I guess thats where having the good dealer comes into play, LOANERS?


      My dealer is great, they offered to send a guy to the lake to get me back out,  I knew it was not field repairable,  so they offered to pick it up.   Service manager answered my call at 6:30 AM.  Boulder is awesome!

    • MattyICE15


      Homemade delta wakeshaper
      Just now, minnmarker said:

      You're not doing anything wrong, you just don't have enough weight.  To start, your boat weighs 1400 pounds less than a newer VLX.  Add no wedge (-1000) and relatively small 650s in the rear (-800) and 300 MLS (-300 vs a bag in the center locker) and no bow weight (-300 to -600) and you're lighter by more than 3500 pounds.

      If this were my project I would in order: 1) get a wedge. 2) move the batteries up under the observer dash so you can fill your 650s all the way. 3) get 750 or 1100 bags for the rears. 4) get two big guys to sit in the bow.  See what the wave looks like.  If you like it then invest in a bow bag or lead/steel.

      I suppose this helps enlighten me a little bit.  I'm pretty sure I've read that some of the older VLX's similar to mine have been able to get a good surf wave with a similar setup but they must have been sacked out.  I do like your list.  I was looking at ways to bring the batteries up front but didn't have enough closure on the process to order parts yet.  All in all I think I'll need to at least move the batteries, get bigger sacs, and get a better prop to be in the ball park.  If I can find a deal on a wedge, that would help.  Overall it looks like it'll cost me about $1,500-2,000 just to have a look at a decent surf wave =(

    • minnmarker


      Homemade delta wakeshaper


      This place usually has wedges - sometimes transom plates.  Worth a bookmark or a call.  I think they strip salvage boats.

    • Michigan boarder

      Posted (edited)

      Done with my echelon! vapor lock

      A little video:



      Edited by Michigan boarder
    • 85 Barefoot


      Tesla style ski boat?? Think it could happen?

      I actually wrote a response but I took it down.  Probably getting too close to the hot topics line.

      Bottom line, I would fully support Tesla or anyone else's efforts to find a cheaper, cleaner, economically viable alternative to our carbon-based nautical usage!  Why anyone would want to cling to gas pumps is beyond me.

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