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    • blk93jeepzj


      15 minutes ago, BlackBluMalibu said:

      Sorry to hear! I've hit prop twice and was fortunate enough not to damage anything else. Hopefully you have insurance! All the best with the repairs!

      Boat has been repaired and we have been back out on the water the last two weekends.  

      Paid for the repairs out of pocket to get back on the water (insurance company was not be able to review the claim for over 3 weeks due to back log of previous claims).  Waiting for them to review and approve the estimate from the dealership, then cut me a check.  

    • The Hulk


      Just now, teamerickson said:

      Why 6 holes? Just Y into the hard tank vent line for the bag?  

      Good idea 

    • teamerickson


      3 minutes ago, The Hulk said:

      This has to be what's happening then. I m assuming if I don't burp the pressure from air would build up and still spill out but not be full of water .. I'm questioning adding another fill hole and another drain hole and a vent hole.. but that's another 6 holes in the boat...ouch..

      Why 6 holes? Just Y into the hard tank vent line for the bag?  

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    • IdahoAxis


      13 minutes ago, oldjeep said:

      Dunno, what does the pylon cost on an Axis?  They don't come standard there either


    • hunter77ah


      13 minutes ago, semi said:

      okay, earlier in this thread i was a little hesitant to buy into the one price thing from Malibu. I mentioned i priced out a couple of boats around the same price so there wasn't anything that special about the $79,999 price. 

      i got my quote in the mail on the NXT20 and man, for an advertised price of "50k all day" they sure nickel and dime the hell out of you. $595 for a ski pylon. This is a ski boat, shouldn't that be included? Very deceptive advertising and ruled them out 100% at this point. I don't care if the price was 75k, it was 25k over what they try to advertise to you. If the VLX is actually that price with a bunch of goodies i can see it being successful. 50k all day is a boat without a trailer of steering wheel so it seems. 

      I haven't looked at the VLX, but would love to see what is included for that price before i pass my final judgement. 

      I rode (wakeboard) behind the new VLX this weekend.  Wake was on the smaller side, but really consistent (typical malibu wake).  Boat was nicer on the inside than the pictures give it credit for.  If you didn't know any better (not a member here/most of the population) the VLX would seem to be on par with the rest of the wakesetter line.

      I didn't walk away with the same experience on the 2016 nxts.  They felt cheap.

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