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    • wbama387


      13 hours ago, ibelonginprison said:

      @wbama387 disagrees with that assessment. lol 

      Haha....just a little since mine is being pulled every weekend. 

    • ahopkinsTXi


      @Brett B hopefully it works that well for you. Would be a nice add for when our boat comes in!

      Will you be running the new cord up and around the bow? Or snaking it under the floor? I feel like up around the bow would probably be easier, but you would need a longer cord.

    • ahopkinsTXi


      9 hours ago, Infinitysurf said:

      I just got my swim step cover from Evolution Covers today . Cory is running a special right now....$110.00 for a custom fitted cover. I drew a template on clear plastic and mailed to him and about 2 weeks later (today), I got the cover. Fit like a glove and looks so good. Anyone looking for one should jump on this, cant beat the price IMO.

      I got one for our TXi too. Should have bought one from him years ago! Just don’t forget that it’s on :) 

    • ahopkinsTXi


      @Woodski no I didn’t, just had a hunch! :) 

    • The Hulk

      Posted (edited)

      Many boat house down in the center  belt and South are $100-300k huge aluminum structures with slips/floating air lifts , sun/party decks etc..(wahoo docks)  seems like he must have been asking for something like this? But not really what's used up north.. there are very few lakes up north with permanent dock structures such as finger lakes in NY.. the ice would snap a Large piling or steel beam like it was a toothpick.

      Don't get me wrong u can easily spend that up north on stationary lifts and removeable docks as well just a lot harder to do. A local dealer here is selling an 80k setup, few large lifts, few jetski lifts, huge long dock with pods in ground, large platform , ladders, steps , install etc.. 

      100ft dock can easily get to 20k installed (no platform) for certain types. Boat Lifts $20-30k each for "good" maybe not the best setups.. a 8k stationary "averages" $18-22k+ moderately equipped nowadays.. Ad all the goodies and mid-high 20s for an 8k is easy to do... now add a 10-12k pound lift in the mix that could easily get up far higher quickly. 

      So if he's getting two very nicely equipped stationary lifts he's already near 50-60+k in lifts, now throw a beautiful dock setup ..maybe add some touchless side covers/curtains to the lifts and there goes another 10-15k...easy to do if he walked in somewhere and said I want the best of everything.. 

      Is he adding seawall other?. seems like there are other things involved with the quote and if so it's not that hard to do.. ppl are always willing to take your money and sell u stuff that is.. 

      99% ppl go as cheap as possible on docks and boat lifts and everything except their Boat. All I'm saying is if he walked in there like a boss and wanted to check all the boxes for the best setup over the water i wouldn't be surprised at all. There are several places on our small lake in IN that might have 60-80k+ in cost over the water.. 

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