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G3 Tower Combo Rack Spacing/Angle

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We just took delivery of my 2012 LSV with 4 board racks, 2 on each side and was more than shocked that I still can't put 4 boards on a side!

The racks that arrived with the boat (factory) don't have the clearance between them for the bindings. I can't believe that I have this problem again (couldn't find the straight forks for the Illusion X). Did I get the wrong racks or is this how they were designed and I have to get aftermarket racks? I'll post photo's when I get back to the lake this weekend. We asked the dealership but they weren't sure, we have a big crew so there are a lot of boards and the dealership usually doesn't have to order as many racks.



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You are not alone.. That is how those babies come... I can get it to work only if i move the racks together..

Malibu must think we are excellent synchronizers of the board racks!!


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I am betting that they put all 4 racks as swivel? There is a different set of racks that are stationary and are angled up more. Someone has some pictures on here somewhere. I will look around and see if I can track them down.

Brett B

Brett B
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I have the swivel racks in the bottom location and the fixed racks in the top location. The fixed racks are angled up higher and will allow you to use all of the board slots without the bindings hitting each other. I also noticed on a friends boat that if you have the bimini deployed, you can't use all 4 spots with swivel racks in the top location (or you just can't swivel them all the way in) because the bindings of the top 2 boards will hit the bimini when you try to swivel them in.


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Brett B is correct. I'd add that the forks of the stationary racks fit the base of the rotating ones. Here is an older thread on the subject:

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I considered the fixed racks before modifying the swivel ones. If you have two surf boards you can put them on the top slots on the bottom racks then you can get three boards on that same side. The fixed racks were at a good angle to works with the boards below. The forks on the fixed racked looked like they would work on the swivel racks but the mounting holes were slightly different.