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    • Skiline00

      Skiline00  »  Murphy8166

      Hey Murphy, do you still have that Arc Audio 1200.1?
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    • kaadams1124


      I have a 2001 Malibu Sunsetter LXI.  The other day when putting the boat on the trailer, it got turned due to the current and when it was gassed to go up on the trailer, it was turned sideways.  The long and short of it is that this caused my front skeg to break off and bend the second one.  I was extremely fortunate (as I have been researching trying to fix this) that it actually only broke the skeg and not the fiberglass.  The boat hull is in perfect condition.  I have purchased 2 new skews that will get here next week.  I took out the 4 bolts that hold the skeg in place and tried to remove the remaining piece attached to the boat with no success.  I don't want to bang it to hard to screw up the fiberglass and gel coat.  What am I missing as I can't get this off?  Is it held on with a sealant of some kind?   How do you remove the skeg from the bottom of the boat without causing damage? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am getting ready for a house boat trip in 2 weeks!!!
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    • NCVride


      Just sat down on my deck at the lake house for the weekend after unpacking the truck....🍺  Ahhhhhhhh!
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    • JasonK


      Great morning. 4 mile barefoot run and 4 mile slalom run. And 75 degrees by 7:30 a.m. Love it!
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    • 911turboz


      Waiting on our new 25LSV to arrive mid-June!
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    • srab

      Posted (edited)

      Beginner Questions - 2010 Wakesetter VLX

      First off, these boats won't sink unless you've got a bunch of lead on board for ballast.  They will, however, take on a great deal of water, maybe all the way up the gunwales, and potentially damage electrical components and the engine, if launched without through-hull plugs installed.  This, however, is true with all boats. 

      Conversely, if caught in a heavy rain while sitting on a trailer in your driveway, you can actually "sink" a boat if the through-hull drain plugs are not removed.

      My 2006 has three through-hull drain plugs.  One is the stern plug, located in the center  of the lower edge of the stern (back) of your boat.  This one is on every boat I've ever seen, and serves to drain water that may have accumulated in the bilge while out on the lake (from water dripping off wet bodies, water from a wave taken over the bow [aka "chili-dip"], or water leaking from ballast tanks/connections).  It also allows water to drain from a boat during a rain storm, and it should be removed every time you pull your boat out of the water and replaced every time you are about to put your boat back in the water.

      There is another drain plug with a "T" handle in the bilge of my boat, located just on the port (left) side of midline.  However, in ten years, I've never had a reason to remove this one, so I don't ever worry about it.

      A third drain plug is located in my ski locker, which your boat won't have, located in the walkway leading to the bow seating area.  Your boat, I suspect, does have a drain plug in a similar location under a small hatch located to the left of the driver's seat.  I actually have removed this one on two separate occasions because I've found water in my ski locker, typically after a heavy rain while my boat has been sitting on a trailer (this is a low point on my boat, lower than even the bilge when my boat is sitting on its trailer).  Otherwise, I leave this one in all the time and, therefore, do not worry about replacing it before launching.

      So, basically, while you may have more than one drain plug, you really only need to worry about the stern plug.  It should be part of your pre-launch check list.

      As far as the "stuffing box," if you have a water-cooled shaft seal, I'm pretty sure that you don't have to do anything to it . . . ever!  If you do not have a water-cooled shaft seal, then you may, periodically, need to adjust/tighten the packing nut.  These systems are actually designed to leak, albeit at a very slow and controlled rate.  The longer your boat sits in the water, the more water will accumulate in the bilge.  But, you only need to worry about it if the amount of water leaking in seems excessive or worsens over time.

      Congratulations on the new boat.  Welcome to the Crew.

      Edited by srab
    • 1997 Sunsetter

      First day in the water!

      Rigged, ready to roll. Boat performed really well, couple of minor things to take care of.


      Barefooted until the tubers got out if bed, full tank of fuel and 5 people in the boat, we got 46 GPS with the stock stainless prop, I figure a 515 will improve hole shot, speed holding and top end. 



    • AussieSkier


      Best way to store skis/boards in new garage?
      7 minutes ago, PeteOOXXOO said:

      Not sure whether you have the same in the USA, but here in Australia we have a chain called Bunnings.  Here is the link to the parts.


      This is the plate ($26) and I simply cut it into pieces, and screwed them through the gyprock into a stud to mount these on to:


      $16 per mount

      For the skis I used these:


      mounted on full length rails above

      Both work really well!

      Great idea. I'll be going to the local Bunnings in Vic tomorrow.....

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    • Shade without a Bimini.

      I saw a pic of a tube strapped to a tower on here somewhere.

    • 2016 boat delivery

      @shawndoggy I'm flying in to Reno tomorrow for a quick visit to NATC. Will I see you out at lake Tahoe? I want to see that baby in person!

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