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    • BaBaLoO


      Wiring diagram

      Check bakes website. They have some good online resources 

    • kx250frider617


      How to drain the heat exchanger on an Indmar partial closed cooled LS3?

      sorry for bringing up and old thread, but for those that have taken apart the end caps on their heat exchanger, do the seals separate the coolant from the raw water?


      I have a problem of loosing coolant. I pressurized the system and it proved I had a leak. Ive checked the oil and the spark plugs, I'm not burning it or its not getting into the oil. I have a feeling its the heat exchanger or the tube manifolds. More so the heat exchanger. If it's just bad end cap seals, I will be beyond stoked.

    • IXFE


      Metal flake in the sun
      48 minutes ago, skurfer said:

      Exile boat is a pearl IXFE :)

      Close enough, skurfman!!

      you gotta admit though... she is a beaut!!!

      you guys sell any "ghosts" this year?  Represent!!

    • williemon


      New Member - Lake Lanier, GA

      I was just on Lanier today on jetskis over in the bald ridge area. My wifes brother owns a lake house there and we were visiting. He has a chap and some jetskis. We live down south about a few hours away but boat in the same river, just dirtier. I may have to drag my bu up there one day. 

    • williemon


      Happy Memorial TMC I'm Signing Off...

      Later dude!! Its funny, reading this now just makes me want to dig up your posts and topics and enjoy. Keep on keeping it real! 

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