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    • Truekaotik


      static/sound in speakers

      You should really reach out to your local marine stereo shop. You have a couple of issues that need addressed by your posts that a professional can fix. 

    • Shastasurf


      I'm looking for 3 1/2 exhaust tips.

      Anyone have a pair of stainless turn down exhaust tips for sale? Bakes is out of stock.

    • CumminsBu


      Anybody tow with a Ford 6.2 gasser super duty?
      On April 29, 2016 at 1:40 PM, ConnollyCrew said:

      They have one already. 6.7L

      It doesn't run very well on gas!

    • mikeo


      Factory Locker Bags? Confused

      The sacs/bags in the back are supplied by the dealer, not by Malibu. It's not an option for Malibu to supply them, it's a "dealer prep" option and they can charge or throw them in depending on what they want to show on the invoice. As far as I'm aware there isn't any indication on the sacs/bags as to what size they are; your best bet is to measure along the seams and compare the measurements to the website or on-the-shelf packaging to figure out what they are.

    • joshuadale07


      Fuel gauge 2000 vlx

      I have the 2 1/16th inch depth and water temp gauges on both sides in the dash. Neither are visible anymore. I am about to replace one with a new depth gauge, and was wondering if it's possible to fill the other hole with a aftermarket fuel gauge and have it work with a teleflex sending unit. I ordered a new teleflex sending unit and the factory 4 gauge cluster hasn't worked since I owned the boat (just fuel). Did not know if the the gauge would be looking for a different resistance than what the teleflex unit would be sending. Sorry if this is a dumb question, just not familiar with ohm based gauges. Thanks 

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