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    • h2oratJR


    • ponderosasurf


      2015 Wakesetter VLX Price
      16 hours ago, RedOwl said:

      I have had the same experience w/ MN prices.

      Did you buy from a private party or a MI dealer?

      We ended up buying from a MI dealer

    • Toughearl


      Wedge issue 07VLX

      Hi I am new hear. Have a 2007 23' VLX. Bought a couple years back with no actuators ordered and installed medial was unplugged  when pluged in the speedo quite working. Replaced it and realized it's something else set up wedge actuators with four weathepack relays Hooked to the switch and runbitbthatcway worked good except no gauge and no safety . Now some wired to have been cut and replace and don't look exactly right I would like to talk to some one with the same boat arrangement that can get me some pictures of How there's is wired since our dealer has no idea and no time to look for a long time ?

      the yellow wire and the purple wire are my main concern . They would control gage and boat speed function  

    • nohlan4


      Who is riding already in 2016?
      8 hours ago, Sixer said:

      Get your boat from Marine Max in Rogers?  Looks good!  I also see a new P5 Danielo Diamond, great board!

      Yes I finally have it up and running in the water! Actually it's a '15 aku, but I love it so far!

    • SnubNose


      Help me land my first invert! (Video)
      44 minutes ago, Diesel86 said:

      Few things I noticed, firstly you're not standing tall off the wake so your absorbing a lot of the pop and not getting as much height as you could be. 

      Second you definitely need to be over your toes when you hit the wake, in fact you should have changed edges and have your whole body leaning away from the wake. 

      Lastly you might be riding too fast for that length line, at the boat speed you're riding at id be using a 75ft line, with a 60-65ft line id have the boat doing 18-19mph


      A instructional website I use is learnwake.com, it's by the same guys who made "the book" series, it costs $10 a month but it's well worth it in my opinion. 

      Once you get a couple of little things sorted I reckon you'll be landing it in no time

      Ah yeah I definitely see my legs absorbing the pop now! I'll try and stand taller. That's what I was saying when I watched the videos they say you should edge in hard then flatten out Your board then open your chest let go with one arm and look back. What I learned though is that I have to ride up the wake as much as I can before I let go with one arm and open up to get that trip pop motion and not just tumble over... 

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