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  1. Last week
  2. onamission

    Had a blast at LaPoint's:).  Hope I can remember all the tips from Jennifer LaPoint.

  3. onamission

    Sadly leaving Travers today:(, but heading to LaPoint's for 2 days :biggrin:

  4. jbower

    Boats in the water and on the lift. Ready to get this season started 

  5. onamission

    Feeling my age after 5 days of training

    • Ndawg12
    • Jdubb16

    Sorry to hear about this.  You must not have read all my posts though.  I built 2 and they were both major fails so I finally bought an FG platform but had to paint it   I will keep an eye out for you.

    • Jdubb16
    • Ndawg12

    Not sure if you saw my thread about losing my platform today.  I have. 2007 23LSV and I came across you thread from 2010 where you built a new platform.  How difficult was the project?  You interested in building one?

    • Jdubb16
    • Ndawg12

    Looking at couple old threads where you built a platform for your 07 LSV. I posted a thread today noting I lost my platform for my 07 LSV today.  You still making these or possibly have an extra you would interested in selling?




  6. Earlier
    • jjk94
    • avguykc

    I had one that was slow so replaced both with 5 lobe. They are off a 2010 and don't know If they are original.How much are they worth to you?


    • aflyer
    • wake1923

    Is the 2006 Prestige trailer still available?

    • surfdude
    • Kojak

    Hey do you still have the ste's ?

  7. onamission

    Gear all packed and heading to Florida forv9 days of ski heaven.   

    1. onamission


      Found my gear and got a good set in the afternoon.

    2. onamission


      Good morning:biggrin:


      2017-04-22 10.34.45.jpg

  8. Soon2BV

    Just got home from hospital. Had a total thyroidectomy Friday AM. One large mass that was cancerous. Contained to thyroid so goodness in the bad. Thyroid medicine for life, but cancer is gone. Thankful for an observant doctor that noticed some swelling in my neck.  Always see the positive.

    1. jk13


      Glad to hear they caught it in time!

      Dr. found some nodules in mine after I complained about chronic fatigue 15 years ago, but nothing they care to biopsy. Also on medicine for life, but far less than you. Lost a former Boss to thyroid cancer so I make sure to keep up on any changes and Dr visits.

      All the best on your recovery.

    2. 95echelon


      Have a good friend and neighbor who had that done 15 years ago. She is in shape and living well. Her advice is just gym an hour per day and eat healthy.

    3. Soon2BV


      Thanks to both. Had a follow up today with surgeon. All looks good and they feel cancer removed with surgery.  In about 6 weeks i will have radioactive iodine to confirm nothing bad traveled. 

    • washmaster
    • DarkSide

    Hey man!  I saw your post from 2015 about how you added a backup camera to you Mailvue to monitor the happenings behind the boat while underway. 

    I had the same idea last weekend but didn't have the same luck on my 15 LSV.  I can get the big screen to display the video feed while the engine is off, but once started, it's gone. 

    What am I  missing?

  9. saxton15

    Shaft Packing size for a 2011 LSV? 3/16th?

  10. ahopkinsTXi

    Ready to be the first skier on our lake for the 4th year in a row!

    • dgd
    • RichardP

    No, it has not been sold.

  11. tjklein

    Picking up the new boat tonight!  We're pumped!  :thumbup: '17 22mxz

  12. hunter77ah

    Can someone please run a carfax for me please?  TIA

  13. Levi900RR

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    2. Levi900RR


      I dont Ski... its a 1235, much better for Surfing and wakeboarding. Can't comment on Ski

    3. Levi900RR


      Wait.... I'm talking about my current boat. Let me dig around and see if I can find the thread on my Skier prop. 

    4. solorex


      cool thanks

  14. 09vRide

    MBA completed as of tonight.  Hello Summer Time!!!

    • David
    • Slurpee

    You are one of the few non-pros that I would recommend a DSP to. You are the perfect consumer for this product. Here are a few excerpts from a memo that I sent to a few industry friends.

    You will see more and more factory automobile audio systems using DSP in a variety of applications and purposes. Equalization. Phase and time delay correction. Enhanced imaging. DSP can also be used to intentionally cancel out, or greatly attenuate, alternate zone sound. Intentional cancellations, created by dedicated speakers in strategic locations and driven by dedicated amplifier channels, can be used to set up separate sound staging for front and rear occupant zones, or to set up independent audio zones for entirely different usage. Steered cancellations can be used to divide and segment listening areas that are in close proximity to each other.

    Recently we went to a Mavs game and I noticed the overhead sound system used speaker columns directly behind vertical speaker arrays, and facing in the same direction, in order to focus and steer the sound. I believe this has been a staple for concerts in large venues like arenas and has dramatically improved sound quality. Although in such a pro setting the complexity must be mind numbing.  

    The following articles describe home speakers that use multi-channel amplifiers and DSP to completely control the listening environment. Lexicon creates a convincing stereo image in any room, in any location, with ONE speaker only.

    Here’s a similar offering from B&O.

    The relationship between frequency response, impedance response, and phase response is inseparable.

    Latency in the case of low frequency drivers extends beyond what differences in physical measurements would imply. A quick correction can place drivers in polarity but not necessarily in-phase in the time domain.  

    • Gavin17
    • gorilla

    I found an old post by you.  Are you still using a 1273 prop?  What motor do you have?  What's your top speed? Thanks!

    • Scott1969
    • D-GOOSE

    Is the discount for the tower mirror still available? If so, what is the cost? I have a G3.5 tower.

  15. obski

    Getting ready for some rain skiing. Oh well.

  16. onamission

    Finally got season going

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