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  2. Soon2BV

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Safe travels, enjoy your get-togethers!

    • Waterloo
    • onamission

    Great boat picks!  I happen to have the same boat/tower setup.  Where did you get the tower light, or did you make it?

    1. onamission


      I had seen the tower light built into other towers that XTP was making for other boat company's.  I call the XTP and said that I would need to get a completely new mount with the light that would need to welded in place of the current one.  I ended up not going that route.   The part on the far left is the new mount, ( for welding on the tower).  Take a look at the center hole thread size and compared to the old cap the mounting screw and see the difference size.  I ended up drilling and tapping to the new size for screwing in the light fixture.  Basically your just modifying the tower mount so the new top can be screwed in.



    2. onamission
  3. emitchell

    Vidiio of How to remove intake manifold for 2004 Indmar 5.7 Monsoon.


    • daz311
    • Andrew63

    Hi Andrew, got a grey import (2012 VLX ) in Melbourne, the screens not looking good. You mentioned in a post you've got a replacement , can I ask where you got if from??


  4. yancey30

    Can anyone tell me if there is a market for a 1987 Malibu Skier that was on the water last Lobar Day,  I discovered has stringer issues and the repairs are beyond my scope of work, The boat is in overall good condition and I think worth the repairs to someone able to do them. Thanks For Any Help  

    1. 96Response


      Stringers are not that difficult to rebuild. Several ways to replace them now with all the composites and epoxy's available. if the boat is solid otherwise you can get her back to new again. There are several videos out there and also many people (including myself) who can walk you thru the process.  Seacast and Nidacore make it very easy also. 

    2. yancey30


      Ok Thanks, I have the engine and transmission and interior out, and most of the floor but very overwhelmed and lost on the rest!

  5. Concrete

    Wondering if anyone can give me any feedback on a 2011 Vtx.  Just sold my sportster looking at buying a VTX.  Motor is the 330,  how is this for bare footing.  Speed?  Thanks in advanced.

    1. asnowman


      We have a very nice 2011 vtx, diamond hull with the 350. I have never tried to barefoot behind it, one of my buddies was going to, he has kept his flightcraft outboard because he love to foot, and he decided not to try it after slalom skiing behind it. We primarilybskied behind it for a couple years, until we started chasing buoys, now we surf, wakeboard, pull tubes (I have 4 kids, it happens) and cruise in thus boat. 

      We ski behind a sportster on occasion and it was that boat that led us to buy a response for skiing. The vtx is capable of footing, changing the prop and a bit of a long time to get to speed, especially compared to a sportster. We now run an acme 1273, and get 42-43 at wot. We had a 1943 (I think) on there and it went a little faster but struggled to hold surf speed. Now we run at least 1200 pounds ballast, plus as many people as want to surf, and it hold speed for surfing great. It does get out of the hole a little better, but not as much as I had hoped.

      I wouldn't buy one with the 330, especially since you are used to the handling of a sportster.

  6. onamission

    One last set before sinking the course.

  7. Molarbu

    Finally have a reason to be in Knoxville for the first time in my life this Friday.  Unfortunately Malibu doesn't do tours on Friday.  Dang it!!!


  8. Soon2BV

    Billy Joel concert last night - still an awesome performer!  

  9. Soon2BV

    Home for the winter - Boat and Camper winterized and tucked away 'till spring. Bummer

    • SDTony
    • D-GOOSE

    Hey D-Goose,

    Is the FAE discount for Crew Supporters still valid? Do I just let Larry know via email when I order?


    1. Ronnie


      You'll have to ask Larry about the discount. I did see him offering a discount on Facebook the other day. Maybe $50 off if I remember right. 




    2. Ronnie


      Found it. Use the code word "Pumpkin" to get $50 off on

    3. SDTony


      Perfect, thanks. I did talk to him, I got a similar $50 discount for being a repeat customer.

    • Ignatius
    • Soon2BV


    Can you post a picture of your WDH set up?   I am thinking of getting one and just cannot picture how to hook this up with the hinging tongue on the boatmate trailer.



    1. Soon2BV


      I don't have a WDH on my boat.  I have it for my travel trailer and use it for longer drives. 

      Not sure how to use one with surge brakes. 


    2. Ignatius




    • MikkaJ
    • Andrew63

    Hi mate, did  you have any luck contacting Gabriel about seat skins? Thanks.

    1. Andrew63


      Sorry, only saw your post now.

      i haven't attempted to make contact yet, but, I will need to in coming weeks to replace the spotters seat cushion & rear ski locker skins.

      will let you know how I go.

    • mnjeff
    • pedel

    You don't still have the boat for sale?

    1. pedel


      It’s still available. I’ll dm you my number. 

  10. Soon2BV

    Heading out tomorrow for 3 days camping with my 4 and 2 year old grandsons.  Really looking forward to some great time with my boys!

    1. Malibudude


      Sounds like a great time...shhhh don't tell

    • Js0055
    • built2rev

    Do you still have pics of your hds box fiberglass repair. Grind out and redone pics. Thanks

    • Mac5
    • powbmps

    Did you have a tough time getting those gauges to fit in your dash?  I got mine in the mail today and the diameter is too big for the holes. 


    1. powbmps



      That's strange.  They fit right into mine.  2.13" hole size for the small ones ( and 3.43" for the tach (


    2. Mac5


      weird, my holes are 1-7/8" and 2-11/16".  Not sure of my best option at this point


    • coldwater-echelon
    • Badger

    Tried to pm you but got a message you could not receive message. Shoot me a meassage if you could. 

    1. Badger


      Sorry just saw this.  I haven't been on the site much lately.  Send me an email at [email protected] 


    • Red17A24
    • Gene3x

    The boat is in Mountain Home, AR

    i sent you a email with pics

    • DarkKnight
    • shawndoggy

    Hi Shawndoggy, can't help but notice all your advice you give to all the members. The advice is always sound, and my way of thinking. So my question to you is if you had to add an additional heater ports at the passengers feet. What would be your best solution? I have a mxz20 13'


  11. Claudebn


    I will get a new boat 20' vtx instead off my 2012 nautique sport 200.

    So, I would realy know if it is a good choice for skiing because this is what i like and my childs are wakeboarding and surfing.

    In the sport 200 there is a wave that heurt you. Is it the same in the vtx?

    The engine (343 hp) is very good does evry body can tell me about the raptor 6.2 on the vtx?

    Thanks a lot for the rep.

    Claude from France.

    1. sounddude03


      Hi Claude,

      I looked at a Sport 200 but ended up going with a '14 VTX and can tell you it skis well.  There is a small wake to cross, but it is very soft. If you are a short line skier there may be issues with the rooster, but at 15 off it's not a problem.  I realize the hull changed in '16, but the previous version was well received and could do it all. 

      With that hat being said, I just water tested a Nautique GS20 and I was very impressed. If I were looking new, that is my perceived benchmark to beat. Lots of power, good slalom wake, nice surf wave, etc. 

      Good luck with your search. 


    • WakeGates
    • MLA

    MLA, I have a question for you. Can I run a JL 12W7AE Sub @ 3ohm off of a Wet Sounds SD2

    Thanks in advance...

    • mackie12
    • SmoothWaterMan

    Morning Peter,

    was looking thru some old threads and came upon one where you made have had an XTP tower for an LXI, I know the post is old but any chance you have one or can get your hands on one? Local dealer is not really interested in helping.

    • btownbfooter
    • SunriseH2OSkier

    where is your boat that is forsale located? How can I reach you. Please email me at [email protected]

    1. SunriseH2OSkier


      Silver Lake, Fenton, MI.  You can reach me at 248-467-9462, or [email protected]



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