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    • Lader67
    • Ronnie

    Ok curious if I can get an answer on this , I have a 2004 25LSV. I’ve added the illusions X tower to it in 06, it’s all prewired . I have finally come around to add the speakers to it . I have the Sony Xplod system with 600 watt amp , along with two bow , two mid and two stern speakers . So looking at the wiring out of the stereo I have quite some length of speaker wire zipped tied up , does anyone know if they prewired for speakers in a tower even thought I didn’t purchase at time of sale.i do know when I added a perfect pass all the specific wires were there for it . Was hoping they prewired for the tower speakers to ? Or if someone has knows how I may obtain a wire schamatic ? Thanks

    1. Ronnie


      You need to post this in the Stereo Forum. 

  2. stachs1

    I just ordered a 24MXZ delivering in mid June. Looking for the best boat fenders both for docking and tying up to other boats.  Afraid my current ones won't workout as they were used on a 2005 VLX 21.5 (to small).  Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks 

    1. LoadofBollocks


      Go to Exile Audio and get the Buoy Balls.  They are the best in the world. Will not scratch your boat. 

  3. Earlier
  4. onamission

    Early morning run.   3@22 34.2



  5. saxton15

    That Euphoric feeling when the shaft coupler finally pops off! :notworthy:

  6. 1986sportster

    My Malibu is almost done. Ideas on what bucket seats cost to reupholster? 

  7. Ndawg12

    Who's gonna start a thread poking fun at the FB group?  Did you see the one about the auto wedge not locking :biggrin:  

    • jgates237
    • dalt1


    Where did you get your replacement touch screen. I'm in need of one and it's time to bit the bullet. It looks like in one of your earlier posts you got it for around$1600. Thanks,



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    2. jgates237


      Looking at some of the boat prices these days our don't seem to be de-valuating all that much. I see that you also hydrofoil. That looks fun but sketchy!

    3. dalt1
    4. jgates237



    • 7lazy77
    • KentC

    KentC....still have the 2013 VLX cover?  Thanks

    • skier92
    • electricjohn

    Hi John!

    How you been?

    Bernie From Milford


    1. electricjohn


      hi Bernie,   Been real good.  Retired two years ago, presently selling our home in Hillsboro and moving to a 55+ active community in Monroe NJ.  7 years ago we started spending our summers in upstate NY. Other than being empty nesters and grandparents now, nothing really changed.  Good to hear from you.

    • 05wakesetter34
    • Bozboat

    Just wanted to know how easy the Fulton winch was to install on your extreme trailer? I’m about to upgrade to the 3200 f2 

    • jmiller17
    • gordon20mxz

    Did u ever hear from your dealer about updating to the the newer faster servos for the surf gate on your boat, I to have a 2013 Malibu and am interested in this upgrade.

    • Lordhughmongus
    • gordon20mxz

    Hoping you might be able to help. Do you still have your 2014 20 MXZ? I bought one last year and have had trouble getting enough push from the wake to drop the rope. I think I need some more weight in the bow, but don't want a bag sitting up there. I've been filling all hard tanks as well as the PNP's about half full.

    I'd love to get some feedback from someone else who has this boat.



    1. gordon20mxz



      I am able to drop the rope.  I am 6'2" tall and weight about 180 pounds.  I use my son's board which is a Ronix Koal Fish 2014 model.  I think it's a 5 foot board.  I also have a Liquid Force Nose Rider that is a little longer, probably better for my weight, but it is too slow, I can't stay in the pocket with it.

      Regarding the boat set up, I use full hard ballast, full plug and play in the back, and Power Wedge all the way down.  I have a small crew, me, my wife (125 lbs) and my son (100 lbs), so when I am surfing there is only 225 lbs of crew in the boat.  So I bought 400 pounds of stainless steel shot for extra weight (10 - 40 lbs bags).  But I distribute that around the boat, I don't have in all in the front.  I think I have 2 bags in the front anchor compartment, 2 bags next to the batteries, 2 bags in that little storage area in front of the driver's helm and then the remainder under the seats towards the back.

      So, my opinion is: that is is not all about weight in the front.  I think the weigh has to be distributed, full Power Wedge helps the push and the board has to be fast.


  8. henrik

    My wife told me to get the boat ready. She wants to get better at surfing this summer. I love her.

    1. CBray4


      Sir, you have found yourself a WINNER! :clap:

  9. alpensurf23

    It just keeps snowing and snowing and..... Anybody running low on ice? 

  10. alpensurf23

    Would somebody post some pictures please!!!!!!!!!!!:Frustrated:

  11. bamaboy

    @justgary is alive

  12. alpensurf23

    Where are the pictures? I know people have them out there.... New boat? Put her on the water.... Come on man!!!!!!!!!

    • justgary
    • Dare2goBare

    A ghost from the past just sent you a PM.

    1. Dare2goBare


      I'll say.... lol....lol...

  13. alpensurf23

    Thinking of Glassy Water, Kind Souls, Goodtimes....:surfing:

  14. alpensurf23

    Sending Positive Vibes @buzzard way.....Listening to Bob :whistle:

    • agarabaghi
    • Michigan boarder

    hey text me i lost your number =)

    1. Michigan boarder

      Michigan boarder

      Just sent.

    • greenbay
    • Winrdross

    Hello there I have the same boat Malibu 23 vls 2006, and I'm working on a project right now how to instal surf Gate on my boat, is it any chance that you could send me the pictures on how you did it I cannot see it on there Malibu crew website, I need like a programme of something to be able to view your pictures and I'm not so good in computers so I don't really know how to do it, if you would give me some tips on how you did it I would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance

  15. kaufmann4ski

    G3 Tower Ski Rack - Bought this winter, sold my boat this past weekend.  $500 + shipping.  Contact me. Mark

    • bottlefedsi
    • victoryismine06

    I see that you are in the Market, I just listed my 17 MXZ for sale if your interested.



  16. onamission

    Time for a trip down to Jack's.  Great friends and skiing. 



    3lakeswithhomes15 (1).jpg

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