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  2. alpensurf23

    Would somebody post some pictures please!!!!!!!!!!!:Frustrated:

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  4. bamaboy

    @justgary is alive

  5. alpensurf23

    Where are the pictures? I know people have them out there.... New boat? Put her on the water.... Come on man!!!!!!!!!

    • justgary
    • Dare2goBare

    A ghost from the past just sent you a PM.

    1. Dare2goBare


      I'll say.... lol....lol...

  6. alpensurf23

    Thinking of Glassy Water, Kind Souls, Goodtimes....:surfing:

  7. alpensurf23

    Sending Positive Vibes @buzzard way.....Listening to Bob :whistle:

    • agarabaghi
    • Michigan boarder

    hey text me i lost your number =)

    1. Michigan boarder

      Michigan boarder

      Just sent.

    • greenbay
    • Winrdross

    Hello there I have the same boat Malibu 23 vls 2006, and I'm working on a project right now how to instal surf Gate on my boat, is it any chance that you could send me the pictures on how you did it I cannot see it on there Malibu crew website, I need like a programme of something to be able to view your pictures and I'm not so good in computers so I don't really know how to do it, if you would give me some tips on how you did it I would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance

  8. kaufmann4ski

    G3 Tower Ski Rack - Bought this winter, sold my boat this past weekend.  $500 + shipping.  Contact me. Mark

    • bottlefedsi
    • victoryismine06

    I see that you are in the Market, I just listed my 17 MXZ for sale if your interested.



  9. onamission

    Time for a trip down to Jack's.  Great friends and skiing. 



    3lakeswithhomes15 (1).jpg

  10. onamission



    • SlickNick
    • IXFE

    Nice new boat

    • dlamarcus1234
    • Michigan boarder

    Just wanted to reach out to you and see what tower you have installed on your 1994 Echelon. I recently purchased a 1993 and that red tower on your boot really looks good! BTW- I tried sending you a private message, but it states you are unable to receive any messages. 

    1. Michigan boarder

      Michigan boarder

      Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with the messages, I'll ask a moderator about that.  Thanks for letting me know.  On the boat - that is a Boss tower.  I have no idea what model, it came with the boat when I bought it in 2009, and the prior owner had it installed in 2002.  Sorry, not much help.

  11. alpensurf23

    "I wanna Rock!"Twisted Sister

  12. alpensurf23

    “Hello is there anybody out there” Pink Floyd 

  13. alpensurf23

    I think I heard an Echo..... Did anyone hear that......

  14. alpensurf23

    So peaceful on Malibucrew site during the off season.....

  15. onamission

    May need to play these #'s for awhile.


    • dalt1
    • dvsocal

    Where you located and what you want for 2 gal of oil?

  16. onamission

    Time to mold these bad boys
  17. echie

    How much do u guys think a 94 Malibu Echelon is worth??

    in really good shape and still completely all original. 

    Original trailer also. 

  18. Ridebutter


    1. Rceider


      I might have to come see it in the spring!

    2. Ridebutter


      Let me know.  It will be on the water in March!

    • Dare2goBare
    • Malibudude

    Hi there Malibudude,  

    How do we contact the Admins,  I tried to PM you, but can't, keeps telling me my PM Box is full. I have a issue with my account,  I'm paid up as a CrewChief, but my profile shows me as a Crewmember. Thinking this is the root to all my issues.

    Payed via PayPal, Dec. 11/2017

    Please Help.



    1. Malibudude


      Let me email you instead of here. :)

    2. Dare2goBare


      Thx, got your email and have replied.  :thumbup:

    • Boosna
    • jaciche

    I still have the FAE if you'r interested..message me if you are.




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