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  1. Last week
    • D-GOOSE
    • Ronnie

    I'm in contact with Justin on this and we do have a standing code in the Resources- -discount section. We do have some a small give back to the Crew for each sale.


    I'll keep you posted.

    Greg B


    Fresh Air Exhaust

    Reduce noise and NOX


    Standard Rates Apply

    1 512 647 7321

    Contact Christina

    Enter the code MACR15

  2. Soon2BV

    Just started leading Financial Peace University at church. 24 people in the class - my biggest class ever (4th class to lead).  Newlyweds, recent grads, a retired couple and several in-between!

  3. MalibuNation

    Just saw 2 bald eagles on our frozen lake.  Very cool.

  4. Vettesetter


    1. Dare2goBare


      That should be a blast! :rockon: Is it Summer Yet. ..realy getting tired of this weather! 

  5. Earlier
    • Dale974
    • TC_2006_VLX

    If you still have a gallon of the spotless spot remover i would take one of those off your hands.   Thanks


  6. sounddude03

    Already starting to put together summer playlists for the boat. Unfortunately I have way too long until I'll be able to enjoy the music in the proper setting. 

    • Dale974
    • Engine Nut

     I saw your post about full rail pulsing on a 325 monsoon.  Just curious, if i were looking for P/N 786129, or the fuel pressure regulator for a monsoon 325/320 etc, where would be the best place to get these parts online.  I've found that with my indmar vs. the mercruiser i had in the old malibu, it is harder to find a good source for parts.

  7. Indebound

    How many days till summer?:(

    • timberdawg93
    • edwin

    Lusting over your Response - lucky buyer !!! 

    Sounds like a done deal but if not PLEASE shoot me a text 803.480.2346.  

    • malibu2004
    • minnmarker

    Heated boots.

    I have custom foot beds, I would assume I would need to take those out? Which ones do you have? You don't feel them when you wear them? 

  8. Soon2BV

    Merry Christmas to All.  Enjoy family and friends. Do something nice for a random person!  

    • MNRLXi
    • SmoothWaterMan


    I received information on the forum that you might have an idea of how to acquire Scarpa suppression plate for my 2004 Response LXi. Is this correct? 


    • MNRLXi
    • SmoothWaterMan

    I was forwarded your info regarding acquiring a Scarpa Suppression plate.  Do you know where/who might have one?  I am looking to change out/trade my Wake plate for the suppression barefooting plate.



    [email protected]


  9. 09vRide

    Just wrapped up semester 4 of 5 of my MBA.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! 

    1. Dare2goBare


      Hey Congratulations! :thumbup:

      I'm hoping to wrap up my MTR

      in the next year or two, Masters to Retirement!

  10. Hotsoup

    Just started looking at Malibu's, what is the price range on a well equipped 2017 23 LSV?


    • kcj
    • Asmodeus2112

    interested in your Malibu  can you email any more info I know I am in Asheville NC have been looking for awhile

    here is my email

    KC Jones

    [email protected]

  11. Soon2BV

    I am a grandpa again! Welcome to Elijah!  The boat is filling fast!

    1. John I.

      John I.

      That's 2 pieces of great news in a week. Congratulations on both of them!

    2. martinarcher


      Sounds like an awesome week to me!!  Congrats!

    3. 09vRide


      Congrats on the arrival!!

  12. Soon2BV

    Doctor said surgery took care of 100% of cancer! No further treatment required. Still another week+ off work / no major activity while my insides heal. 

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    2. REHinH20


      Always great to hear of another person beating that terrible disease!  Medicine is so incredible!

    3. Malibuzer


      Awesome news!  Congrats!

    4. martinarcher


      Fantastic!  So happy to hear!!!

    • Wkboard
    • D-GOOSE

    I am going to order a Fresh Air Exhaust for my 2012 VLX.  I am wondering if there is still any discount available?

    1. Ronnie


      Those discounts are for Supporting members. You can become a supporting member and take advantage of other discounts as well.




    • twitchee2
    • Raimie

    Hey! whats your email, ill send it over!

    • OLDGUY
    • Brianinpdx

    I have 4 XM-9s. Could you tell me more about the switch on the back of them. The owners manuals says nothing about how to set them. Thanks.

    1. Brianinpdx


      The switch allows you to attenuate the horn part of the speaker. In simple terms it smooths out the horns harshness and makes it sound more like the SXT9Q surf speaker. More sound quality - a bit less projection. Hit us up at the office if we can help answer more questions in greater detail.  -Brian

    • Patricia
    • minnmarker

    Hello, only for while. I took the serial number of the boat, USMB2K5172L112 , year 2012. Engine 170242.

    I´m working now and the boat isn´t near here. I´ll get the pumper serie and give to you. thanks for a while

    1. minnmarker


      You should call or email Malibu to get the specs and engine type on your boat.  Hope you get it fixed.

    • Woodski
    • BoatFlyRide

    Did you ever sell your extra Acme 449 props?

  13. ponderosasurf

    Boat went into storage today... Short seasons in Iowa blow

  14. Soon2BV

    all went well. a day or so here and then home to relax! lots of web and espn time!

    1. Molarbu


      I was hoping your surgery went well yesterday.  Game 6 tonight!


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