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  2. cWonka

    Any Alabama Crew members or legal professionals have experiencing dealing with a "Uniform Non-traffic Citation and Complaint" aka Ticket?

  3. oggie1

    I have a 1997 Malibu Sunsetter LX and am looking to replace the steering cable. Do you know what length and type I need to get?

    1. Arick


      If you crawl under the dash, the cable should have a part number on it.  Thats all you need!

  4. Earlier
    • BenUrbanski
    • kerpluxal


    Looking into fixing/replacing a wedge on a 2004 Malibu XTI 23.  Any chance I can get a copy of the CAD drawings you have?  Also is there a different wedge for DD vs V-drive or are all manual wedges the same?  Any info you can help me with would be great.  Thanks,


    1. kerpluxal


      The cad drawing were for a Sunsetter LX with direct drive 21 ft boat. I can send them but need your email address.. Or email me at shanedosser@gmail.com... Can't comment if they are the same.

  5. JoeBu

    Does anyone happen to have a full wiring schematic for a 2011 WS 23 LSV?

    1. NathalieDeshaies


      I shearch the same thing for malibu vtx 2010....no body answer.


    • G2boats
    • tvano


    I have a 04 Wakesetter 21 XTi, no rear locker.

    i can get the floorboard out in middle, when replacing steering cable, but can’t figure out how to get rear Upholstry and side floor boards out, to pull the gas tank (if necessary) to tighten the bracket nuts.

    It kills me to have to do all this to tighten a nut!  Any suggestions?

    1. tvano


      sorry, i don't have a good mental picture of the txi.

      never seen on in the wild.

      i'd be a poor reference in this situation.

      have you tried to snug the nuts by simultaneously pulling (aft) on a box end wrench while spinning clockwise to snug?  sometimes, w enough pull to get the lock washer to bite, you might get lucky?



    • hockeyman
    • DGoober

    Did you ever get the SWELL wake creator? I am looking at one. Thanks

    • malibudog
    • Fman

    The deckadence is about 1/2 to 5/8 thick.  It is thick enough that it has zero tendency to slide around when custom cut to size.  I would be hesitant about putting any kind of backer on a deckadence type product, since one of the big benefits is that crumbs/dirt just fall right through and disappear.  Lift up the deckadence, and wash the fiberglass underneath, and you are good to go.


    I don't know much about the miner's moss or pool carpet alternatives to deckadence.  I think my deckadence cost about $750, and it was absolutely worth it.  It is weathering great - have a piece sitting next to my hot tub, and it is exposed to sun every day and still looks great 3 years later.  


    Good luck whichever way you go.  Rob

    • riot138
    • jcon44

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me about the bimini.  I am still looking for one.  Any details on what you have?

    1. jcon44


      I have the original Bimini my boat came with. Not sure the make but i can send you some more pics if you like. Its in great shape and complete with everything you would need including the mounting feet for the tower. I bought a new larger one from tower biminis about 2 years ago when we had a kid to provide more shade so this one has been sitting in a box ever since. This is the only pic I have handy.



    • Cory
    • IXFE

    I see you went back to a 23 LSV this year.  How does it surf relative to your previous 23 LSV and 25 LSV?  Have you tried surfing it without bow ballast? 

  6. 2h20fn

    Who had the TXI Swim Platform cover for sale?  Is it still available? 

    1. mackie12


      @ahopkinsTXi had it for sale...........however, i bought it.......will let you know if it doesn't fit for me.

  7. srintx

    Been awhile...

    1. Bozboat


      It has been a while. 

    2. srintx


      Never left...just took a break

  8. onamission

    First tournament of the year

    1/2 @281pilotb

    • Tantrum2
    • powbmps

    Hey, I noticed you mentioned that you had the original Weber 750 carb. If you still have it, I would be interested for my 97 mag ski. Let me know, thanks

    1. Tantrum2


      Just letting you know what I am dealing with. Bought a tantrum new when I was a kid, 97 model. Had it for 21 years. Always thought I would trade up some day, but I am kind of attached to my old boat. Just had it reupholstered, and doing a little tune up and maintenance. Decided I would just buy a new carb, and ordered the Edelbrock 1409 from summit. Installed it, but haven’t been too impressed. It lacks the response and power of the old Weber. Moving on, decided I would rebuild the Weber, but it has some pitting in the throats. Sounds like you have been down this road, and came to the same conclusion as me. Came across your thread that said you still had the old Weber in the basement, and I would be very much interested if so. Thanks

    2. powbmps


      Sorry, but I sent it out to someone a couple months back.


  9. DHixson

    Took my boat out a couple of weeks ago for the first time.  As I throttled up, some bad gas went through the engine and it sputtered and shut down.  It immediately restarted and ran fine the rest of the day but a notice kept popping up saying Active Engine Fault: mechanical system not responding properly.

    Is there any way I can remove it or reset it???   My boat is running fine otherwise and all pressures and temps are perfect. 

  10. obski

    Finally got out on the water for some skiing. By far our latest start to the season.

  11. onamission

    Looks like a good time, great to see local business keeping the sport alive.





    • Queequeg
    • SmoothWaterMan

    I saw a similar post and a response suggested posting to you. 

    I am replacing the Malibu Electronic Management System push button circuit breakers located in the console of my 1993 Euro F3 Skier 195 Malibu ski boat.  The 6 breakers are for the ignition, blower, bilge pump, stereo, accessories, and navigational lights.  The breakers do not have any rating info and I cannot find any rating info in the manual or in the forums.  Please provide info on the rating of the breakers so I can replace them.  Help will be greatly appreciated.



    1. SmoothWaterMan


      Sorry Queequeg, I would not have that information.

    2. Queequeg


      Thank you for taking time to respond.

    • wakeparadise
    • skurfer

    Hey, It might be me but I have no idea how to reply to your question...  when I had faults on the wedge the problem was always water in the cylinder, I had to replace both. I took them off, opened them up and they were both full of water. Terrible design, whichaibu fixed by going hydraulic in 2014

    1. skurfer


      I've done that. Replaced both actuators. The old ones happen to work just fine, too :( Thanks

    • redline450
    • kerpluxal

    Kerpluxal Wow that is quite a setup with 1000 in the bow, and the weight along the sides. I have a 2008 23 LSV and I am still struggling to get max push from the left side. I have 900's in the rears and 100 in the front and 150 in each side. We are riding around 10.8 mph and I vary the wedge from 7-11 o'clock on the dash gauge.  If I load my boat down with any more weight at max throttle the tack is at 3,000 and the max speed is 10.2 to 10.4.  We live in Colorado and I just ordered another high altitude prop 

    How did you get that much weight in the front? 

    Do you have a 23 LSV? 

    Chris in Colorado

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    2. redline450


      I have GSA on my boat, that's why i was interested in you setup. I will try to add more bow weight but currently I'm at 3,000 RPMs and the max speed is 10.5 to 11 and If I put the wedge at 11:00 it is hard to maintain that speed... a new high altitude prop is on the way !

      do you know how to get the center floor up on these boats? My fuel sending unit went out and I am having a difficult time getting to the top of the gas tank. I thought this would be easy but I am not able to locate the screws


    3. kerpluxal


      Not sure if it is the same as mine... I have snap in carpet (which stays in garage) and the center floor section is obvious with the carpet out... Can you take a pic of your floor? 

      I never run that much wedge... imho that is too much... I run the GSA tabs all the way down on and wedge at 2 - 4 clicks up from bottom (7:00 - 8:00?? ) on the regular side... My boat should be out of shop by next weekend and I will try to get some footage of the wave... 

      What prop did you order? I had the 2249 on mine but since it is damaged beyond repair, I am going to try the 2773 next. I am pretty much at sea level lol...

    4. redline450


      2419... high altitude out here !

      i will send a pic of the floor and out wave when we get back to the boat.

      thanks for your help

    • 7lazy77
    • MKuchins

    Just posted what I know on my v-drive leak.  I should of quoted you so you know when I responded, but just wanted to let you know where I am at with the problem.  Did you have yours looked at or talked with your local dealer on your problem?

    • Brodie
    • ahopkinsTXi

    Hey, I saw your platform cover for sale.  Can you tell the dimensions of it?  If it will fit my VLX, I'll take it.

    1. ahopkinsTXi


      What is the beam of your VLX?

    2. Brodie



    3. ahopkinsTXi


      It may fit then. Unfortunately I don’t have the TXi anymore so I can’t really measure the cover because the bungee shrinks the whole cover up into a ball. 

    • ajmont
    • wedge88

    Do you like the HO Rad? I am in the market but can't decide on size and whether they are worth the price tag.

    1. wedge88


      Our kids love ours.  We don't have a lake house so when we go, we go for the day and it's great to ride but even better to throw over the side when we're swimming and let the kids play on it.  We bought the bigger one and glad we did because of the fun they have on it while floating.  It fits perfect in our bow with the front down and the rear resting on the seatback so the kids like to crawl under the "RAD TENT" in the front of the boat while we're driving so they have shade.  

      I don't regret spending the money.

    • ajmont
    • Ronnie

    What did you end up thinking of the HO rad? Does it fold/roll up similar to inflatable paddle boards?

    1. Ronnie


      We didn’t use it. My crew doesn’t tube so it never got used. 

    • Lader67
    • Ronnie

    Ok curious if I can get an answer on this , I have a 2004 25LSV. I’ve added the illusions X tower to it in 06, it’s all prewired . I have finally come around to add the speakers to it . I have the Sony Xplod system with 600 watt amp , along with two bow , two mid and two stern speakers . So looking at the wiring out of the stereo I have quite some length of speaker wire zipped tied up , does anyone know if they prewired for speakers in a tower even thought I didn’t purchase at time of sale.i do know when I added a perfect pass all the specific wires were there for it . Was hoping they prewired for the tower speakers to ? Or if someone has knows how I may obtain a wire schamatic ? Thanks

    1. Ronnie


      You need to post this in the Stereo Forum. 

  12. stachs1

    I just ordered a 24MXZ delivering in mid June. Looking for the best boat fenders both for docking and tying up to other boats.  Afraid my current ones won't workout as they were used on a 2005 VLX 21.5 (to small).  Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks 

    1. LoadofBollocks


      Go to Exile Audio and get the Buoy Balls.  They are the best in the world. Will not scratch your boat. 

    2. stachs1




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