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  2. Crad

    2016 Malibu 23 LSV - Current


    2012 Nautique 210 TE

    2002 Mastercraft 190 -

    2008 Nautique 210 TE

    2006 Ski Nautique 196 TE

    1993 - Malibu Flightcraft - Aust born one

    2007 Air Nautique 216

    2004 Nautique SV211

    **2001 Ski Nautique - Long story

    2000 Sport Nautique (DD)

    **2000 Super Sport - Long story

    **2000 Sport Nautique - Long Story

    1999 Ski Nautique

    1981 Ski Nautique

    Grow up behind a 1983 Barretta 18'


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    • Arick


    1. Arick


      I'll give you a call tonight

  4. onamission

    Just a little intimidating to have Cale Burdick drive for you.

    1. 05hammerhead


      Funny, cause I had Freddy Winter drive me while I wakeboarded and was super fun.  He was just starting at the boarding school and didnt quite know that an XStar wasnt a Prostar.  Kinda felt like it was blasphemy not to ski with him, but oh well.

  5. Cole2001

    Anyone have a used radar ski? Preferably a senate, 67 inch. 

    1. ahopkinsTXi


      Not sure if those are still available or not, but I would check in on them. Also, watch SIA regularly. Good deals pop up but can be snatched up quickly.

    • Jbw3nT
    • Brett B

    Brett, nice job on those hinges. I realize this is an older post from you but hope you might be able to supply the part number for the cooler lid hinges you used. I went to but could not be sure which ones are used. Thanks


    • james33
    • Gavin17

    is the 13 x 12.5 prop still available? 

  6. Adrenaline Junkie


    Trying to get a hold of Chee regarding some new skins for a 97 Response

    Is he still doing skins 

    If not does anyone have somebody to recomend  



    1. asnowman


      Greg nobody knows where Chee went.

      Search for Gabriel Garcia. He does nice work and has the malibu patterns.

    • 96Response
    • Falko

    I am having trouble navigating this site a little. Would it be possible to contact you buy phone and get some more info on the TBI swap to Carb. You could text me at 330 442 9570 If that's good with you.

  7. onamission

    New tournament PB [email protected]   34.2

    1. Malibudude


      Nice!!!! Congrats

  8. Cole2001

    Anyone have a trick ski they are willing to part with?

  9. henrik

    Been on the lake the last 5 out of 6 days/nights. Happy man!!

    • Jbw3nT
    • bunji169

    Hello Bunji

    a bit back you mentioned that you had the malibu standard shocks for a G3 tower. Do you still have them?

    email me if you can, I'm John

    [email protected]

    • gvb
    • Engine Nut


    Left a VM for you earlier today... can you take a look at this thread and let me know if you have any suggestions?

    Thank you!

    • windy1
    • jwl019

    coming to Monroe in a couple of weeks for the college wakeboard nationals at the university (my son is competing). Looking for a decent hotel and other things to do or see in Monroe. Got any suggestion. Thanks

    • Underdog
    • davewfo

    How much ???

  10. ajgear

    Made the jump from 2014 VTX to 2018 VTX.  Sooner than anticipated, but I couldn't resist.  If anyone is looking for a 2014 in great shape (95 hrs or so) with warranty lasting until April of 2019, it's at Minnesota Inboard.  It just went up on their website.  Hoping to see the new one in early/mid September.  At least we'll get the break-in done this year...and maybe get a little use out of that heater.




  11. onamission

    3 lakes - 5 srts - 12 hours 

    • 95echelon
    • MLA

    Hey MLA! You helped me design out a mid grade system on my boat last year... I have a 10" sub in a box in passenger compartment (plan to move to helm in the fall), 4 crappy sony in boats off a headunit, and now a pair of Kicker 6.5" HLCD's up on the tower. I would love rev 10's but the kickers were all I could afford/justify. My tower speaker amp failed and now my ARC 300.4 is down a channel as well (bought it used and the forum member here packed it terribly). So I am bridging 2 channels to my kickers now for 125 watts each. I want to run the 300.4 in Bridge mode if I can but if a channel is down... Now I am also worrying because David was trashing the 6.5 inch HLCD's in my earlier thread.

    I am thinking I will take a pair of xs-650 speakers from the tower and move them in boat along with a second purchased pair of xs-650's for just 4 in boats. Any ideas of a good AMP for those that isn't terrible on the budget (under 200 ideal but maybe up to 300). Rockford Fosgate maybe? I can't afford another 300.4...

    I need another amp so i can install my BT 420...

    Amp I was looking at but I can spend a bit more:

    Thanks for any help in advance, your posts have helped me a TON

    1. 95echelon


      Sorry I am not bridging the kickers now, just running off the working 2 channels on the ARC. Sub has a dedicated amp and the inboats are headunit powered.

  12. hooskir

    I installed an aftermarket pump for $200 have put over 30 hours so far no issues.  

    • Dzldoctor
    • Ffrife

    This is for a pair correct??  Can you do $250 shipped?


  13. ahopkinsTXi

    Amazon Prime Day...

    • Crawdaddy
    • Malibudude

    Can you give me some direction on seeing this on posts instead of pictures.  Is it my account with Malibu Crew or is it with Photo bucket?Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.02.04 AM.png

    1. Ronnie


      It's Photobucket. They are now requiring you to pay $400/year to link photos.



    2. Crawdaddy


      Wow thanks....looks like I will not be seeing these photos! 


    • lakewakes
    • 7lazy77

    This is Mark from Lakewakes wakesurf boards.
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    Mark Werbenec

    • NHolladay
    • kerpluxal

    Did you ever get the misfire in number 7 resolved

    • NHolladay
    • dfunderburk

    What was the answer here.  Did you ever figure it out

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