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  2. Acesn28

    Sad day! My 2014 22 MXZ got crushed by a lift that malfunctioned (water intrusion) and raised it into the lift and ceiling joists of the boathouse. The tower halfway collapsed and was sunk into the fiberglass 6" and I have 4 foot cracks on both sides of the boat. The insurance company submitted a repair estimate of 25K including a new tower. Anyone else convinced this cannot be fixed correctly like me? I am assuming the Lifetime Structural Warranty will be voided.  At the very least, who has liability if the repair fails and the tower collapses on someone? I did get advice from a boat builder to contact Malibu and let them know what happened.  Any similar stories out there?  


  3. Cole2001

    How do I convince the family to get a DD ski boat?🤔

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    2. Cole2001


      Good point. I could get a old ski Nautique for 8k but then I have to maintain 2 boats 

    3. Gavin17


      That's what we have, DD's are super easy to maintain.  If you just use them for slalom runs you won't rack up hours.  

    4. Cole2001


      Now that I think about it, the cost I've spent to make mine surf between ballast, surf system and props is probably almost the ski boat😂

    • kdspindl
    • davewfo


    Rather than posting to everyone, just thought I'd send you a private note with my email.  I still consider myself a novice/intermediate, but I got about 35 nights under my belt now as our family has gone houseboating up there now for the past several years.  I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot, that is part of the fun.  Just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I can give you some tips if you want, I got a couple places in mind not too far from wahweap that you may like.  It is my favorite place on the planet, you will have a blast no matter what :)


    • MJH
    • CBDuner

    I was just rereading your posts from surgery on the skier. Now that my boys are old enough, their project this summer is to wet sand my 87

    • foreste1
    • racer808

    Hi do you have a pic of the bow cushion?

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  5. illiniboarder

    Reposting hoping for any guesses I'm out of ideas.... Hoping someone can help, I have an 04 response lxi ive had since new a few years ago it started having a stall after I ran it hard for an hour or so. Stall is pretty bad when it starts and if I'm running hard it will back my speed down and even start back firing although I can back it down to 25 mph and it will run fine also fine at idle since it's started I've had the fuel injection removed checked and cleaned replaced plugs and wires and now replaced the fuel pump and it still does it also if I let it rest for awhile I can it will run fine again for awhile I have taken it to many mechanics and even the local Malibu dealer techs but everyone thinks it's fine because it runs perfect for the lake test they do for 45min and charge me $300 for. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.



    • skruse711
    • satchdh

    Hi I wanted to see if you Malibu response is still for sale, and if so where you are located.  Thanks

    • Monk
    • Michigan boarder

    WoodSki; said to give you a shout, he said you did a carburetor rebuild on your Echelon. Going through the same thing on our 95 Sunsetter. Weber original 1020 hours on it, been rebuild a few time. Looking to replace it. Your thoughts...

    Thanks Monk..

    • TDR
    • TimbrSS

    Did you mount wet sounds above bimini?  How did you go through bimini?

    • Chadfaber
    • WakeGirl

    I know you had a 06 VLX, I have an 07, and need help with surf wave, thought you might have some ideas for best wave. I have the factory MLS with additional bow tank, additional 750's in both lockers, 700 lbs of lead wake bags scattered under seats, a power wedge and a nauticurl sufgate. Last time out I left the right side 750 pretty empty thinking a slight list even with the wake shaper would help, but it had no push what so ever.  I think im going to just try filling everything all the way, setting the wedge around 3 clicks up, putting the wake shaper on and praying its decent.

    • MacG
    • Ronnie

    Ronnie, I am new to the site. Also, on Granbury. Had a few surf questions??

    1. Ronnie


      Lets hear them. PM me if you want and we can talk in person or the phone.

    • Cboom12
    • wakedncsu

    I'll take the prop if it still available. PayPal?

    • 89MalibuskierCO
    • martinarcher

    Hey @martinarcher, I have stumbled across a few feeds talking about switching out the old points for the electronic conversion (PerTronix  ML-181 Ignitor Mallory 8 cyl ) on my 1989 Malibu skier, i just ordered this part and was wondering if there is anything i should know before install. This is my first time doing the conversion and want to make sure i do it correctly to get the ole 'bu back on the lake! Does my coil need to have an internal resistor? The one on the boat now says, "use with external resisitor"

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!



    1. martinarcher


      It's a very easy installation.  Just follow the instructions and put the points and condenser in a baggie.  I keep the bag of old parts in the glove box for an on the lake swap out if I ever have trouble with the electronic ignition.  I have that kit in the old truck as well as the boat and have never had any issues.  The only issues I have had are with the coil itself.  I used to fail one every 2-3 years until I switched to Pertronix coils (previously running Accel coils).  No external ballast resistor required with the conversion kits.  

    2. 89MalibuskierCO


      Hey @martinarcher,


      Thanks for the valuable input! Got the new electronic ignition all installed and took it to the lake and the boat seemed to be started up a little easier and idling smoother. After a while on the lake, the boat had seemed to be back to the same old problems -low idle, hard start, very occasional bog down under load. Thinking that the ingnition was not the problem, would you suggest digging into the carb? I have owned the boat for a little over a year (100 hrs) and do not know the last time the carb was rebuilt. If i go this route do you have any suggestions on rebuild kit?



    3. martinarcher


      If you've got someone local that can tune the carb it might be worth having them take a peek.  If you'd like to try a replacement/rebuild I went through Carb Junkies (you can find them online) and bought a unit they had rebuilt pretty reasonably.  The other thing I have had trouble with that you might want to take a peek at before digging into the carb is the fuel pump.  Mine is a mechanical (mounted on the block).  I put a fuel pressure gauge inline and saw it wasn't keeping up so I replaced it.

    • jlaack
    • Engine Nut

    I am having an issue with a 05 response LXI.  Monsoon 340.  It will not pull more than 27mph and 2900rpm in drive.  It will rev up 5k+ in reverse or neutral.  Shutters on a hole shot moving forward.  New plugs, Cap, rotor, fuel filter.  ETC is working correctly. Compression is between 165 and 170 on all cylinders. New fuel filter and pressure regulator.  Fuel pressure is 58 at idle, wot, or partial throttle.  Cleaned injectors with no change. Used an on car type cleaning unit with fuel pump d/c'd. I am replacing worn strut bushings this week. 400 hrs on engine.  I purchased from my dealer as a promo boat with 30 hrs.

    • Walo
    • Andrew63

    Andrew, just saw tip for the oxy sensor tool. Will have a look and see what I can source locally

    1. Walo


      And many thanks for the tip.


    2. Andrew63


      Found these in auto stores, cheap as chips for what they save in greif

    • Mitchmoeller
    • martinarcher


    I have been following homemade surfgates on Malibu crew for a while now and ready to take the plunge on my 2008 wakesetter 247.  Are you still selling the control system?  If so how much does it run and what's the lead time?





    1. martinarcher


      I am.  I sent you an email with details about the control system and how to buy one.  Thanks!

    • racer808
    • dihrdskir

    Dude sold me bad gauges & won't respond to messages now.  Excellent member...

    1. dihrdskir


      Feeling bummed about this, sometimes there are reasons why people don't respond in a timely fashion.   See the PM I sent you for an explanation. As for the gauges, they were fine in 2015 when I shipped them to you.

  6. 09vRide

    I had my convocation today.  Was very happy to demonstrate for my kids what hard work and perserverance can amount to.  It was worth more to me than the degree itself.

    • Arctic Slalom
    • SmoothWaterMan

    pulled my '04 sunscape out and ran it today, peter.  she runs like a beauty and started right up.  love it! 

    • electricjohn
    • SmoothWaterMan

    Pete,  Any interest in doing a Malibu WOW together somewhere in the Adk park.  I'm on Schroon across from Eagle Point.  Lots of pre-planning but I am willing to stop by to discuss possibility's.

    1. jgates237


      I know a couple of Bu's west of you that will come and join you if the timing works out.

    2. Indebound


      I'd be interested. I'm in Ballston Lake but love driving up to the 'dacks.

    • electricjohn
    • powderski14

    Might be on the GSL June 8th to the 11th at Northville campground hanging out with the hot boat guys.  If I see an A20 I'll say hi.

  7. LanceThorne23

    I have a 2012 247 wakesetter with the supercharged 555hp cadillac in it. We just got it a year ago, we had no problems until recently where the first thing is that the power wedge will no longer go up, it is stuck all the way down but says it is up on the gauge. the second issue is that we normally have some steam out of the back and the dealership said that is normal but we have had 4 malibus and never had any steam, but the same day the power wedge stopped working we had a lot of steam so if anyone knows anything about this and could help out that would be great. thanks

    • KUBU
    • darrink

    Darrink, I'm very interested in the Sampson spinner rack you have for sale. Why are you selling it by chance? Are you firm on the price? Do you have any other rack combos beside wake/wake? Just confirming it fits the X Tower? 


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    2. KUBU


      Thank you. Just to confirm, the rack arrived today.

    3. KUBU


      Bolts arrived, thanks!

    4. darrink


      Good.  What is your impression of the Rack so far?

    • FireMedic
    • The Hulk

    I know it was awhile ago, but just came across the thread in which you built a new pizza storage tray out of aluminum, any chance you're still doing that? 

  8. Agman

    Had an issue with the new T23 on Saturday. Temp gauge was normal -160 degrees- while idling through marina. Got on plane and it started jumping all over. From 160 to 0 then back and for a split second hit 240 then went straight back to 160. Alarm went off so I shut it down, engine didn't feel hot. Got towed in, Sunday idling back to marina, all good again, no alarms temp at 160. Brought it in today to dealer-Larson Marine in Rancho. They hooked it up found no codes, pulled sensor and found some paint in it? Replaced sensor, taking it out tomorrow to check it. Thanks to Craig and the guys there, great service as always

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