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  1. Last week
    • Dinsdale
    • Cole2001

    How'd you make out on the VTX.

    1. Cole2001


      Wizard has been super busy at the boat show, they said they are back in the office tomorrow. If the numbers are good it will be very tempting to trade in the tige. 

    • bamacrew5
    • Murphy8166

    You still selling the Wakemakers 827lb 23-LSV Bags? 

  2. Earlier
  3. alpensurf23

    Will Malibu add a bigger prop to the 23LSV in 2018???

    • Tclark
    • shawndoggy

    What up man! Got a question for you, you seem to be spot on with the Bu's. I have 08 WS with the illusion xs tower. I ordered lights for it, and wired them up(to the light holes on tower), now how do I turn them on? 

  4. Levi900RR

    3 feet of snow.... come on!!!!! :cry:

    1. asnowman


      Just head over to jay or stowe and enjoy it!

    2. Levi900RR


      Went to Bolton yesterday. So Epic. But I'm ready for the boat. 

    3. asnowman


      Yeah, I'm ready too. All the new boat stuff is starting to arrive at the house now, but I keep having to dig it out of snow banks! 

  5. alpensurf23

    Idaho Falls Boat Show this weekend, would be cool to meet other crew members.. Check Boat Show forum for details..:thumbup:

    1. Molarbu


      My wife and I are both from Idaho Falls originally, but live up in Lewiston. Have fun at the show!

  6. Levi900RR

    Anyone know of a used Floe sundeck? I'd love an 8X12' piece. 

    • darrink
    • KentC

    Will your cover fit a 2005-2008 VLX with IllusionX tower?

    1. KentC


      I don't think so man.  My 13 has the G3 tower and is a different hull as well.  Sorry!

  7. alpensurf23

    Palm Trees, Warm breeze, Fresh Squeezed, Surf Tee's

  8. saxton15

    Just came from the Boat show...Can summer arrive please?!

  9. Levi900RR

    Going to be selling my Tundra soon. Let me know if you're interested before it hits the open market. 

    1. alpensurf23


      Just said goodbye to my tundra and said hello to Duramax. Looking forward to being able to tow LSV more comfortably and better gas mileage. What you getting to replace??

    2. Levi900RR


      Thinking another Tundra right now. I just sat down and really diced up the numbers though and I think it makes more sense to keep it one more year. 

  10. alpensurf23

    I don't want to get out of bed until surf season....:biggrin:

    1. saxton15


      Amen to that

  11. onamission

    Looking to get in a couple of sets in before Florida

    1. alpensurf23


      Comp in FL?

  12. alpensurf23

    Sun, Rain and 36 degrees...:frantic:Over it!!

  13. CT99ResponseLX

    2cents on upgrade


    Looking at upgrading. Localish dealer has an 06 VLX listed for 34,900. 

    What was that boat new $$?

    Under 200hrs on it  

    manual wedge


    upgraded stereo



    • DaFuzz144
    • hunter77ah

    hey there where about you at in NW Ohio?

     I'm from up that way originally. 

  14. 85 Barefoot

    is there anyone at the factory now or next week that can take a picture?  if so, pm me pls

    1. alpensurf23


      I actually called Malibu and politely asked for a photo of my build and they were happy to help me out. If this is in regards to a build.

  15. alpensurf23

    Wondering who else is ready for boat season???Hmmmmmm???

    1. racer808


      Dying for it!  Now that I can't play golf due to my shoulder I don't know what to do with myself & I am out of projects around the house.  Need my happy place!!!

    • Boatman
    • Michigan boarder

    Hey Boarder! Any chance you'll be at the boat show Thursday? I'm planning on the whole day as I'm going with a buddy who is working the Harbor Master booth. I may need a BEER BREAK!

    • alpensurf23
    • ID AX


  16. alpensurf23

    Glassy Water, Kind Souls, Warm Sun, Good Times!

  17. marcus24

    I have a 2013 Malibu VLX and have a problem with my floor...It is bowing up in the middle...has anyone else had a problem like this??  You can email me back at [email protected] or here I guess... 

    1. alpensurf23


      Weird, mine does the opposite but thats cause my diet or lack there of. I will ask around and get back to ya marcus..

  18. Levi900RR

    Foot of snow here... 

    • yohee31
    • ConnollyCrew

    Just saw the pics of your led upgrades...looks great.  I'm curious how you had them set up to switch on/off?  Were you able to integrate them into the touchscreen or did you have to install a separate switch?  Also, what kind of led rings did you purchase? 

    Thank you in advance for your input!



    • JCP75
    • JoeA

    Hi Joe,

    Love how you set up your lift.  I'm looking to do something like this.  What did you use for the brackets to mount the 2x12s to the cross beams?

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