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  2. I recently purchased the boat early last winter and I am going through testing everything. The heater wasn't working so I popped under the dash and noticed the hose connections to the heater were unplugged and the hoses were splice into each other. I thought I would be able to trace the lines back but I lose them under the floor. I was looking into it and it seems that one comes from the block into the heater and one out of the heater and to the water pump. I am still familiarizing myself with how everything works but I can't seem to find out which hose is which. I was thinking I could hook up a fake a lake and disconnect those hoses from each other and the hose that shoots water would be coming from the block? If I figure that out then I have to figure out which hole to plug it in on the heater... Any help would be greatly appreciated. The heater craft website doesn't offer much info so I was hoping one of the crew might know.
  3. GatorStep group buy

    home depot too!
  4. Now you tell me! You know how much I just LOVE waiting for supplies in the middle of my project.
  5. New 24 MXZ Price

    The flip side of this @TenTwentyOne... Here's what I really like about the inboard industry and the pricing practices. It's not easy! I like hard. I like challenging. I like the game. It's a microcosm of the real world. Sure, everybody wants perfect information and fairness for all. But that's not the real world we live in. It's naive to think otherwise. Somehow despite the inefficiencies we're posting about, smart guys like you and me (and dozens of others on this forum) keep coming back for more. Why is that?? It's because we've all learned, over MANY YEARS, how to navigate this crazy ecosystem in our own ways. And if we're honest with ourselves, we enjoy the game and our ability to play it. Here's the good news for the new guys... you're all free to play this game and learn the unspoken rules that govern it. I'll give y'all just a little hint... it's alot like the secret to success in other parts of life... The real world runs on relationships. The older I get the more true this becomes. The real world rewards people who can tolerate ambiguity and achieve results despite the inequities. Build relationships in this industry and you'll be amazed and what happens. Get involved at your dealer and you'll be amazed at what happens. And yes, buy more than one boat and you'll be amazed how things start to loosen up...
  6. Problems with stock amplifier

    They are in the front inputs, here are the different ways i can have it set up and the results. 2 channel mode: RCA plugged into Front: Sound from rear speakers, no bow RCA plugged into rear: no sound from either 4 channel mode: RCA plugged into Front: No sound from either RCA plugged into rear: Sound from rear, no bow
  7. Wow, lotta hate for fishermen here. OP came here looking for solutions to prevent lures hitting his boat and cover. I'm not sure what lake he is on and by his screen name I assumed Lake of the Ozarks but he very well might not be. On LOTO and Table Rock and many of the other lakes across the US they have huge tournaments every weekend and you are not going to be able to go to the sponsors and threaten them. Going to the fisherman's personal dock probably wont work either since most of them travel for these tournaments. On Table Rock a couple of weekends ago we had 3 tournaments on a Saturday that totaled well over 700 boats. I grew up fishing (only for fun no tournaments) every weekend on the lake with my dad before we got older and into water sports. Casting into and around docks and any other type of structure is where the fish typically relate too. Never tried to hit boats or docks but sometimes an errant cast or flip happens. Sometimes ya get tangled up on a dock and fishing with wind always adds another interesting element, sometimes you loose lures. Nothing better than coming down to your own dock to find a new lure that someone lost. Doesn't happen all of the time, always fun to find new lake treasure. Anyway, @OliverKlozoff here are the sun screens that I use to keep the sun off the back of my boat and probably will help keep the unwanted lures from landing on your boat and cover.
  8. Towers Speaker Braket

    It's rockfor-fosgate PM282W-B. I have just 2, but i will probably had two oders next year !!
  9. New 24 MXZ Price

    @TenTwentyOne, the more I think about it, the more I feel like we're in violent agreement. We both wish the industry was different. The difference is... Some people argue from the perspective "this is how it SHOULD be or how I WISH it was." Other people argue from the perspective "this is how things ARE today, and IT IS WHAT IT IS." Both people might have the same wishes, but the second guy acknowledges that's not reality and it's better to just align to reality. I'm that guy. I stopped wishing for the industry to be something it's not a long time ago. I can't change it. What makes me think I can change the inboard industry? I can't even get my kids to put down their smart phones. If I was going to tackle a huge cause bigger than myself, I'd probably try to get Coke to bring back Diet Coke with Lime. Jussayin...
  10. I've also had these issues on occasion, I was able to correct the issues by checking all the connections under and behind the dash. Most notably for me was the ground buss, I found a number of the screw terminals had become loose over time.
  11. New 24 MXZ Price

    And all I'm saying is... it depends on the dealer, regardless of brand. I literally shopped every brand this year, as a serious buyer, during the week when the showrooms were empty, spent hours with various dealers. My experience was not like you say. Everybody needs to remember, these dealers are all independent businesses with different practices, habits, and strategies. I do agree that invoice transparency is probably inevitable. I didn't realize it was so accurate for MC. And your dealer showing you the invoice is amazing... literally never heard of that in this industry. That's either because they are really progressive or because you're TenTwentyOne (i.e. not Joe Public). I suspect it's the latter.
  12. Why are the thumbscrews different?
  13. If the batteries are wired in full time parallel you should probably only be using a single bank charger. It sounds like what you have is a single bank consisting of 2 batteries. A dual bank charger is for when you have 2 batteries on different circuits or two battery banks which are somehow isolated from each other. If I were you I would probably install a battery switch so you can use one of your batteries as a reserve, or at a minimum use the switch to separate them for storage and charging and only switch it to "combine" when the boat is actually in use (this is better for battery health). Or you can leave it as it is, but only hook up one output from the charger which should effectively charge both batteries.
  14. Problems with stock amplifier

    The black box actually is the "head unit". its the brain and the screen is just a remote head unit face. Sounds as if your bow speakers are on the front chnls, cabins on rear chnls but you plugged your level control RCA into rear. they should be in the front inputs.
  15. Our surf wave has no push on 2013 Wakesetter 24 MXZ. Does anyone have any experience with surfing this boat? What weight, where to add or take out and speed? We have plug and play 750's and stock hard tanks. Thanks for your help
  16. 2005 VLX - Considering purchasing

    Could you share the screw information?
  17. Can we concur the GFO 1/4” x 2ft is the right size for my 2010 ????
  18. New 24 MXZ Price

    1) I didn't know they did. when I was a customer, I was never able to just get a price sheet. Id go down the list with the dealer, and he would type away and then spit out a sheet for me. At the time, I had three different dealers that were all almost exactly the same distance from me. NONE of them would provide me with standard pricing info. Only a completed build sheet with a price......even as late as some pricing I got in 2015 for an LSV. Maybe this has changed since then. Not to mention, MSRPs did not match with those dealers, except on the options. When you put together a spec, you don't have any interest in seeing option values as you add them?? Why would a dealer only lower the MSRP?? Just to show a smaller discount?? That makes no sense either. All I know, is that all the quotes I got were different by as much as 10k on the base price of the boat. Maybe you are right. Maybe some lower the price for some unknown reason, and then show a smaller discount. But it seems to me that it would make more sense for them to inflate the price, show a much larger discount, and lead the customer to believe that they are getting a more expensive boat than the competition, but at a cheaper price because the dealer is so awesome, and gave me the bro discount of a lifetime. Meanwhile, he has absolutely no way to easily verify the pricing info..... 2) Gotcha, I didn't know they allowed that as well. I was told otherwise, but that only came from a dealer owner themself......... So, does Malibu not allow dealers to refuse service for out of area boats? Does Malibu not require the out of area dealer to kick anything back to the area dealer? I seem to remember these being normal practices, and I know Nautique still carries this practice. MC and SC, however, require dealers to service ANY boat that is brought in for warranty work, and they are supposed to do so in a FIFO basis. This was a contract requirement with MC when they changed to their factory backed warranty. Dealers cant refuse or delay service on an out of area unit, as long as it is covered under MasterCare. I'm turning up the contrast too much?? I said "shopping other brands is more like buying a car" (Meaning more than Bu was, in my experience), not "Exactly like buying a car". And yes, based on actual invoices for MC's and seedealercost.com info, yes, I can easily get invoice info on MC boats. I was curious and checked that in the past, and it was dead on exact to the dollar on the invoice amount of my XStar this year as well. I can also get all of the MSRP info in 30 seconds, and it is all publically displayed for every model and option, and that info also matches the seedealercost.com MSRP info to the exact dollar. I highly doubt seedealercost.com is correct for all brands and options. They weren't on my G's, but they are dead on with MC for some reason. I do stock ordering for MCs now, so I have that info......but my dealer doesn't bother hiding it anymore either, because they just have customers come in with the printout anyway........ So, while I understand your point that there are differences, I still feel that some of the Manufacturers and dealers have become more transparent in recent years, and have started to make the experience MORE LIKE buying a car than it used to be. And while you say MC and Nautique dealers get to decide how transparent they are with pricing.....the MSRP pricing info is just a click away with MC and SC, and Nautique dealers just send out an Excel worksheet that covers pricing for every model and option. All I was saying, was, why can't Bu be more transparent as well?
  19. Today
  20. Adding bow weight to my boat increased the length of the wave greatly. Bow weight and a suck gate was a game changer for me. 750Lbs rears 500lb Mid 600 Front Suckgate, wedge, Wake Hull . 9.3 to 9.5MPH
  21. That is soooo cool. Just celebrated the arrival of our first grandson on the 9th, cant wait for this day. How did you get up? Or did you slide off the swim platform?
  22. Largest in boat speakers in 01' Wakesetter

    I just replaced my factory 6.5 Speakers with 6.5 Polks. They dropped right in and sound great with the addition of a amp powering them. I have rev10s on the tower. You can go slightly larger with out cutting but not much. If you dont have it already Id invest more into the tower speakers verse in cabin.
  23. 2019 Model Year Updates/Changes

  24. Cab step recommendations

    Any recommendations for some cab steps/running boards that don't rust out? The new truck is a bit taller than the old one and my wife already had issues getting in and out of it when she is dressed up. Looking for something that will survive sitting outside for years in the land of ice/snow and road chemicals
  25. 2019 Model Year Updates/Changes

    Here are some changes we know about New 22 LSV to replace the 22 VLX and update with Wakeview Bench and hull design similar to 23 LSV. New 25 LSV design to match LSV lineup. Possible Mid-Year launch(fall) New Tower Design GX(10) with Power Fold New interior full color options like blue and green as seen at some boat shows earlier this year New colors. No more Stratosphere Blue. Replace With Vapor Blue Metallic.
  26. Alright so i have a 2009 23 lsv with the stock 6 speakers and the Rockford 4 channel amplifier. I added a subwoofer at the end of last summer which created a problem but am now just getting around to fixing it and cant seem to find a solution. Since i hate that the factory head unit does not have knob for quick adjustments of volume from loud to quiet(any recommendations on a new head unit that can plug into the factory black box/fit in the factory location and has a knob would be greatly appreciated however i believe this does not exist) i added a level remote in between the rca's going from the black box to the amplifiers. These work well however there are now only 1 set of rcas's for all four channels of the in boat speakers instead of 4. even when the amp is in 2 channel mode, the bow speakers do not work. I have tested the speakers itself and they are working but there is no signal going to the front channels anymore. if i switch the amp back into 4 channel mode and plug them into the front inputs, they still do not work. I can not figure out what i did to cause this issue, any advice?
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