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  2. On route home from the Vancouver boat show. Definitely some great boats for 2017! Finally got to see the wake tractor in person! It's definitely a very interesting boat. It's almost dis functionally functional, the seats are in such strange positions and offer almost zero floor space. The way the salesman described the boat was quite funny, the wt1 was designed from the ground up primarily with surfing in mind, not needing any surf tabs or gates to create a wave. He also said all other vdrive manufacturers are basically DD boats with a deeper hull...... not.... It did have one nice feature, the ballast tanks are fiberglased into the hull making great use of the limited space available. I was also really hoping I could see the new searay vdrive. If if the prices of these boats keep rising soon they will be coming with Lamborghinis just like the fancy Searay yachts. I don't know what I was thinking but I never got an opportunity to take pictures of the Malibu's, it was always so busy. But I definitely fell in love with the 22VLX and the Lsv. To be completely honest it seems like Malibu is falling behind with the surf style in those two, the Nautiques, surpa's and centurions just seem to becoming much deeper and designed towards surfing, by no means saying that Malibu's can't surf as good. All honesty I would love a G boat just can't justify the 180k price tag with our dollar. What would you guys call a good deal on this leftover 23lsv? We quickly went over prices of the leftover ones with wizard lake and they were all around 100k usd. That was just the blowout price, would need to talk to the sales manager for the good deals. Also is the 23 really worth the extra dollar? We typically don't have many out at a time so space isn't an issue, just questioning the surf wave.
  3. Yup u knocked the dust off this one
  4. This looks to be an older out-dated thread but I looked just a bit ago on our 08 23' lsv and it has a 1235. The guy inbought my boat from is an RD engineer at Malibu. The boat has the 340 monsoon motor. At WOT we are at 42-44. Of course we don't do that. When we do cruise it's at 28-30. 25-28 when the wife is driving. We have been hit with the surfing sensation. So we load up 14ppl and set it at 10.8 and play all day and night. With the kids ages 3-5. They usually last til 2 or 3am. Then we have to put the boat up cause I'm tired by that time
  5. Yes it's removable, it's two long strips that are split down the middle of the boat, you can't even see that seam. It's easily removable, just open the dog house, roll it up and pull it out. The stuff I got is in the link.
  6. Maybe the G4 will become the norm and a better and stronger g5 will come out to match the comp! With Naut and the new Ri's they have no choice but to really increase the freeboard to stay in the game.. Hopefully the ballast tank like the New MX will become the norm to show/gauge the sac levels. Hopefully they go to faster larger pumps!!!!!!! Oh and for gosh sakes a few angle presets on SG to adjust the wave!
  7. Unrelated. I love your username!
  8. My fault, meant to confirm if both exhaust valves, you had posted which cylinders.
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  10. I'll take it, just sent you a PM
  11. Good deal. Thanks everyone. I'm gonna pull it out of the garage and wash it up one one these days when It is dry enough. South Louisiana has has some rain this year.
  12. Don't for get Axis is probably included in the 5 per year. And typically they are on a five year period before a refresh. But that probably will be compressed if they are really shooting for 5 per year. So it may happen next year with the 22 VLX, a24, t22/23.
  13. My thoughts exactly. The 23 LSV was refreshed in MY '14. What should we expect besides more freeboard?
  14. Speaking of which, I saw a Chapparral with Surf Gate at the boat show this year. Caught me off guard, but would be interesting to see the wave it produces. Oh, and IMO it doesn't seem that the product mentioned above would be that much different from the Wicked Wake Surf stuff. Or Mission. Or any of the others.
  15. Should be no problem for you captain money bags. Sassy new guy gotta take your lumps
  16. I thought I read somewhere a while back that with Malibu becoming publicly traded they told investors they would put out 5 new boats per year.........This year there's a new 21 VLX, 22 and 24 MXZ, CB and OB Response. Leaving the "old" boats: VTX, 22 VLX, 23 LSV, 25 LSV, and the M. The VTX got a renew in 2016, 22 VLX new in 2015. 25 LSV new in '16, and M235 new in '16. I don't remember when the last 23 renewal was, but it sounds like it should be the first boat in line for a refresh to me.
  17. Just fyi for you guys...I brought the boat to a certified mechanic near me. Turns out, he has known the folks at Marine Power (the power package in my boat) for over 30 years. He originally told me the damage probably would not be covered bc they could not believe I didn't hit something. Long story short, Marine Power came and inspected the boat before the mechanic removed the first bolt....they came back after the transmission and bell housing were out and were shocked when they saw that indeed I had NOT hit anything! All the bolts were laid out on the table with the springs, washers and damper plate, a shattered bell-housing and a busted starter. The bolts were NOT sheared off like they told me they were. They simply backed out of the damper plate, everything flew apart and exploded the bell-housing. They paid for everything! All new parts and labor were covered. I rarely get this lucky so a big shout-out to the people down at Marine Power!
  18. I ordered the Ipodec2 and it works perfectly. The bluetooth on my Wetsounds EQ crapped out so this was the next best option.
  19. List it here as well. Or at least post a link in this thread. Plenty of members appreciate the capabilities of the original SLXi and may know someone who is interested.
  20. Is it too early to start talking about it? I'm sure Malibu is well into the design process already. Who is expecting a "bodystyle" change in MY '18??
  21. Hopefully people are thinking about retirement in there early 20's. imo starting early is the key for long term success. It amazes me when people are in there mid to late 40's just starting to invest, they are playing the catch up game. No different with college for your kids, game changer when you have a fund set aside for them when it's time to head off to school. And wow, time sure flies because it happens quick!
  22. Lots of people are running the 2277 on the LSV without issues. It will help with the fuel burn. The 2249 will top at 38 in the VKX. You will see 42 with the 2277. I surf with 800's in the back and a 650 bow sack. Usually just 2 or 3 people in the however. The 2249 might be needed tith 8 people but so far the 77 works for me.
  23. It's sad but true. I don't operate this way (even though I'm in this age group) solely because I've seen what happens (I'm a creditor's rights attorney). Payments are fine until you have an unforeseen expense or until you think about retirement. So many of my friends are "living the good life" though payments. I'm happy they are enjoying it, but it's seems really really risky to me.
  24. Not true, it's all about this morning, the afternoon is months away!
  25. Thanks Salvi767, I am below 1000'.
  26. You can thank the Black Canyon boys for this or lack of . The problem with mass marketed automated systems is the lawyers on the hill watching. It's sad that it's such a simple concept and could very easily be offered as a retro kit that's cheap to produce and easily integrated into almost any previous generation wakeboat. The fact that they will whore it out to other manufactures but not loyal customers seems odd to me, but I'm not a venture capitalist obviously.
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