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  2. I paid 56K Canadian for our 2009 VLX this Feb. You could prob get them down to mid-high 40's usd for sure.
  3. Factory tour -Fall of 2018?

    Last fall I went by for a tour on a Friday and they were not doing them. The Supra factory was close by so we went there and it was pretty cool to see.
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  5. Factory tour -Fall of 2018?

    I'm really hoping to get down there for a tour someday and see how different it is from the tour I did in '06 out in Merced. At the time, the tour came with a t-shirt, which I still have! I thought the vinyl cutting machine was about the coolest pizza cutter I'd ever seen.
  6. Surf Gates

    Either make yourself a suck gate or buy a suction cup surf gate. The results will amaze you.
  7. Steering Wheel Noise/Chatter

    Excellent, thanks! I'll give that a shot and see what happens!
  8. No big deal! Remove 4 bolts 10 or 13mm (it’s been a while since I had it open) and the rack slides right down/off.
  9. Factory tour -Fall of 2018?

    Good to know! I always wanted to see that production processes first hand. I remember like yesterday, how exited I was - 14 years ago - when they sent me pictures of my first Response while it was built in Tennessee. Awesome! BTW - @Arctic Slalom - Since you picked Asheville NC as your new home spot - you have to go and see Austin at Mystic Waters! My favorite waterski coach of all times! I take the drive up there at least once a year to have a few days of skiing with him. Awesome guy, in a one of a kind place! Is less than an hour from you.
  10. Factory tour -Fall of 2018?

    ^^^ above information is 100% correct ^^^ Christy picked right up. They are not currently running production during Friday, but she's thinking they might need to later the year. thanks again for all the help, everyone! CR
  11. Surf Gates

    that more than gets you there. On my VTX I run hard tanks full, 550 in each locker, 2 people in the bow, home built suck-gate. Can easily surf ropeless.
  12. Steering Wheel Noise/Chatter

    Thanks all. I have the rudder tab torqued pretty good to make sure it tracks well for slalom, but I can't remember which why I have it pushed. I can try changing it again. The steering feels pretty free, but I do have the tab pushed enough the boat will turn at speed. Is it a lot of work to take apart the rack behind the steering wheel and grease it? I haven't torn it apart before.
  13. My buddy's 03 Sunsetter was hard to steer last year at speed; felt normal sitting still. He unhooked cable at rudder, added some tranny fluid and tied cable end up so fluid would run down. Went out a few times a day and turned wheel end to end. After a week it felt pretty good and we have used it all year. It is getting stiff again so probably not a long term fix for you.
  14. G3 Tower Mirror Bracket/Mirror

    We have a used G3 Tower mirror bracket (black) with the PTM 140 degree billet mirror. Both are in good shape. Free Shipping in the Continental US
  15. Screen grab from a video taken about 5 hours ago.
  16. Try setting the trim tab on your rudder a few degrees to the left. That will “load” your rudder a bit and should eliminate the chatter you are experiencing. In addition to that, you could also remove the rack from the pinion behind the steering column and grease the assembly. Best to use some graphite grease for that job.
  17. We have two brand new pair of Titan 6 x 9 Alpha 2 tower speakers for the G3 tower. These do not come with the mounting plates that go on the tower. Free Shipping in the Continental US.
  18. Is your rudder really neutral-feeling or does it want to pull to one side when at speed?
  19. Steering Wheel Noise/Chatter

    I seem to have this issue when taking off from dead stop and my boat is at an angle while coming out of hole shot. Steering wheel or rack and pinion chatters or vibrates until I straighten her out then it's completely fine. I just figured it was due to pressure on the running gear by being at an angle at take off considering it disappears when I straighten.
  20. Garage Ideas

    Was in a buddies parents 3200sq’ garage (Amazing). Window trim really stood out... I asked sheepishly if it was plywood (figured it was probably walnut or something imported) it was good one side ply with a dark stain... looked incedible. I will be doing the same in my 40’x40’ garage/suite addition this fall. Just poured first course of ICF today so pretty excited it’s starting to look like something finally!!
  21. Steering Wheel Noise/Chatter

    Could it be other running gear? the fact that it's felt in steering makes me think it's something pushing across the rudder.
  22. Garage Ideas

    Cabinets come from craigslist or your most recent kitchen remodel. 1/4" Plywood installed over the bottom 3rd of the wall to protect the drywall from all the bangs and hacks of life I don't use any floor coatings because they don't seem to react very well to welding on them Lots of lights Outlets every 4-5 feet and in the ceiling Hard piped compressor lines from one end to the other
  23. Garage Ideas

    Pricy, but this stuff rocks, https://www.stonhard.com/ One of the coolest things I've seen someone do is put lighting on the walls of the garage to remove shadows for detailing, very similar to a paint booth. Cabinets and such are really personal preference. I've seen some really simple but well done cabinetry in the front of the garage with little else and I've seen cabinets the full run of the perimeter. Really depends on what YOU need. My personal preference though is not to use those hard core looking metal and diamond plate cabinets. Trying too hard there. But I can't comment as my garage is a mess, half is snow ski/water ski/wake board/ cycling gear/tools and the other half is a batting cage for jr.
  24. Steering Wheel Noise/Chatter

    Thanks for the thoughts. I should mention that I've tried a couple of different props and the issue has been consistent through them all.
  25. Yes received the letter yesterday. I called my dealer this morning. Active Water Sports informed me that they had already taken care of the issue when my boat was in previously for service! Seems dealers were informed by Malibu about the issue a long time ago and instructed to make repairs. Malibu is following up with the letter to ensure all boats get inspected. Check with your dealer. Could be the problem is already resolved.
  26. Not to be the weight police, but what travel trailer are you planning to pull with a Highlander? Those CUVs aren’t really known for their towing ability.
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