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  2. Good morning all. We are currently in a 2001 Response LX and love the ski wake for recreational slalom. Now the kids are older and bigger and we need more room but don't want to give up the wake. What model/year V- drive has the best ski wake??? Thank you for your help
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  4. That is the exact opposite opinion of what I see expressed most. The boats weigh so much that the diamond hull doesn't really make much of a difference, especially at surf speeds. Keep in mind that lift increased squared with velocity. So if you double the speed of the boat, the affect of a lifting mechanism will be quadrupled. So you ski at approximately 3 times the speed as you surf. That means the benefit of the diamond hull for skiing would be about 9 times greater than the detriment to surfing. That said......4300 pounds is a lot to push through water, so the boat isn't going to be very good for skiing. That said, I love our 22VLX. 3 kids in my family, and we often have some other friends, as well. I would personally rather be skiing than anything else, but the whole family thing wins, so for my family, the VLX is a great boat. I'm curious to know which Axis you looked at that had your wife veto immediately? The A series boats are not all that graceful looking (I had an A22, I'm not knocking them, just saying II can see diverging opinions on it). If it is the lines in the gelcoat, play around wiht it on the boat builder, maybe even do a solid boat. My A22 was solid dark blue, and it was freakin' sharp.
  5. We may have just found your limiting factor. If you're storing this in your existing garage be sure and measure the door opening as well. We plan to build a detached 23lsv sized garage in the future. My boat is nowhere near fitting in my attached garage. So it's outside during the summer and we pay for indoor winter storage. I don't have texas sun though.
  6. do your tail lights work? Typically the dash lights run off the tail light circuit so that you know they are out. I'd pull the tail light fuse and inspect the socket , also just replace it since sometimes it is hard to see a bad fuse.
  7. Yes, PNP. I am now seeing that I probably need to get the bow down more. Would love to know what settings others are using with PNP bags and without for surfing
  8. I had a 21 VLX with the Diamond and loved that boat. Went with a 2016 VLX with the wake for resale. Never bonded with the boat and it porpoised way to easy. When selling it in my area everyone wanted the diamond. Bought a 2017 LSV with the Diamond. Handles better at speed with zero porpiosing even with the aft tanks full. Slalom wake is better than the VLX and can't tell any difference in the surfing wake from a LSV wake hull. Boarding wake looks great but have not compared.
  9. I tried doing a calibration however it did not solve the issue.
  10. I think I can. Nice Nekkid 247.
  11. No no no to the nxt. It’s not even comparable, I’d look for an older Malibu over that. I surfed a loaded out 22vlx last week and boy oh boy was I blown away by the wave. just be prepared to kiss your ski wave goodbye, manufactures say you can get both but you really can’t get both at the same level.
  12. Have read about this & carry a spare Had an impeller start to loose parts of the rubber blades after one season on a new impeller. Went about 10 weeks betwen start ups. Picked this up with the winter maintainence routine. Have never had troubles priming or with any suspected air pockets in the colooling system. After the cooling system upgrade I can put my hand on the EXT CAT manifolds after a run, about as hot as a real hot cup of coffee. I have the .pdf file attached in the link below to see the routing. The Rear mount with the exhaust manifilds reversed to a direct drive will neel a different length hose which I cover in the las tpost of the link below When the temp alarm goes off, is anything excessivly hot to touch on the engine? Should not have any hoses kinked, the small U hoses in the upgrade above do have a tight bend looks almost kinked but still allows adequate water flow
  13. Was out today and ran into a member here. Can you figure out who it is with a pic of his boat? I saw his hatches open on way out so we stopped in and made sure all was good. Fortunately no issues... His boat is a sweet looking ride!
  14. My first boat. Spray date is the second week of September! So excited...
  15. When I asked the sales person about the wake vrs diamond hull and he advised us to go wake. His response was the diamond hull only slightly increases the ski wake while dramatically reducing the surf wave. Where the wake hull dramatically increase the surf wave while slightly worsening the ski wake. Would you guys concur with his advise?
  16. I figured none of these bigger boats were great for slalom, especially on course. Just looking for acceptable considering the added sports. We also store our boat at home in the garage. I need to get some detailed deminsions to see if the 23lsv is an option. I hate to kick the truck outside. We live in Austin TX. Basically anything left outside turns to sh$t in a couple short years. I am amazed to see the extent of the sun damage to boats in our area. Especially after the money people drop to purchase them. Would make me cringe.
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    And if it's the boat I think you are talking's already your colors! That is a beautiful boat!
  18. We've been in a Centurion Elite V for 8 years. This summer we finally realized that we've outgrown that model and are moving up to a Malibu 23 LSV. I'm looking at a couple local boats for sale. One is a 2004 model with the 383 Hammerhead, full wakesetter package, but with some signs of age in the interior and gelcoat. Also has the Wakesetter graphics that I'm not fond of. The other one i'm looking at is a 2006 Sunscape 23 LSV with the 340 Monsoon. Same boat, but without the Wakesetter package, so no ballast or surf wave features. The boat is super-clean and I like the color scheme much better than any Wakesetter that I've found. My question is - what is involved in setting up a non-Wakesetter Sunscape to make a good surf wave? Are there some aftermarket ballast setups that are as good or better than the stock systems? Thanks for any input.
  19. PNP? Do you have added bow weight? Getting the bow down will help a ton.
  20. Big fan of my 22VLX. If I were to do it over I would go 23LSV because their wasn't much of a price difference. I bought the 22 because I thought it would fit in my garage. I am in no hurry to trade it in for a 23LSV.. I am happy with it.
  21. The slalom on the 14-17 23 is more of a joke in the hard core skiing community, you can slalom behind it but probably not running the course.
  22. Like Edwin said above, test drive/ski/surf them all. I dont think Malibu's interiors can be beat. There's a couple 23lsv's that roam our lake. I haven't skied behind them. But they surf, barefoot, ski, wakeboard them. Works of art. Best of luck in your search, Steve B.
  23. We should head back and view the 23lsv too I guess. I was just basing the others we viewed off of the manufacturer's websites still saying they produced a slalom wake.
  24. Had to comment. WOW ! Steve B.
  25. Stevo, we can't wait for more storage. With all the stuff we carry now, our little direct drive gets cramps quickly.
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