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  2. Capdoogie, What makes the Malibu waves not suitable for competition riders? I agree with wakesetter67, I kind of expect to need rear bags. It is the bag on the seats that is a deal breaker. I am glad to hear the 2018 doesn't need one anymore.
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  4. Just a quick update (I like it when people "finish" a thread): Dropped the VLX for its formal winterization - a sad day, but that is a different story, I hate putting it down for the long winter nap. I asked the Service Manager if one of the tech's could show me the location of the remaining drain plugs. After a good laugh, she said maybe... but that when they winterize, the pull the two plugs that I DID find (bottom of V drive, and the heat exchanger), drain, then run antifreeze in. I am still going to try to talk to the tech when I pick the boat up. I like the idea in the linked thread above about the "drain whip". It is something I think is well worth my time, as I like to start my season early, and run as long as I can. That means that I am at risk for freezing temps on both ends of the season, so I would like to be able to EASILY drain things so I can sleep at night. Is it summer yet?
  5. This is why I love the Crew. Great peeps here.
  6. Index the factory positions of the torsion arms in relation to the splined shafts before you pull them and rotate them. That way you can evenly put them back to factory ride height when the banjos stop playing. 😁 I used an electric engraver, but any permanent means will work. Good luck.
  8. Unfortunately, it's off side to side as well as front to back.
  9. I don't have tower speakers. I would think the fade could go at least between bow and cabin.
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm thinking the easiest is to try the towable tube or a temporary pole with a ratchet strap. I may give that a shot this weekend if my guy doesn't want to fix his work. I have considered the pressure washer but unless I can get my scuba diving neighbor to do it for me, the water is already too cold to be messing around under water for the amount of times it would take me to get to the bottom in the other back corner. Luckily, I can leave the lift in all winter as the ice doesn't shift very much where I'm at. If I had to take it in and out every year, I'd invest in the Floe.
  11. If I can find the video and figure out how to post it, I have a video of my neighbor driving his lawn tractor over the edge of the sea wall while trying to help pull my lift out about 15 years ago. It was shear panic for about 5 seconds when we thought he was trapped under the tractor under water. My friend ended up with stitches because the tractor almost fell on him. But later that night, it was the funniest thing ever.
  12. Correct on both. When you put it back together you’ll want to do a prop-shaft alignment. There are tons of videos and articles on how to accomplish that.
  13. @Fabricator909 faux teak seems to be holding up well. The dark grey gets a little warm under foot but no worse than the carpet. I bought it directly from the manufacturer. I have not contacted but I will take a look. Thanks for the heads up.
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  15. In the source unit diagram ive seen here, its clear that the unit has tower, woofer and in-boat outputs. Whats not clear if there is a forth, which could possible be utilized for bow to main fade. it would also depend on how the amp is configured per Malibu. With no true zone control, im surprised the fade was not setup to work between the tower and in-boats.
  16. Congratulations! Being a grandpa is the best. We had our 4th grandson (no granddaughters) born 4wks ago. Unfortunately he was born prematurely at 32 1/2wks. He is still in the NICU at Loma Linda, but is doing well. Hopefully he will get to go home in the next week or two. My wife, grandma, has been down there for most of the last month taking care of our 2yo grandson. She is tired. Loves him, but is tired. As she has said, "There is a reason why people our age don't have kids". (Newborn ones anyway)
  17. I'm not too far out from Lake Minnetonka. That is where the boat will be used most. Thankfully my buddies shop has a 2 ton overhead winch I can use to pull the motor and then slide the motor to the side and lower it. Do you recommend pulling the transmission and motor as one unit?
  18. Thanks. I assume probably a good idea to measure angles of the propeller shaft before doing so, I take it the coupler can be unbolted and the shaft can be left as is... the tranny will come out without having to remove the propeller shaft? I also assume you have to jack the rear of the engine up?
  19. Yep, you don't have to use antifreeze, but it is so easy to unhook the hose from the thermostat and fill up the block. I always do this just to be safe.
  20. I don't fill mine with antifreeze. I just drain it. The resource section above has the engine manual for your boat in the "Malibu Specifications" pull down. Has all the engine specs.
  21. So after 15 years of retirement I started a new job today! My new title is Grandpa. Mom and grandson are doing well!
  22. We purchased ours in 2016 (boat show) and only have a 3 year warranty. I would double check with your dealer. I think it is the model year of the boat, not the year the boat was bought that determines warranty.
  23. A normal cherry picker will get the engine out. You might have to jack the trailer and remove the wheel.
  24. Yep, looks exactly like my 21vlx with a pickle fork. Same dash, sub set up, glovebox, and seats. I wonder if it’s going to be a 98’’ beam and 21 feet in length?
  25. You can easily remove the hoses from the thermostat and just allow gravity to fill everything up on that motor. The direct drives are real easy to winterize. You can do it in 30 minutes. If you want to IM me your number, I can talk you through it.
  26. Where doI get the oil filter? Oil Type? Brand?
  27. I am just north of bowling green, Near Nolin Lake, but my boat will be stored at Barren River Lake due to my in-laws being so close and we have a 1 year old. Ive seen this video, several times. It is very helpful, it just looks so much newer than mine wasn't sure if there were other steps. Also, is it necessary to run the antifreeze? I don't have the equipment to do it. Or is draining enough?
  28. I have no issue running locker bags, I kinda expect to, But I'm just glad it does not require a bow bag, That to me is more important the the rear PNP And to be honest another brand not having to use any PNP is awesome but it would not be enough to switch, There are to many other things I love about Malibu, Now if Malibu eventually can come up with this in a future LSV even better!
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