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  2. As the instructor for The University of Texas Wakeboard and Wakesurf rec sports program ( among tons of other private clients every year) I’ll say that a soft pull out of the water for beginners is much better at getting beginners up vs. yanking the rope out of their hands. That’s coming straight from a driver/instructors perspective. If the rider is anything better than a novice, they already know how to get up and a super slow pull or an aggressive pull wont matter because they simply know how to “get up”. That’s why i feel like an aggressive yank out of the water for inexperienced drivers is dumb or possibly even unsafe at best. I guess I’m just searching for a legitimate reason for the aggressive throttle option.
  3. At least not from the tower
  4. Well you're not supposed to pull multuple tubers with Malibus..
  5. Bamboo surf board difference?

    Lol. Sometimes i read TMC for info. Tonight for laughs.
  6. Best method for splicing wire

    Yes, surface mounts with leads passing through the tower. That makes much more sense. I just looked at them and they do have binding posts. I was looking at my KM65s by mistakes which have the male spade. Thanks for the help.
  7. When troubleshooting issues like this, you first need to tell us what motor you have, as there are many options in your year. Also, before any troubleshooting, ensure ALL maintenance is up-to-date. Both fuel filters, plugs, wires - if an old distributor setup, cap/rotor - and air filter. Do that first and then troubleshoot from there, because at least the basics are covered.
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  9. 2018 Malibu 21 MLX

    Surf Gate Equipped w/Malibu Surf Band. Monsoon 6.2L. Loaded with options. For complete details click this link: 2018 Malibu 21 MLX
  10. This would primarily be directed at correct vapor lock, although it may address a condition. Op, have you had issues with vapor lock before? I'd lean towards what @UWSkier pointed to. I'd start with fuel - the cheapest fixes first: fuel filter and vent lines and work up from there. Injectors can be pretty cheap to diagnose too, but would be my second look as its more work. Then the pump - in my experience a pump just fails though and doesn't drop like this. I'd lean towards fuel flow issue like a filter.
  11. Make sure the 15w40 you use is formulated for gas engines. Many of them have changed. Youre primarily looking for an SN designation or other gas designator on the oil container.
  12. Bamboo surf board difference?

    They are cheap to make.
  13. Definitely get the bow tank. If for no other reason than it supports the center bow cushion better. It is also good for leveling the boat with a full back seat
  14. The Great Compromise of 2018...

    That’s what I thought and I figured it was a no brained but you made me second guess myself! And thank you!!
  15. If you are going to surf I would definitely get the bow tank. It makes a big difference on that boat. Congrats!!
  16. The Great Compromise of 2018...

    Yeah we are going with the bow ballast. Should I not? Definitely not going surf pipe. I didn’t know for sure but I assumed t would not be good at all for the ski wake. Most likely finalizing options this weekend.
  17. I've skied behind both the 20VTX (a 2007, a 2015, and a 2017) and the new 21VLX with a diamond hull. I tried them at 28, 30, and 32mph at 15 off. The VLX wake is actually a little smaller, more like what the earlier years VTX were like - both are soft to cut through, but I'm thinking because the helm is a little farther forward on the 21VLX the wake is a little more mellow. The VTX is a deeper, more comfortable boat though, and with more options available. It's an awesome boat - you will love it! @ahopkinsTXi What options are you getting? Are you getting a bow ballast tank? Side note: surf pipe makes a huge difference on the ski wake - I would NOT get it if you'll be skiing
  18. Bimini Top.

    Our old boat had the look your looking for I think. We the trick is to mount it on the sides of the boat. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vZk7dZqjQyB9QzOr1 I'll try to find more pics
  19. My rear center cushion is started to come apart at the seam maybe 2 inches... if you are looking at it you wouldn’t know it... but if it is stepped on then it stretches... who’s a good vinyl shop I could send it to for repair. I know it will prob split middle of summer and want to get ahead of the game.
  20. I thought @Chrisjjbrownwas selling his and buying a G im sure he’d make you a good deal
  21. The Great Compromise of 2018...

    It definitely took away some of the ski wake. We looked into it because t would be better for skiing. A few factors: 1. I’d want a 2015 and 2015 only because it has zero off cruise and power wedge II. I haven’t looked in the past week but there were zero for sale in the United States and there are only one or two pop up each year. They are very tough to come by. I think t would have also seriously complicated the deal as I’d most likely have to buy it out of dealer territory. 2. We did look at 2013-14’s as well but even those are few and far between. My wife liked none of them on the used market and I don’t really either. 3. Five year factory bow to stern warranty. I’m going to like having that in my back pocket again. 4. You have no idea what we are paying, maybe I worked out such an insane deal that id really not be saving much money at all. I know of a few 15’s that have sold around here without even hitting the market for 69-71. Or I’m paying full msrp on a note with zero down and I’ll be filing bankruptcy in two years. 5. Ignore number four... 6. I’ve been obsessed with boating my entire life and I’ve been building Boats online since we the first boat builder was available. It’s been a life long dream for me to order our own boat. The opportunity presented itself, why would I not jump on it? I know the ski wake is not as good as the previous gen but I will have multiple friends on our lake and lakes that are very close to us with responses or similar direct drives. 7. I’m not going to lie some of the stuff on these new boats is very cool and I wanted them. Not that I wouldn’t be happy with a 2015 but see #6. 8. Imo there hasn’t been a ton of experimenting done with the new hull for skiing. Or at least that has been shared. They took the TXi hull I had on my response and modified it to fit the extra width of the VTX. I’d bet there is a combination of weight distribution, speed and line length that I can find to make it ski very well. And see #6.
  22. The Great Compromise of 2018...

    That is great to hear. I'm pulling my boat up there Monday for her first ever trip to a dealer in hopes they can fix my power wedge. Brian in service seems like a great dude. In a few years I think I will upgrade with Skiers Pier/Tommys as well
  23. Because he can finance the whole boat for low % rates
  24. Best method for splicing wire

    Ok, so surface mounted pods with the leads passing through the pod to the tower, right? Short jumper from upper pod to lower pod. Jumper connected to the spring loaded binding posts on the driver, jumper run into tower, back out tower into lower pod, along with the lead going to the amp. Make junction in lower pod by connecting both wire pairs to the appropriate binding pods of the lower driver. No actual "splice" needed, just join the wires are the lower pod, right on the driver's binding posts.
  25. The Great Compromise of 2018...

    Wasn't the '16+ hull change a big negative for the ski wake? Why not get a 2013 - 2015 - cheaper and a better wake for the slalom and still get SG.
  26. Bow bag question - '06 23 LSV

    I had mine with a single input and switched it to a Y setup. It fills more evenly with the Y.
  27. I had a women at the Sac Boat show tell me that she witnessed a tower fall off a new 23 LSV Malibu on there lake. It just fell off...no reason. She actually was serious and able to keep a straight face. I was deflated and felt depressed for the rest of the day.....but I continued to keep my fanboy enthusiasm and move on! sometimes you gotta take your licks and pick yourself back up!
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