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  2. i bought the same truck last year....... I like the grill...... the big RAM on the back..... could go either way. If you are willing to share for comparison on US vs. Canadian MSRP... my sticker price was $92,500.
  3. You need to get that box up off the floor in order to push it back and to the right. As you correctly pointed out, you can't fit a kick panel there where you have it. Even if you could push it straight back, it would look weird with the sub so far over to the left. So you want to push it right to center it more also. If you raise it up you will be able to clear a few more inches of the hoses coming up through the floor. You will also be able to clear the hull sloping up on the right. Look what I did with my Qbomb last year. I mounted 2x4 blocks of pressure treated wood. I put layers of Dynamat on BOTH sides of the blocks before I screwed them in to avoid any rattling. Notice also that I don't have a block on the back right corner. That's because that side is propped up by the hull elevation at that back right corner (I also wrapped that corner in Dynamat). Also notice that I removed those silly plastic blocks from the floor that your kick panel was mounted to. You won't be using those anymore. Throw them away. Once your sub is in place you can just mount the kickpanel directly to it with shallow screws. They will disappear into the carpet. I held it all in place with metal brackets in the front and a small "L" bracket at the back right corner (had to bend it move of a "V" bracket")
  4. Over the weekend, I installed the Indmar strainer on my 2014 Malibu MXZ. I used a reciprocating saw to cut the hose in two spots. Be careful when using the saw not to cut other wires/hoses in the area. Watch out for the steel wire as it will cut your hands. I used a set of dikes to trim the exposed wire after cutting with the saw. It took me about 15 min to install.
  5. It is a really good looking truck and that big "RAM" on the back isn't anything a little fishing line, a heat gun and a little adhesive remover can't fix. Congrats again. That is a great truck.
  6. I am not crazy about the new grill either. I do like the grill better than the giant RAM logo on the tailgate though. Love the rest of the truck though.
  7. That is a great looking truck. Congrats. My only hangup with the 2017s is the new grill. I like the old cross hair Ram grills. The new ones are cool but I think I'm still partial to the 2016 and older grills.
  8. After taking a close look at both the Eagle and the Boatmate I've decided to sell the Boatmate. It does have some nicer features but a number of them are bolt-on so I'm going to do a few upgrades on the Eagle and call it good. Also, the bow roller on the Boatmate is significantly lower than the bow roller on the Eagle so that would need to be reworked which would lead to metal work, painting, etc. It seems like a lot of effort and cost that isn't equal to the "upgrade" I would get by moving from the Eagle to the Boatmate. Plus, the Eagle has worked flawlessly since new so why mess with it. That brings me to my question: Do you guys have any advice on what a fair price for a 2010 Boatmate Trailer for a 23 LSV would be? The trailer is in very good condition. The previous owner never left Lake Coeur d'Alene so the only real miles on it are from my trip form Coeur d'Alene to Vancouver, WA, approx 400 miles. 2 Bunks have brand new carpet the other 4 bunks/carpet are in very good shape. The last time I used it with a boat on it (Oct 2015) everything worked. Also, just to confirm, this trailer should work with 2008 - 2013 23 LSVs correct?
  9. Picked up a 2017 Ram 3500 Limited today. I am thinking the Ram box will be perfect for boat bling and microfiber towels.
  10. No 16 and up. All the ones I know about are 16 and newer.
  11. Confused if this is a 16 issue or pre 16 issue how do you confirm? I don't need a window landing on a brand new infant!!
  12. I've heard of it on 25 lsv's ... 23lsv's and now VLX ... yes the window is VERY similar across all lines . It was changed again in 2016 to the current style.
  13. The window frame can ONLY fall through because of either hull flex or a loose windshield on one side or the other... this is not a case of the window breaking first and falling through. The frame SHOULD prevent that from happening. I tell ya.... if that window fell through and shattered on my baby... Lawyer up FO SHO!
  14. I have alway wondered the "true dry weight" vs a wet boat (carpet, vest, etc) and what the difference would be.
  15. Anyone got a pic of this fix?
  16. I've weighed my 2015 23lsv many times and I am 6512lbs weighed on a cat scale on just the trailer axles while connected to truck. So only thing I am missing is tongue weight. Figure 400 to 500lbs tongue weight so I'm right around 7000lbs lake ready with half to 3/4 tank of fuel.
  17. My new custom bags didn't have these fittings. Jerald Connolly, check my last order and ship please.
  18. Hmm, truck is listed at 5,700 lbs (I think) plus me at 175 plus gas at 160 lbs = 6,035 lbs. Probably another hundred pounds in it with other fluids and a few items in the cab. Frankly, my mileage was as bad as I have ever had today, which is one reason I pulled on the scales. It didn't feel heavier towing but the tranny seemed to downshift more, but that could have been the headwind as well. Not many changes from '14 to '16 I would think affect weight that much - Ford motor?, Malibu trailer? Heck, there could be a hundred pounds in options and stuff between our boats - PW2, 15" screen, 3rd cleats, STE exhaust, G3.2 tower, I just added another bow ballast reversible pump, cover was on, heater, etc. I assume you have dual batteries, 3 amps, and other "standard" items
  19. come in hot and reverse at last second float on by hand and position as above. Im trying this bow stop out this year so I have exact position etc.
  20. The service department at the local Dodge dealer was fantastic for many, many years. Then they went through some hard times with a lot of turnover. They seem to be back on the right track. There are two Chevy dealers that I have taken my Yukon to that are both pretty good. Boat or car, a good service department can make or break the ownership experience.
  21. I can't really argue with the scale, but that seems heavy. I weighed my 2014 23LSV before I bought it. 6050 pounds. I figure I am around 6500 full of fuel ready for the lake. That would mean your truck is 6800 pounds. Sounds heavy for a F150.
  22. Our new dock was installed this weekend so I thought I would post an update with some pics. We decided on cedar because we ultimately liked the overall look and feel better than the synthetics. Boat goes in tomorrow and surf season begins!
  23. My lift lowers farther than it probably should (it catches the boat a bit rough as it raises) and I just float into the slip. As others noted, I have a mark I hold the boat at while the lift is raising. To get out, I walk the transom out well past the cross braces, then jump in and back out. Truth be told, I really have enough momentum that I am floating out at that point most of the time.
  24. I am supposed to pick up a 17 in a couple of weeks and have asked my dealer if he is aware of this issue and if we can install the fix BEFORE anything breaks.
  25. I do not power load a lift. I start on under power but the boat is not on the bunks with any weight. I then place my boat by hand as its floating and easy to move. I have a sight line with a mark on the lift so just pull the boat into the location and raise the lift to get stable. unload people or gear I want out. Lift out of water wipe down and I am good. I do the same even with my pontoon. I just don't see a need to power on its hard on the lifts.
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