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  2. Vdrive questions

    This is not trans end. The vdrive bolts to the trans on other end. This is where the prop shaft come out upper end of vdrive. The flange in pic, it’s lower half bolts to vdrive output shaft with 4 smaller bolts that are put in from inside of vdrive. And then the prop shaft is through the middle and connects to upper half of pictured flange with the big nut and it has a keyway. Its all pretty scarred up and I’m wondering if bolt heads can and may have fallen into vdrive.
  3. 2019 Model Year Updates/Changes

    You did an awesome job man, there is no doubt in that! Yeah with the new mounting behind higher you can get more angle for lift. They also adjusted the increments of wake shaping. In my experience across many PW2 Boats we never used anything past halfway between ramp and vert. So if they broaden that range, that is a huge improvement too. I don’t know anyone using anything near vert.
  4. I heard about the new pipe on this thread so was wondering how they did it. Looks awesome. But now I see it's actually not that similar to mine. Looks like they kept it coming out the traditional exhaust ports and then back up and then down again in front of the foil, via a cutout on the bracket maybe. It's a sweet upgrade for sure... actually looks more like the surf pipe on the Axis through the manual wedge than mine. Mine routed a little more direct... straight from the manifolds down through the wedge to the water. Same result though and completely out of the way. I never even added the "tear drop" shape (pinch the front of tube to reduce drag) because it doesn't spray and the pipe is transparent performance-wise, so we just left it. Or at least any spray gets absorbed by the wedge/box. Thank you. Partial credit to the DIY army over on Wake Garage for that. Good dudes to learn from. Wish I'd have done it last summer!! Curious to hear more about the new PW3's other functions. Does it get more lift? I've never owned the PW2 but I do see the benefits of the lift for sure. Wish I had one. Glad Malibu is listening to customers for the 2019s. Boy are these boats are getting technically advanced!
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  6. 2019 captains chair is just like Nautiques. It’s very nice. I sat in it a lot on Friday. Lsv is going to beat the gs surfing everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Plus you get another foot of seating/storage. @G Spot skis his so many he can offer some insight for your 5% skiing.
  7. 2019 22 LSV walkthrough w/ Pics

    That is a sweet looking boat. I saw it last week when I was picking ours up. I’m 99% sure PW3 is not any bigger then PW2 but it is mounted higher with more angle so lift works better and the is more room for adjustment. Plus the surf pipe ticking in behind the foil.
  8. Vdrive questions

    This is a repair within reach. I just swapprd my prop shaft in a 03 25 LSV and what I am not seeing on yours is how the trans output coupler is attached to the trans. My shaft coupler is turned 180 degrees and that bell flange actually fits into the trans output coupler. The shaft still comes through and bolts as yous does but it is definitely possible to remove the prop shaft coupler and slide the shaft out whmatxh your prop on ruder but from there you should easily be able to tell what happened. In your pick it looks like you are showing some sort of thraded peice jammed between the trans outout and the trans itselt. The fact your prop shaft is showing between the trans output and shaft coupler is what has me puzzled any way to take a pic from the side or underneath. I would love to see how that hooks up.
  9. Vdrive questions

    Most of the new ones are that I have seen, including my 2016. Spike, sorry I am not much help on the repair, but would hope as an M buyer dealer could squeeze you in or offer a loaner for you.
  10. Vdrive questions

    Dealer is swamped. And had rather do it myself in a few hours than haul boat 4 hrs wait weeks and haul back 4 hrs again.
  11. I use that full syn Mobil 1 oil as well. And the Mann filters. FYI, the Mann filter off Amazon always comes with a new o-ring. The local Napa I bought once did not.
  12. If surf is your primary activity, I can’t see the GS22 winning out. Quality is still good with Bu. Yes, things crop up year to year and there are still some lemons out there. But, I personally know of a few new Nautiques having some issues as well, so it isn’t limited to any one brand. The interior fit and finish does seem to be a step up in Nautique I do love the Nautique captain chair, which looks like you can get in 2019 with Malibu. Dealer could swing it. But ask yourself if an additional XX dollars is worth buying from the other dealer for a boat that is a foot shorter (your crew isn’t going to get any smaller with kids now), and for a boat that I venture to say will never surf like a 23LSV.
  13. On my 2017 my Ubar bolts were not even tightened they were completely loose. I was also having movement problems and once tightened took care of the problem. Everyone should check these Ubar bolts and make sure they are properly shimmed, even on 2018 models.
  14. My favorite time of the year, when customersunveil new Bu offerings by touring models sitting on showroom floors! Good looking boat!
  15. Nice looking color combo. Disappointing to see that “out of sight, out of mind” is still the standard when it comes to installing electrical and audio components. Especially for the money.
  16. For the alternator ground wire. The second picture is best. I crawled in there again today and peaked around, no idea what the best spot is. Its tough for me to peak around a 6'4 245 pounds, I don't fit well!
  17. Love how the big dash screen still says "Power Wedge II" on it. Can't even update the programming???
  18. Nice. Ok what's the difference between the power wedge 1, 2 and 3.
  19. LOL, JK, it's between the LSV and the GS22! So I've been pretty inactive on this site for a while, but fear not, I linger to keep tabs on all the new comings and goings of Malibu and to drool over everyone's boat orders every spring! In the meantime, I added a kid to the family and my VTX just doesn't cut it anymore. Great boat, but too small to fit a pack of 2-4 year olds and their parents. So, I think this is the year I take my swing and get into a dream-boat. I'm in the middle of the LSV and the GS22. I'm not convinced if the GS can build the surf wake I want (we are 90% surf, 5% wake, 5% ski) but am going to demo it this week to find out. Would be very interested if any of you have experience with this boat and how it does once dialed in (over in planet nautique the jury really seems to be out, but I'm not convinced many over there put in the time and experimentation that we do over here to get it just right). As for the LSV, there is a fully loaded, acceptably colored one in stock that I could see in my garage for the next 5-10. It would save me a not-insignificant amount of money and I know exactly what to expect in terms of the wave, the systems, and the overall quality. Sounds like a no-brainer, but the wife and I both prefer the look and feel of the Nautique, and the dealer is a huge upgrade... the Malibus sell themselves where I'm at the the dealer knows it. After-sale service and communication does not come close to meeting my expectations. In regards to the current generation of Malibus, how is everything holding up? In my boat's era (2013) I recall there being, and have experienced, some nits and picks on quality... touch screens going out, graphics peeling, stereo issues, etc. Also, how has the raptor been performing and is there any negatives about getting one of the last ones before the block change again? Any suggestions, experience, or commiseration is appreciated!
  20. Got the opportunity to walk all through a 22 LSV yesterday. All I can say is awesome! Depending on price I might be considering ordering one. Pics here... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dtnbxtur4uai1z6/AADGZk_PBwm_dDlaVRImmWFla?dl=0 Answering questions here best I can! PW3 is bigger and has a different mount point that allows more range of motion forward allowing for more lift. Also the rep mentioned that the controls were more granular than previously.
  21. We were floating out at night a few weeks back and the interior lights clicked off and haven’t worked since. Finally got around to checking the fuse, and it was indeed blown. I replaced it and turned the lights on. Heard a “click” and it blew again. Tried one more time and got the same result. Is there somewhere else to check? It’s a 2017 21VLX and has no extra lighting other than added docking lights(dealer installed). All the other lights are working just fine. Thanks
  22. Almost Sank The Boat!!!

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, will probably do it again. 😁 im glad it all worked out and nothing bad happened!!
  23. engine wire harness

    Thanks for your reply .. I decided to take boat back to malibu dealer where i purchased it. I will post information on repairs upon completion.
  24. Almost Sank The Boat!!!

    I put the plug(s) back in even before the boat leaves the driveway to head to the lake. I leave the plug(s) in a zip lock bag in the middle of the floor. We always have to load items that were dried in the garage (kids life vests, tube, ropes) so we are always putting stuff back on before leaving the house. Boats always clean so the plug(s) on the floor sticks out as a reminder.
  25. Almost Sank The Boat!!!

    Whenever I pull my drain plug, I put it in an obvious location, on the floor, adjacent to the drivers seat.
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