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  2. I just found out this year that Minnetonka has a special rule requiring a spotter. Been skiing there with just my wife for almost 20 years, few times in full view of a sheriff boat.
  3. option list on the 2017 VLX21 is currently short - no heater, shower, heated driver seat etc... the Supra SR got plenty bells and whistles
  4. could also be that it seems like everyone in mn has some sort of boat and 50% don't get used more than 3 holiday weekends in an average year.
  5. Lots of good info here, most of the ideas I'd considered but several I had not. I'm definitely planning on using a local property maanger since we'd be too far to handle everything. I'd like to do the bookings myself but if someone had experience with that they could be better than me. As far as screening customers all you really have to go on is the note they wrote with the rental request. Only renting to family's and not hunters may take away any possible winter rentals but I can see how that's probabaly worth it. Braindamage, is your property a rental for tax purposes or personal use? I've read the personal use laws and I'm fine with meeting the restrictions for a rental. I'd want to be able to expense the costs. But my question has always been how does the IRS know when the owner is there. And if I go down on a weekend to make repairs who decides if it's personal time or not? This guy has a similar setup to my plan.
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  7. I'm right there with you @Beezer. I've got one season in my new to me '06 VLX. It has the Monsoon 340 and a 1235 prop, but I'm usually at about 4000' when I'm in my home waters. Its worked great, but I added a bunch more ballast during my winter projects so I'm moving to a different prop. If you want your head to spin as mine has, just do a search on this site and you can read for days. I think you'll be happy with the 1235. I'm keeping mine as a backup or when I head down to lower elevation. We don't ski in my crew, but wakeboard and surf. and I love this site. Before each purchase, I search this site for info and usually find some posts with lessons learned.
  8. No spotter. Bring from MN we naively thought skiing with only one in the boat was OK. He could have come over and told us. Safety first, serving the public and all that...
  9. NB you make me laugh, love your first sentence LOL. I agree on the amps but wasn't sure about the mali cans.
  10. I appreciate all the info and suggestions guys, thank you very much, this site rocks! I'm still up in the air with it but leaning towards the 1235, I use my power wedge, full ballasts, and a aftermarket wake shaper that throws a pretty awesome wave with what I have now. I banged up my 537 a bit last year so now having an excuse to go prop shopping(or just repair the 537) I thought I'd see what the experts have to say.
  11. Out of those 600 only 200 would really care to get pictures. We are the minority, you have to remember that.
  12. I would definitely be looking into the VLX21 and the Supra SR.
  13. If you can wait till the end of April. I'm stopping at TGas school on our Florida ski trip and our club boat should be in the water too.
  14. Thank you for your feedback Hope you will break the ice soon. maybe you can tell than which rpm you have at 25 / 26 mph thx
  15. Yes I believe the screen was clean, until it dropped into the bilge. You insert the screen, then the rubber oil plate, and then the cover plate. I'm glad I added the RTV because the more I think about it I'm suspecting that rubber oil plate to be the culprit. See page 18 on the link above.
  16. Was the screen clean? IIRC, there is a rubber gasket associated with that cover? No? I'm guessing the breather you freed up is on top of the tranny? good luck.
  17. That does sound like crappy thing to do on his part. What law were you in violation of?
  18. I love the gray and the desert tan!
  19. Looks like primer with clear coat on it.
  20. Another which board thread! Something universal, but will mostly be used by two chicks, 5'7 & around 150. Neither like how floaty my Inland Surfer feels, neither can do much more than ride ropless but are getting better at carving. They ride the Byerly Volt currently & to me it feels like riding a 2x4 after getting the Inland. Also want something fun for me to jump on & stick a 360 already, my inland has 5" speed fins and is very hard to if not impossible for me to get it to rotate. So which of these clearence boards would be the better choice? Was sort of drawn to the slingshot & the Inland Ika?
  21. Mine are due for replacement either way. But, the flicker only happened once, and I know for a fact the volts were low.
  22. Yeah it looks bad a$$ with the blacked out badging and rims.
  23. Qc is definitely the problem. Wait till you go drop 6 plus figures on a brand new boat and find spare parts and tools lying in your bilge and simple screws in sideways and stripped. Not a single nut tightened in your wake view seats that the seat almost falls out and they are stripped. Screws and bolts missing, stereo not working properly because a simple rca plug was not connected. Gel coat that you can see through. The list could go on and on. Malibu quality has gone down hill it's as simple as that. It's all about the bottom line now since the company went public. My 2010 lsv was built twice as well as my 2015. The dealer should in no way have to be dealing with these problems right off the shelf. Malibu needs to listen up or be prepared to lose more Customers.
  24. What makes a brand good is how the dealer or manufacture handles the problem, not the problem itself. If your local Malibu dealer doesn't do everything they can to fix the problem, it's putting it on Malibu itself because people will most likely think it's Malibu's fault. QC isn't the problem, everything has problems here and there, it's how they're handled which matters. For example we own a jeep Cherokee, the service at the local dealer was great until we got to the service department... After many appointments and a short ownership later we're about to buy a Toyota.
  25. Yes, all boats will have issues and will need some warranty work performed at some's to be expected, but that isn't what we are talking about here. I believe the biggest problem is with Malibu QC... Personally, I think their QC and attention to detail is lacking compared to the competition (can only speak to MC, I've not owned nautique). I believe malibu has amazing performance, great style, and real innovation, but QC and attention to detail is just not on par with the competition.
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