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  2. Well, I'd start with that. Put some premium in it to fix up the octane in the fuel and dilute the stabil
  3. Just joined, had my boat for a couple of weeks now. Having lot of trouble releasing the canopy when we put the tower down. The knob that releases it is extremely difficult to turn.
  4. Crew is usually 3 to 5 when actually behind the boat. I do like the fact the 07 has the Power Wedge as opposed to the 09 which does not (ad says it does but it doesn't, I test drove it). However, the 09 has rear ballasts under the floor and the 07 does not. Both have midship ballast. Also, attracted to the lower hours on the 07. Sure do like the size of the 09 but not sure if it will work well with my boat hoist. Let me know what you guys think! These are the links to the two boats I am considering: 2007 vRide: (4th and 6th pics got put in the ad by mistake I think and are not of that boat) 2009 23 vRide:
  5. This is a dumb question but I could use some help from the experts on the crew Im getting ready to install some speakers and an amp in my father in laws Cobalt. I think we are going to run the power from the battery selector switch. If I do this though, do I need to ground the amps at both batteries or just one? I'm assuming I shoild do both batteries and that I should pig tail it prior to connecting to the first battery. Any help is appreciated! TIA
  6. If they'll fit my 2016, I'll take them! But I need to see what the difference would be.
  7. Mods, can we add a dislike button?
  8. I think most will say the V25 will surf better although plenty surf the SV23 hull. The SV23 is very easy to dial in for wake boarding. I assume the V25 is as well but I don't have as much experience with it. Neither are know to be great for skiing. The 23 will handle more weight better and probably produce a better surf wave. How big is your crew normally? The space on the 23 is nice for sure. got a link to the boats you are considering?
  9. New to the site so I apologize if this information can be find elsewhere or it has already been discussed. I am considering upgrading from my 1992 Sunsetter Euro F3 to either a 2007 21' vRide or 2009 23' vRide. I know the 07 has the SV23 hull and the 09 has the V25 hull. What is the difference between these hulls and which is better for what? Primarily would be wakeboarding and surfing but would like the option to have a decent ski wake. Thanks!
  10. If the fuel injectors have never been cleaned/ is likely over due for that service
  11. Did not fill up any more. @Sixball engine temp was good. Did not visually check the exhaust for water so I can not confirm
  12. What is overall thought on pushing tower speakers? I have substantial power running to my surf 9s. I have the gains set to not distort at max volume on the zld eq. I never maxed the speaker out while setting the gains. Do you guys set them to distort them back off from there? I don't want to toast my speakers but want to take advantage of the power I have running to them. I am running 300watts at 4ohms to each 9.
  13. I have it. On the fence about removing it and putting cooler there with a foam top for a seat.
  14. Placing the sub inside the first cut and tracing is essentially the same thing. However, I like your method better - easier to trace the grille than the sub.
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  16. I noticed that in the PDF file too, thought maybe the hard copy would have been updated. I like the idea of the top secret super boat. On the other hand, maybe what I will have delivered will really be a 22 MXZ? They must have considered discontinuing it... It was in the 2016 Manual - so it had to be overtly deleted. Im pretty sure they did not write the 2017 manual from scratch.
  17. I've been waiting for the "Congragrs IXFE and family on their new 25 LSV" post from WSA on Facebook, lol.
  18. ok had to get on my desktop in order to get the link,
  19. You will know that 25 is behind that Yukon for sure. It won't like it but it should get it done. I've towed the 25 LSV w/ my 1 ton Diesel and it knew it was there for sure. It's a whole different story than the 23 LSV. More freeboard along with the extra length, larger trailer, 3rd axle. Makes for a lot of extra material and weight. They tow excellent on that tri-axle trailer though. You won't notice a substantial amount of tongue weight which will be nice with the Denali.
  20. Need a Jayhawk as a profile pic...
  21. I used this for my new kick panel. I also mounted the grill over the panel, like you describe. Lots of pics in the thread below, if they help at all.
  22. ^^^^^ this. and more specific the service departments. Ask around and get a vibe of their reputation. Go visit each before you purchase. Is it difficult to talk to the service manager, or request a returned call....or do they block and act confused? Are the cordial or early 20s weed stoner bothered? How long has the service manager been there????? <----- huge indicator. are the service departments organized and orderly or do they look like a tornado hit them? These things matter.
  23. What thickness of kick panel? I followed Fman's logic mentioned above, but after I traced the hole on the back of the kick panel , I traced the exterior of the grill around that hole and cut the kick panel so the sub/grill mounted to the box fits through the kick panel opening. I'd post a pic, but I've pretty much had it with Photobucket
  24. I took it for a spin It felt nice but I had a concern that raised a red flag. I loved the condition of the boat and it seems like a great buy but what do you all think of this: 1. At startup there was a little throttle lag. When I went to start up out of the water their was lag time between putting down the throttle and the engine responding. Once at speed there wasnt an issue. Just at the beginning to putting the throttle down. It seemed as if there may be a fuel issue. He said it might be just bad gas as he hasn't run a new tank of gas through the engine.
  25. Here is a pontoon I am restoring for a customer. I'm waiting for some more color options on this teak so that I can do mine sunsetter
  26. Looks great. I have a 99 and can see a flooring upgrade in my future. 98's must not have came with the table behind the captains chair? I didn't think I'd like the table in mine but actually love it
  27. I guess with the storms today we're both on TMC dreaming of the water vs. being out on our boats. Hey....better update your profile ("no boat currently").
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