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  2. Prop is about as close to brand new as it gets. Put it on the boat and used for about 15 minutes. It raised my RPM when I was hoping to lower it. This prop performs similar to acme 15x12 props. Trades may be considered for other props! Maybe even other goodies for a t23 like FAE or surf pipe. This is a great prop for pre 2015 axis and mailibus with the 1.5 or 1.46:1 ratio. My boat with a 1.72 just turns too many RPM for it. My loss is your gain. $490.00 shipped to your door in the lower 48. Will ship anywhere but will need to get a rate quote before committing to the sale. A brand new brass key and cotter pin are included.
  3. Clear wrap the front section and don’t look back!
  4. I think sealants are better. I really like the Wolfgang deep gloss paint sealant. It is VERY easy to use. Lasts way longer then a wax. Just make sure what ever you use you prep the paint before application. It will last longer. I’m very intrigued by coatings. I may try one. Those can give a year or two of protection if property maintained.
  5. I put a clear bra on our charcoal 14’ fusion (half hood) and it’s done great (80k Miles) chemical guys have good stuff but you can get lost in their branding and hype. i haven’t used their sealant, but I’d recommend these 2 below Jescar Power Lock Plus Polymer Sealant (Pint)
  6. Thanks!
  7. Yeah I had 150 stashed around the tank of @CharlieBeaU's former 14 lsv and easily could've done another 150. Getting it in is easy... getting it out was a bit of a knuckle shredder.
  8. Older gen boats with bow ballast have a hard bow tank with vertical side walls, it is much easier stashing lead in the voids. My 17 25lsv has tapered side walls to match the contour of the Hull shape.
  9. I've seen a lot of threads on boat detailing but I've searched and I have not seen anything car specific. If I missed it please feel free to throw a link in here. This isn't tow rig specific but yesterday I was fortunate enough to buy (lease) my first brand new car and now I am looking for detailing products! It's a black 2017 Fusion and as excited as I am to have a new car, I can't say I am looking forward to maintaining a black car. In college I was a porter for a Ford dealer so I have history with the "shadow black" that Ford has been putting on cars the last couple years and it's very tough to get clean, let alone keep it clean. I told myself I would never get the shadow black but here I am... I don't need anything to make it look like its never left the showroom, just a good wax/sealant to fight against the snowy and salty Michigan winters and tire dressing. Anybody have recommendations of their favorite products and applicators? I've looked through amazon and it seems chemical guys has some products with good reviews and reasonable prices. Thanks! Thoughts on a wax vs. sealant?
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  11. What site was he using? I don't see anywhere on OI that someone can post on your ad. Agreed, total douche move on his part.
  12. same issue here. windows 10 on multiple computers, Doesn't work with edge, ie11 or chrome. Been like this for a couple days. Other odd thing is that the social media icons and multiwuote image take a long time to show up.
  13. Are you sure the play you notice isn't in the gel and fiberglass where the separation was happening? The 4200 is not going to be the cause of your wiggle. The 4200 is just to keep water out. Your rudder assembly should make a flush mount to your hull and the hardware would keep it snug. The bolts are backing out a little or the area around the base of the rudder sleeve is getting soft and moving due to water and delamination. If you can dig up the old pics, I think that would help. In any case, I wouldn't just seal over top an area that was delaminating. I'd grind it down, let it sit for days to ensure all of the water and moisture were out and add glass or gel at the least and let that setup before putting everything back in. If water gets in the fiberglass layers or between the gel and fiberglass, you'll have issues for a long time. I agree with MLA on the hardware. New nuts, bolts and washers at a minimum.
  14. Given its winter, id skip the fast cure and go with a regular. Gives you more time to bed the rudder and get it all secured. 2nd, are you able to work in a relatively worm area? At least above 50*? Id get new rudder hardware, especially nuts and washers. The pics are not there anymore, but it sounds like you have some separation in the layers of fiber glass and maybe between the gel coat and fiber glass? Im wondering if there is still an issue there and there is some compression happening allowing the rudder to loosen up over time. Might be worth pulling the rudder, cleaning every last bit of old sealer off and getting a close look at the surrounding area.
  15. Here they are for $150:
  16. Haha I do surf, all the time! Just have friends on the lake with those boats. They ski behind mine and I surf with them. No converting needed
  17. For a skier, i think 200# of permanent lead and a 675 for when it's needed. I'm not real sure but i think the bow tank is 250 or 300#.
  18. I almost think that's a good thing. IMHO that gen VLX needs bow weight for everything. Even skiing. You could plug in 2-300# of lead, under the seats for every day use. Put a 650 sumo for on top for those special occasions and you'd have a nice place to store the bag when not in use along with some other stuff. Since i watched @Stevo trying to stash lead around the front tank, i no longer want to add lead up front. Maybe do @Fmans #overthetop bow gunnel ballast. Hmmm?
  19. SOLD
  20. Is a 675lb bow triangle enough on its own in a VLX or do you really need the stock bow tank in addition? I'm guessing the size bags you run in the rear lockers is a big determining factor. Could you add some lead bags or a small rectangle bag under the bow center cushion?
  21. I use old mason jars, pickle jars whatever fits in the cup holders. Put about 7-10 moth balls and two dryer sheets in each one. I put about 10 jars throughout the boat. Do not use plastic cups, the moth balls will melt through, found out the hard way. The smell seems gone by the time we pull it to the river the first trip.
  22. This one might be a bit too far away but is a good looking (to me anyway) low hr boat.
  23. Ever consider an MXZ?
  24. He's got a call in and in discussions with the dealer on the last one. He may try to get up there next week. If I can get off work and get permission from the home boss I'm going with him.
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