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  2. The Malibu dealer here sells both and they sell way more cobalts than Malibu.
  3. Be interesting to see their plans. Maybe Malibu just wants to get in more dealers, and let Cobalt do what they do best. Regardless, they see it as a good business move. Steve B.
  4. Oh that should great after a year or so of tiring up to docks & sliding by trailer guide poles.
  5. I have a 2017 a22 axis and the tower is an odd shape and wanted to see if anyone found a flag mount that fits the tower.
  6. Or ditch Mastercraft for Malibu....
  7. Yes black meadow landing
  8. I missed that warrior is right the trailer is way wrong. That should be a consideration on that one.
  9. I have a 95 response with the 350 mag ski efi and I run a wix 51069 ( Napa 1069). This filter is about and inch taller than the factory filter and the 51061 (Napa 1061) ads another inch. The engine takes 5.5 qts and I run 15w40. Oil brand arguments can go on for decades but I run supertec 15w40. I have run it in multiple engines (diesel and gas) for years without issue. Normally about $10/gal at Walmart so go ahead and get 2 so you have some to top off for the rest of the summer.
  10. I just picked up my 2017 22 VLX with the 450 from a 2015 VLX with the the LS3 450. It feels like this raptor is slower to speed and uses about 50% more fuel. Has anyone else seen this? Surfing at 3500 rpm I'm burning 9 gal per hour.
  11. Interesting deal. Doesn't really do much at our dealership as we sell both Malibu/Axis & Cobalt (mostly with Volvos but not exclusively). Cobalt is definitely gone down hill in recent years, as far as quality & quantity. We had our second A40 come in this spring, what a POS that thing was. Their Marker pontoons too. And Malibu sales have gone nowhere but up. In fact, I believe they told us a few months ago that last season was the best sales since before the 2008 economic downturn. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see what shakes out from it. Maybe Malibus will be made in Kansas now.
  12. they're held down with more than just those brackets. Lots of hidden screws and cursing... You may be able to just slide your gas tank back enough to get to it, but it may end up needing to come out. For this weekend, you might want to just try gluing the hell out of it until you can get to it from above to tighten down the screws. That might be all you need.
  13. Might try drilling out the old screws from below being careful with a stop set so as to not drill into the fuel tank. Then camfer the skeg to allow for larger head and body screws and install new from the bottom with lots of 5200 sealer. Best of luck and safe and happy boating!
  14. Illusion X spinner rack Forks.

    I have Wake/Wake forks from my illusion X Titan/Star One spinner racks. I needed a wider set for my surfboard. These are in great condition, only minor wear from use.
  15. Agreed, you should easily be in a '14 LSV at that price point.
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  17. I can make you some
  18. AK, With 3 pair of in-boats and woofer, sticking with my original rec, 5 or 6 chnl all day long. Single pair of tower speaker, 2 chnl amp or mild 4 chnl bridged to 2 chnl. This splits the woofer and towers, 2 hardest driven zones on a boat, up to 2 different amp and allows for zone control between in-boat and tower zone. A single 4 chnl driving 3 pair of in-boats and single pair of towers has aDont pair of in-boats and tower paired. Dont like this.
  19. You can buy a pump from summit racing or jegs much cheaper. Wire it up yourself. Just need the right specs. There are some threads on here as well as the mastercraft site about doing that.
  20. Local malibu sold MC and cobalt, now sells Malibu and Cobalt. Personally, I think Cobalt quality far exceeds Malibu. Maybe Cobalt QC will rub off on Malibu QC.... I love Cobalt boats. Wife wants one for our "getting older" boat...
  21. Colorado Cobalt dealer has been 100% VP for at least 15 years.
  22. People buying cobalts typically want Pentas
  23. Engine and transmission packages. The inlaws 04 lxi has a black scorpion.
  24. Not to hijack, but if doing this, is there a better way to retrofit a different fin on there that screws on from the bottom so you dont have to remove the tank to repair? Why were they through bolted anyway?
  25. Will be interesting to see how the arrangement works out. Malibu is going to be marinating (I know it's marinizing, but I like saying marinating) their own engines for usage in Malibu and Axis models so I don't see them buying engines from anyone in a couple years. That said, people buying Cobalts want Mercs. I don't imagine Malibu will get into the stern drive manufacturing game...
  26. At your elevation I wouldn't want a 350.
  27. Fly High 1" Distribution Flow Manifold

    This is a brand new part. I used 1 on one side of the boat, and ended up not needing this one. These things are great, and way better than the cheaper alternatives, especially if you are going to mount the selector in a visible location. This product is discontinued according to wakemakers website. The rest of the info is here: $120 shipped.
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