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    • Kstai102


      On June 17, 2016 at 8:55 AM, 90oldskool said:

      the guy notes there is two 500lb sacs

      Looks great! We were out a few weeks ago and had a decent wave with two fat sacks "L"d to on the passenger side, however we had too small of a surfboard for the size of wake. Season is done now (In Canada) so I'll have to see if a bigger board will work for next year. 

    • wheelman


      I have my lsv on a Hewitt hydraulic lift. It has been flawless for 8 years. My bunks fit perfectly between the chines and I imagine my chines are wider apart than yours. The hydraulic lift has a self locking over centre of gravity design so if you have a leak in the full upright position it will not come down. 2k more for a hydraulic lift is money well spent. 

    • wakebrdr94


      1 hour ago, devklee said:

      I've read that some boats came with one while others didn't. Mine didn't. Besides, why do we need an adapter just to plug in an iPod/iPhone and listen to music? USB ports are pretty standard so I don't get why there wouldn't be a usable one

      With the RF black boxes, there was a port that looked like an S Video cable input for the iPod or phone, but the 16s did not come with the cable.  You have to pay apple a fee to use their tech which allows straight USB to lightning cable hook up and audio control, which Malibu did for 17 with the new integrated stereo.  

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    • Bdeever


      I have a 2006 23 LSV that has some discoloring or yellowing of the vinyl dash above my console that is occurring in patches. It you touch it, it appears sticky, but it is not something that can be removed. It is also happening on the glove box cover on the passenger side. Don't get to use my boat enough and it only has 200 hrs on it. It has always been stored indoors and covered since new. Another completely different but similar issue is the start of pink stains on the top of my white vinyl seats that seems to fade when in the sun. I've read it may be the foam glue or even a mold in the foam. Sorry to post 2 issues together, but would like to figure these issues out. I can provide pictures of the dash if necessary.

    • wakebrdr94


      I love this boat


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