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    • Truekaotik


      question for all you big stereo people??
      9 hours ago, Ottomatic said:

      When you say without power supply are referring to adding batteries. We change out the stock batteries for deep cycle batteries??

      Unfortunately the KC area lacks good marine audio dealers. There are several good car audio dealers but none of them have worked on newer malibus before.

      Yes, you need to add atleast a group 29 or 31 for the stereo bank. I always recommend two group 27's with a high powered multi amp set up... But a single big deep cycle will help with some draw to start. It can be one or a couple of things that would cause your issues.

      I know it's hard to find a true Marine shop, but when you do, you will never touch your boat stereo again except to turn it up and down.. If they do several different boats a year that's a good start to go and talk to them. See if they make you feel like they will hammer out your issues. I wouldn't hesitate to drive several hours to get my new boat to someone in the actual Marine Audio field...


    • SSinister06


      question for all you big stereo people??

      I believe it was jsmail that had his boat done at h&h. I had chili's soundwaves down in Branson do mine, I ordered stereo delete but he does a ton of malibus and knocks them out of the park.

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    • Nitrousbird


      Wakesurf Edge - New wakesurf shaping device $215
      10 hours ago, Burt77 said:

      Ok, folks.  I've tried this product.  I simply wasn't impressed.  I don't want to disparage the product,  but I did not get the results I was looking for. Here's the set up: 

      2005 23LSV wake hull

      All four hard ballast tanks full 

      Manual wedge down 

      Approximately 600-700 pounds in each rear locker 

      650  pounds in the bow 

      Swellwake gate on the starboard side for a portside wake 

      varied between 10.7-12.2mph


      I didn't have the push that I normally have. Nor did I have the height that I normally have.  This gate made steering the boat to the left virtually impossible.  It was actually dangerous to attempt to surf in our cove.   Had there been traffic I would've been in trouble. 


      I have had very good results with my normal set up which is all four hard ballasts full, manual wedge down, 900 pounds in the port rear locker,  600 pounds on the port side seat, and 650 pounds in the bow. 


      Again I don't want to disparage this product, but it simply did not work well for me. You may have different results. 


       I'm hoping Dave at swell wake won't have any issues refunding my money   

      You need to play with the weight some more.  I would try less bow weight, more locker weight and list it slightly to port.  You are running more weight listed than you did with this...these products require you to run more weight than listed, not less.

    • IXFE


      17 inch prop

      Here are the various Malibu powertrain offerings in 2017...

      M235 / 23 LSV / 24 MXZ

      • Standard - 450 / 2:1 / 17"
      • Optional - 575 / 1.76:1 / 17"

      23 LSV / 22 MXZ / 22 VLX

      • Standard - 410 / 1.76:1 / 15"
      • Optional - 450 / 1.76:1 / 15"
      • Optional - 575 / 1.46:1 / 15"

      20 VTX / 21 VLX

      • Standard - 410 / 1.46:1 / 15"
      • Optional - 450 / 1.76:1 / 15"


      In summary, the 2:1 / 17" combo is tied to the 450 motor on the BIG boats.  On the MEDIUM boats there is no 17" option; we still get 1.76:1 / 15" combo (same as 2016).  The SMALL boats don't get the 2:1 or the 17" prop either.  In fact, I was surprised to learn they are still using the 1.46:1 transmissions with the standard 410 motor.  Is that new or was this the case in 2016?  Maybe @85 Barefoot can tell us what's in his VTX.  


    • BSUBU_Kris


      who manufactures malibu branded trailers?

      Mine is a 2010. LSV on a California Trailer Works (CTW).  Great trailer, I have over 10,000 miles on mine with no issues. Took it in this week to have the bearings replaced and brakes done. 

      They are located in Sacramento. Great Company to work with. 


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