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    • kaadams1124


      I have a 2001 Malibu Sunsetter LXI.  The other day when putting the boat on the trailer, it got turned due to the current and when it was gassed to go up on the trailer, it was turned sideways.  The long and short of it is that this caused my front skeg to break off and bend the second one.  I was extremely fortunate (as I have been researching trying to fix this) that it actually only broke the skeg and not the fiberglass.  The boat hull is in perfect condition.  I have purchased 2 new skews that will get here next week.  I took out the 4 bolts that hold the skeg in place and tried to remove the remaining piece attached to the boat with no success.  I don't want to bang it to hard to screw up the fiberglass and gel coat.  What am I missing as I can't get this off?  Is it held on with a sealant of some kind?   How do you remove the skeg from the bottom of the boat without causing damage? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am getting ready for a house boat trip in 2 weeks!!!
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    • NCVride


      Just sat down on my deck at the lake house for the weekend after unpacking the truck....🍺  Ahhhhhhhh!
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    • JasonK


      Great morning. 4 mile barefoot run and 4 mile slalom run. And 75 degrees by 7:30 a.m. Love it!
      · 1 reply
    • 911turboz


      Waiting on our new 25LSV to arrive mid-June!
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    • granddaddy55

      granddaddy55  »  olysurfer

      Thought I sent you a message but it didn't get thru.  have you resolved without dealer yet?  I had problem where gate surf Function or surfgate service function wouldn't work.  Both times resolved by 3.5 plug on back of stereo one Sony head unit.  Once replugged and fixed when surf deployment wouldn't work even after a calibration and surfgate service attempt to correct. then one time the surfgate service function as a test in driveway of gates not working(did not attempt calibration) unplugged and plugged 3.5 after power off and on of a warranty (2015) replaced Sony head unit this season to start season, instantly fixed problem and service function worked 
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    • minnmarker


      BEEPING at high RPMs

      Knock sensor wire came off?

    • Premium Fuel?

      6 years, 590 hours with 89 with ethanol and I don't notice any difference when using 93 non ethanol other than in my wallet.

    • BEEPING at high RPMs

      2001 SS LXI, 325 Monsoon. Fresh 15w40 Rotella, fresh filter, oil pressure 60-80ish running hard. (Difficult to tell due to the needle bounces all the time). Heres the issue, when I run 40+ mph I get a "Beeping" alert from under the dash. Keeps going until I shut the engine off and then restart. WHAT IS THAT?!!

    • 2014, lsv, no start

      My '10s throttle is fbw also, but the trans is still engaged by the throttle lever. If you expose the VD you will see where the shift cable stow bracket is secured to the drivers side of the VD and can follow the cable to where it is attached to the VD linkage. The reason I say this is that if the cable is not secured in the bracket correctly some of the same symptoms you are experiencing will occur. Good luck.

    • minnmarker


      09 VLX Service
      8 hours ago, Dodger40 said:

      Are the 41-993 plugs the same as the iridium or is the platinum something else?

      They last longer and are a direct replacement.

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