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    • TexasTexas95


      As the instructor for The University of Texas Wakeboard and Wakesurf rec sports program ( among tons of other private clients every year) I’ll say that a soft pull out of the water for beginners is much better at getting beginners up vs. yanking the rope out of their hands. That’s coming straight from a driver/instructors perspective. If the rider is anything better than a novice, they already know how to get up and a super slow pull or an aggressive pull wont matter because they simply know how to “get up”. That’s why i feel like an aggressive yank out of the water for inexperienced drivers is dumb or possibly even unsafe at best. I guess I’m just searching for a legitimate reason for the aggressive throttle option. 

    • wakebrdr94


      2 hours ago, The Hulk said:

      Well you're not supposed to pull multuple tubers with Malibus.. 

      At least not from the tower

    • The Hulk


      5 hours ago, Fman said:

      I had a women at the Sac Boat show tell me that she witnessed a tower fall off a new 23 LSV Malibu on there lake.  It just fell off...no reason.

      She actually was serious and able to keep a straight face.  I was deflated and felt depressed for the rest of the day.....but I continued to keep my fanboy enthusiasm and move on! sometimes you gotta take your licks and pick yourself back up!:)

      Well you're not supposed to pull multuple tubers with Malibus.. 

    • HPetit


      On 3/14/2018 at 6:24 PM, Rednucleus said:

      And if you tire of it, you can feed it to a Panda

      Lol. Sometimes i read TMC for info. Tonight for laughs. 

    • Cazan

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      3 hours ago, MLA said:

      Ok, so surface mounted pods with the leads passing through the pod to the tower, right? Short jumper from upper pod to lower pod. Jumper connected to the spring loaded binding posts on the driver, jumper run into tower, back out tower into lower pod, along with the lead going to the amp. Make junction in lower pod by connecting both wire pairs to the appropriate binding pods of the lower driver. No actual "splice" needed, just join the wires are the lower pod, right on the driver's binding posts. 

      Yes, surface mounts with leads passing through the tower.  That makes much more sense. I just looked at them and they do have binding posts.  I was looking at my KM65s by mistakes which have the male spade. Thanks for  the help. 

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