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    • IXFE


      On 9/27/2016 at 4:41 PM, teamerickson said:

      Today I went down and plugged in my iPhone to play music. A little buggy. Took about 2 minutes to finally recognize and start playing. Then at low volume it seemed like it was skipping or cutting out some.

      Maybe someone has a different experience?

      So it looks like we might be able to play iPhones through the USB with out a special adapter now?


      On 3/20/2017 at 4:47 PM, mikeakatex5 said:

      My dealer informed me that the low volume music dropout issue is due to the tuning of the Wetsounds amp.  They contacted Malibu which aknowledged the problem but said it was a Wetsounds issue.  Apparently Malibu also mentioned that adjusting the settings on the amps may correct the issue but would void the warranty.  Sooo... I'm not allowed to fix it :lame:


      On 3/21/2017 at 11:12 AM, bbattiste247 said:

      Took my 2017 23 lsv out this past weekend for the first time, and I was not as impressed with the Wetsounds stereo as I though I was going to be. I like the mixer and EQ selections on the screen, but I couldn't get them to coordinate the way I expected. When I try to raise the volume of the the tower speakers and lower interior volume, the two seem to want to sync together. So when I raise one and lower the other, it doesn't allow it; it just raises or lowers the two together. Also, the sport knob does not work like I expected. Sometimes it lowers the volume only of the tower or interior, instead of the entire system. I think I need to learn how to use it better. Although it looks very intuitive, it is more difficult to operate than I thought. It may also need an software update, cuz it just doesn't work like it should.


      16 hours ago, wbama387 said:

      So I got my new 17 LSV and I am having audio cut outs through Bluetooth at low volumes. Has anyone else had this issue and is there any solution?



      Here we go... 

    • G-Mack


      32 minutes ago, CharlieBeaU said:

      It is a really good looking truck and that big "RAM" on the back isn't anything a little fishing line, a heat gun and a little adhesive remover can't fix.

      Congrats again. That is a great truck.

      i bought the same truck last year....... I like the grill...... the big RAM on the back..... could go either way.    If you are willing to share for comparison on US vs. Canadian MSRP... my sticker price was $92,500.



    • IXFE


      9 hours ago, hethj7 said:

      All details of your install would be appreciated.  I got mine tore apart and am currently in that "what did I get myself into stage?"  


      I am am not sure how to modify things to push it back another inch or so to keep a new kick panel behind the fiberglass edge.  





      You need to get that box up off the floor in order to push it back and to the right.  As you correctly pointed out, you can't fit a kick panel there where you have it.  Even if you could push it straight back, it would look weird with the sub so far over to the left.  So you want to push it right to center it more also.  If you raise it up you will be able to clear a few more inches of the hoses coming up through the floor.  You will also be able to clear the hull sloping up on the right.  

      Look what I did with my Qbomb last year.  I mounted 2x4 blocks of pressure treated wood.  I put layers of Dynamat on BOTH sides of the blocks before I screwed them in to avoid any rattling.  Notice also that I don't have a block on the back right corner.  That's because that side is propped up by the hull elevation at that back right corner (I also wrapped that corner in Dynamat).  Also notice that I removed those silly plastic blocks from the floor that your kick panel was mounted to.  You won't be using those anymore.  Throw them away.  Once your sub is in place you can just mount the kickpanel directly to it with shallow screws.  They will disappear into the carpet.  I held it all in place with metal brackets in the front and a small "L" bracket at the back right corner (had to bend it move of a "V" bracket")







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    • dmclarke90


      Over the weekend, I installed the Indmar strainer on my 2014 Malibu MXZ.  I used a reciprocating saw to cut the hose in two spots.  Be careful when using the saw not to cut other wires/hoses in the area. Watch out for the steel wire as it will cut your hands. I used a set of dikes to trim the exposed wire after cutting with the saw. It took me about 15 min to install.  

    • CharlieBeaU


      Just now, DarkSide said:

      I am not crazy about the new grill either.   I do like the grill better than the giant RAM logo on the tailgate though.   Love the rest of the truck though. 

      It is a really good looking truck and that big "RAM" on the back isn't anything a little fishing line, a heat gun and a little adhesive remover can't fix.

      Congrats again. That is a great truck.

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