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    • I recently purchased the boat early last winter and I am going through testing everything.  The heater wasn't working so I popped under the dash and noticed the hose connections to the heater were unplugged and the hoses were splice into each other.  I thought I would be able to trace the lines back but I lose them under the floor.  I was looking into it and it seems that one comes from the block into the heater and one out of the heater and to the water pump.  I am still familiarizing myself with how everything works but I can't seem to find out which hose is which.  I was thinking I could hook up a fake a lake and disconnect those hoses from each other and the hose that shoots water would be coming from the block?  If I figure that out then I have to figure out which hole to plug it in on the heater...  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  The heater craft website doesn't offer much info so I was hoping one of the crew might know.


    • shawndoggy


      1 minute ago, IXFE said:

      Now you tell me!  

      You know how much I just LOVE waiting for supplies in the middle of my project.

      home depot too!

    • 16 hours ago, shawndoggy said:

      As a PSA, walmart sells that 3m VHB tape too.  So many uses!

      Now you tell me!  

      You know how much I just LOVE waiting for supplies in the middle of my project.

    • The flip side of this @TenTwentyOne... 

      Here's what I really like about the inboard industry and the pricing practices.  It's not easy!  I like hard.  I like challenging.  I like the game.  It's a microcosm of the real world.  Sure, everybody wants perfect information and fairness for all.  But that's not the real world we live in.  It's naive to think otherwise.  Somehow despite the inefficiencies we're posting about, smart guys like you and me (and dozens of others on this forum) keep coming back for more.  Why is that??  It's because we've all learned, over MANY YEARS, how to navigate this crazy ecosystem in our own ways.  And if we're honest with ourselves, we enjoy the game and our ability to play it.  Here's the good news for the new guys... you're all free to play this game and learn the unspoken rules that govern it.  I'll give y'all just a little hint... it's alot like the secret to success in other parts of  life...

      The real world runs on relationships.  The older I get the more true this becomes. The real world rewards people who can tolerate ambiguity and achieve results despite the inequities.  Build relationships in this industry and you'll be amazed and what happens.  Get involved at your dealer and you'll be amazed at what happens.  And yes, buy more than one boat and you'll be amazed how things start to loosen up...  


    • 26 minutes ago, APoko said:

      If the batteries are wired in full time parallel you should probably only be using a single bank charger.   It sounds like what you have is a single bank consisting of 2 batteries.  A dual bank charger is for when you have 2 batteries on different circuits or two battery banks which are somehow isolated from each other.  If I were you I would probably install a battery switch so you can use one of your batteries as a reserve, or at a minimum use the switch to separate them for storage and charging and only switch it to "combine" when the boat is actually in use (this is better for battery health). Or you can leave it as it is, but only hook up one output from the charger which should effectively charge both batteries. 

      Thank you very much!

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